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A website became not only required but also advantageous with the explosion of online enterprises and online shopping. Having the best website design will offer you the edge to stand out. Your website might be easily overlooked among the many new websites that have recently launched. Anyone with a laptop and an internet connection can make their website with various website builders and tools. Therefore, you must invest time, effort, and money into improving your web design to stand out from all these websites. You must fully comprehend the significance and brilliance of website design.

Naturally, we have your back. In this post, we'll help you get started by offering some useful advice on what is web design and what you may apply to your website.

What is Web Design?

Yes, you frequently see it online, but are you familiar with what is web design? Simply put, web designing is a comprehensive process that a web designer follows to build a great website that meets the users' needs. It's vital to keep in mind that web designing is that, it encompasses all parts of the user experience while developing a website, rather than just software development. The appearance of a web design refers to the font families, color schemes, and images utilized in the design. The layout describes how the content is divided into categories and arranged to match a website's visual style. It is possible to create a nice web design if these components are executed flawlessly.

What Makes Web Design Crucial?

Initial impressions are crucial. We cannot emphasize this enough: your brand is being held back without a solid online presence. If potential clients look up your brand on the internet and discover nothing, they might assume you've shut down. They'll think you don't care about your business or goods if they seek and find something below standard. By understanding what is web design, you can ensure that every relationship that starts on your website is favorable. Now that you know the rules and the players, let's examine some telltale indicators of excellent web design and what sets it apart from less excellent web design.

What Characterizes a Good Web Design?

Web design that is subjective does not exist. Web design draws the line between what is good and what is not acceptable, unlike any other collaterals and outputs that require design, such as shirt designs, page designs, etc.

Convert refers to persuading a user to perform a particular activity. Applying it to web design converts when your site design is outstanding. Only by spending the time to perfect your site design will this be feasible.

As a result, consumers will be encouraged to perform conversion-related actions like subscribing to your newsletter, creating an account, making a purchase, or accessing other material on your website. You should pay great attention to the components that must come together in your site design to encourage conversions.

Do you now understand what is web design? Here are a few websites made on Strikingly that use various aspects to build fantastic web designs as examples of these components.

Greenfield Japan

what is web design

Image taken from Strikingly user website

To accentuate the website's name aesthetically, this site cleverly used negative space in web design. This is a typical web design technique because it benefits the company and enhances the user experience with its simple navigation and straightforward design.

In addition, it is clear from the website design that the designer straightforwardly gave customers options. The audience will benefit from this because it will be less likely for them to feel overwhelmed or confused with the fewer options they have.

Hope Shop

what is web design

Image taken from Strikingly user website

The Hope Shop website is exceptionally responsive because of its plainly stated calls to action. This is necessary when you learn what is web design. This will assist you by encouraging conversion from your visitors, making using and browsing your website more accessible for them.

Now that you know the definition of web design, it's simple to see how Hope Shop's website content maximized the advantages of having few distractions to enhance the user experience. The website uses a recognizable image that conveys a lot about its brand and business area.

As a website designer, you must consider getting your point over to your audience. Hope Shop used relevant buttons and user-desired actions. From the examples provided, you should also strive for a responsive design. This implies that, depending on the user's device, your design adjusts its size and orientation to fit the user's screen (i.e., phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop browser).


what is web design

Image taken from Strikingly user website

If the blending of aesthetics and function isn't web design, what is it? In addition to having a neat layout, this website used the correct size font to establish hierarchy. Users or readers can use this to determine what needs to be prioritized. This is also useful while learning what is web design because it saves them time because the website implicitly indicates what should be read first.

It is also evident in how Sook supplied an excellent video to give an overview for users who do not have the luxury of time to read their information, as opposed to employing graphics to catch readers' attention. Although you already understand what makes for a superb responsive web design, it's necessary to reiterate how these components function.

You should try your best to keep an eye out for these while learning about what is web design. If not, it's time to step up your game by going over and improving all the areas that require improvement. The buttons, font families, color scheme, and aesthetic harmony of your website's images, videos, and text are further components of a good and effective web design. Let's move on to what doesn't work with web design and why you should steer clear of it.

What Doesn't Work in Website Design?

We discussed what makes for good design. Let's now briefly discuss what it isn't. Generally speaking, your website users shouldn't have to exert any effort. Your website should be simple to use and intuitive throughout the whole browsing experience.

Here are a few instances: Excellent site design has clear calls to action; poor web design has ambiguous ones. Low contrast, difficult-to-read typefaces are poor web design; high contrast, effective fonts are. Other components to avoid include the following:

1. Backgrounds and distracting pictures: Keep away from tiled backdrops in general. Though there are a few specific situations where a tiled background might be a wise choice, they are typically distracting

2. An inflexible design: Your website must now be responsive to mobile devices

3. Confusing buttons and links: Visitors should be able to quickly identify the images and text that will direct them to new sites or confirm their selections without having to search for links and buttons. Users should also be able to quickly identify fillable fields.

4. Stock images that are generic or pointless and filler text devoid of useful information: This is an essential step in the process of learning what is web design

5. Using distracting graphics or videos is another thing you should avoid: These high-quality images and videos complement the content in your website design, not as a substitute for it. Your web design has to be reviewed if distracting media prevents readers from reading your informative information.

Additionally, you might want to avoid using these sterile stock images and filler text. This is a warning that your website design needs to be enhanced with high-quality images and content.

Adopting Proper Web Design

what is web design

Image taken from Strikingly user website

Given all these factors, defining web design is difficult. Numerous aspects need to be considered. There are multiple macros and micro components that you should be aware of. It's good that you don't have to do web design alone! You may carry out all these tasks like a seasoned site designer using Strikingly!

Strikingly offers a variety of design alternatives that may be customized to your website's brand or aesthetic preferences. You can choose from these options to alter an existing template or create a brand-new template just for your web design needs. Using a free website builder like Strikingly will help you advance your web design project because you'll be more in control of the elements you wish to use. Additionally, the platform allows you to experiment with your preferences and mix up designs to create a better web design for your next website.


The best web design advice for your website won't take effect immediately. However, if you connect them with your overarching website plan, branding strategy, and marketing techniques, you can increase the likelihood that it will be effective. You are essentially positioning yourself for success if you can make everything mesh smoothly and complement one another.

Bear in mind your website's and business's primary purpose as you implement any of these web design recommendations. The most important thing while learning about web design is always to keep your customers in mind when making decisions and consider what would resonate most strongly with them.