Why Sell Online Courses

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A lot has seemed to change in our lives ever since the pandemic started. Things weren’t the same as before specifically in how we do things. With the new normal as our current way of living, everything can now be learned and bought online through the presence of selling online courses online activities.

Ecommerce has been active even before the pandemic started. People often engage in selling online courses not just for income, but also for convenience. If you are someone looking for ways on how to create an online course or how to sell courses online, then you just came at the right place.

Sow Fitness Online Course

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Profitable subjects/topics to sell online courses

One of the steps on how to sell online courses is to have a course topic that you can sell. Of course, you should have your weapon first. It is important to know what are the topics which the market currently seeks so you can adapt quickly and create alternative ways for you to survive in this field.

And if you are looking for other hacks on how to sell online courses and sustain it, Strikingly can help you ace it.

But first, let’s continue your online course journey by introducing you to the following types and commonly offered subjects for online course selling. Take note of these because who knows, one of these topics could be the right key for your success.

  1. Technology. Who wouldn’t want to learn all about modern technology? With the type of new normal we are all living as of the moment, this subject surely will top all online course lists. If you seek for one best topic to consider to sell an online course, consider this as a topic that might be best for you. Having a deep background regarding this topic is also an advantage to sell online courses quickly.
  2. Business. Most people are now engaging in the field of online business marketing. Besides the fact that it is convenient, they can also reach a wider number of audience/target market. This is the main reason why business is among the most in demand in selling online courses.
  3. Arts. It may not seem like it, but most audience go online to seek arts-related online courses. This is one subject that is worth-considering for you to sell online courses, especially if you have a background in the arts. Not only can you share your skills, but also use it to earn.
  4. Fitness Workouts. People nowadays are fond of watching workout tutorials at home to keep their health in check. Who would not want that six-packs abs right?
  5. Lifestyle. You’ve surely seen tons of lifestyle videos made by social media influencers right? That is because we, humans, love to learn a lot on how to make our daily lives more meaningful. If you seek to influence others besides earning, then considering lifestyle-related topics to sell online can be totally worth it.
  6. Education. Tutorials are among the most searched online course topics these days. This is because most of the lessons in schools are done online. Students still seek additional learning and enrolling themselves in various online courses is one of their best ways to cope with the new educational system. This subject is also highly recommended for you to sell online courses.
  7. Literature. People enjoy sharing their thoughts through writing. Nowadays, a lot of these individuals seek to enhance their abilities as well as share more of their perspectives to this world. Offering literature as your next topic to sell online courses is up for consideration.
  8. Entertainment. Life is boring if you don’t know how to enjoy it, right? It may not seem like it but people also do seek on learning how to entertain others in different ways. Whether it is about vlogging, fashion hacks, quick and easy tips on cooking, how to ace games easily, or even DIYs, people want to learn that. Creating online courses offering an online course which engages in the field of entertainment is also highly recommended.

Photography Online Courses

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Types of online course platforms you should know

Knowing about online platforms is one of the basics on how to sell online courses. But this can be tricky and too complicated if you are new to this field. You need not to worry because Strikingly made it even easier for you to understand. Listed below are the most common type of online platforms you should know for you to sell and create online courses effectively.

  • Stand-Alone Online Platforms

This type of online course platform deals with providing you with everything you needed to create your online course. It comes with support and educational resources which you can also use to sell online courses. Stand-alone online course platforms are best for those solo entrepreneurs and small business owners.

  • All-in-One Online Platforms

All-in-one online platforms are the kind of online course platforms which provide everything needed in selling courses from your own created website. This type of platform possesses features including website builders, course hosting, marketing automations, and different community management tools. In short words, it’s a one stop shop for you to sell online courses, just like Strikingly. An all-in-one platform that will take you to a whole new level of experience.

  • WordPress Online Platforms

This type of platform can be described as a platform which offers inexpensive tools which you can use to create and sell online courses online with the use of an existing WordPress site. It is the type of platform which best suits those online course creators who already have prior knowledge and experience in WordPress sites.

  • Marketplace Online Platforms

Marketplace online platforms are among those types of online course platforms which besides providing ways for you to arrange your online course, also provides a specific marketplace in which you can sell online courses. Consider this type of platform and sell online courses from your own website easily.

There are a wide variety of online course platforms which can help you to sell online courses. It is just up to you on how to choose wisely. It is best to choose someone who not only helps, but also listens. Someone who could give you answers to all your concerns. Choose someone who does the job well—someone like Strikingly.

Lifestyle Online Course

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Why Sell Online Course with Strikingly

Strikingly is not just any other website builder. It can offer you more than a lot. And giving you effective ways on how to create an online course and sell them from your own website is one of their hidden gems. If you are looking for the best option to seek for ensured ways and hacks on selling courses from your own website online, Strikingly is for you.

Sell Online Course quickly with Strikingly Membership Feature

As we strive to create a better website building experience for you, we continue to develop new features which will surely help you a lot in selling online courses. Introducing Strikingly's powerful Membership feature!

This membership feature is available for all Strikingly Pro users. It allows you to restrict page access on your website to only those members who have purchased items from your official website store.This feature will enable you to sell online courses through Strikingly Simple Store. You can also create a page mainly intended for your website users who have purchased that specific online course. If you want to see how it works, check out this sample website: http://sellmycourses.mystrikingly.com/

This site offers 3 courses:
1. Social Media Marketing
2. Effective SEO Techniques 2019
3. Bundle Promo

If you happen to purchase only Social Media Marketing courses, your access is limited to that course only. The same goes for Effective SEO Techniques. However, if you purchase the Bundle Promo, you will both have access to the Social Media Marketing Course page and Effective SEO Techniques page.

Sounds incredible right? Test out now how it works by logging in to these sites!

Access limited to Effective SEO Techniques course:
Email: weare@happinessofficers.com
Initial Password: zJbp4cm3gLFSYWj8

Bundle Promo Access:
Email: support@strikingly.com
Initial Password: I4fCaX5T7ZzIGR7N

You can also do the same! Follow these steps in setting up your own store.

Setup your store

You can either use an existing website page or create a new one depending on your own choice.

1. On your website editor, add a new section, and select "Store" from the section list.

Simple Store Section

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2. Now, Setup your courses by adding your products. Each of your chosen products corresponds to one course.

Product Info Section

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Don't forget to tick off "Shipping" options for each product! This will remove the address field on the checkout form.

Pricing and Product Option

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Activate the membership feature

After finally setting up your products, you can now activate your membership feature. Follow these steps on how to do it.

1. Exit your store manager. Click Settings, then Membership, and select/click "Activate Membership".

Membership Activation Option

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2. Under the Registration Method, select "Buy specific product(s) to register". Then, you can now select the online courses that you have setup earlier.

Select Products Option

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After setting up and activation of membership, you can now proceed to setting up your member’s page. Here, you can add your content for each of the following courses you created.

Creating your Member’s Page

Take note that you should have multiple pages activated first before you can finally set up your page for your members only.

  1. If you haven't activated multi-pages yet, click "Activate Multiple Pages" from Settings then go to Membership. If you have activated that on your site already, select "Manage Members-only pages".

Member's Only Page

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2. Activate the multiple page feature by clicking on the green button with "Activate Multiple Pages".

Activate Multiple Pages

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*If you have activated the multiple pages already, you do not need to follow these steps anymore.

2.1. Click "Manage" to set up your new members page.

Manage SetUp Button

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2.2. Click the green "Add New Page" button. Then, type the name of your new page. This new page will be the one responsible for housing the content for your course.

In this example, let's use "Learn the Basics" as the page name.

Learn the Basics

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3. Click the gear icon right beside your new member’s page, and set this one as "members only".

Set Member's Only

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4. On the next window, select the option "Only registered members who purchased a specific product." Then, tie it to the course (product) which you prefer.

Select Products/Service

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Through this setting, only those users who purchased "Online Course #1", will have access to the page "Learn the Basics" which you have set up. You can still set up different member’s pages and tie it to different online courses of your choice.

Strikingly Pro Tip: You can set up bundled courses and get anyone who purchases it an access to two or more different members-only pages! Here’s how:

1. Setup a bundle course on your store.

Product Bundle Promo

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5. Tie the course (product) to the member pages it should have the access to (bundled courses).

Spring Bundle Promo

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What this setting specifically means is that anyone who chose to purchase the Spring Bundle Promo and Online Course 1 will now have access to the "Learn the Basics" page. You don't have to set up a different members page anymore for the "Spring Bundle Promo" product because you are offering two existing content into one course (or product).

6. Add your content. The new member page that you created is empty. You can add videos, text, downloadable files, and more!

Add Your New Content

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Important Notes:

  • If you plan to add YouTube videos, make sure that these videos are set to "Unlisted". This way, only people who have the link will have access to your site and it will not be viewed by anyone nor be searchable on YouTube.
  • All files (PDF, documents, sheets, etc) which you upload on your members-only page will be secured. If anyone tries to access it via a direct link, it will not be accessible so you don’t have to worry at all.

Selling courses online doesn’t have to be a huge pain in the ass. Strikingly can make it simple for you.