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It has always been said that people with the most prominent IT degrees in the world can create effective website graphics. But is it the case for every platform out in the market? Even though many people consider photoshop tricks for advanced design projects, there are now numerous tools and strategies at your disposal to create a unique look for your website.

As part of the digital era, you must consider the online space to display all of your best work for your potential customers to see. The best way of doing that is by creating graphic design websites. It all boils down to your portfolio regarding the kind of work you want to market or the talent you want to display to the world.

Elements of a Well-Crafted Graphic Design

The most prominent element of the displayed graphic design for websites is the best available work. For creating ideal website graphics, you must always prioritize the work that you are most proud of. “First impression is the last impression” is the quote that you can definitely associate with the graphics of a website. The content that your visitor sees the first time can be pivotal to make them decide whether they want to rely on your website for future updates or not. Make sure to add high-quality images instead of adding blurry pictures or photographs that you can hardly see.

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Secondly, the customers should also know about your objectives via the “About Me” page. By setting up this page, you can collaborate with your customers easily. You can share details regarding your curriculum, the challenges you have faced, and how you overcame them. Thirdly, the contact details also carry a lot of importance. You have to create a portion from where the customers can be in touch with you. You can leave your number and add your social media links (Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram) if you want examples. Strikingly will enable you to integrate social media links with ease.

Best Tips to Design High-Quality Graphics for a Website

You must regard your graphic design portfolio as if you are an online agent. When graphic designs are properly established, they could be the benchmark of your future projects. Hence, your digital business will grow dramatically. As the delivered message is the most fundamental aspect of a graphic design, it is important to consider the font and the chosen images that coincide with your brand. Apart from that, we have shared a few tips to ensure that you can build high-quality graphics for your website.

1. Simplicity

For beginners, the lesser the content, the better it is to manage your website when it comes to web graphics. To build high-quality website graphics, you must have a complete understanding of the feel and look of your platform. You shouldn’t have a mindset that only a high amount of content will result in huge traffic. It is not always the case because if your work is jumbled up, it will create complexity, resulting in poor customer feedback.

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There can be numerous reasons for which customers may come to your platform, such as purchasing a product, reading your blogs, and checking displayed images. If your website’s graphical design is ideal, the user experience will be exactly that. It isn’t about innovative and colorful features that will attract a large set of audiences. Sometimes, it is also about choosing the simple colors for your website’s texture.

2. Prefer Quality Over Quantity

You build website graphics for a reason. You don’t just build them just for the sake of putting them on your website. On a platform, every single added feature should have a reason behind its inclusion. If you add a feature that is just there to look good without any reasoning, remove it without wasting any time.

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Every feature that you add must allow your visitors to complete a certain task. Your choice regarding typography should make it easy for your visitors to read your content. Moreover, your website’s color scheme should also coincide with your brand management strategies. High-quality eCommerce websites always tend to build high-quality graphic designs containing meaningful elements.

3. High-Quality Graphic Elements

It is no good to just add high-quality images if its background doesn’t match it. The image background is also a fundamental component of ideal website graphics. To build ideal graphics for your website, you must monitor the image background very closely. Its importance is significantly high because you are also adding text overlay and a CTA button in the background. A poor image background will most likely cancel out all these mentioned features. Therefore, you must increase the contrast and modify the image brightness to make the texture easier to read. Strikingly possesses a built-in image editor, which enables you to make contrast adjustments on your image easily.

4. Include White Space

Adding white or negative space in website graphics can highlight the most important elements of a website. When the white space of the design of web graphics is implemented correctly, it will draw your visitors’ attention to your call to action, message or photograph and increase its importance. White space also has this unique ability to add simplicity to any graphic design.

5. Typefaces

As we have mentioned before, you shouldn’t add elements to your website without any reasoning. All of the elements in website graphics must be beneficial in helping the customers complete a certain task. Similarly, to build a high-quality graphic design for websites, you should also consider the best fonts. The selected typeface must coincide with the kind of content you are publishing. For example, if you own a training website, you must consider the white script fonts. Sans serif typefaces are most reliable for a website graphic design because they will look better on the text that is more casual in tone. Apart from that, if you own a finance website, you may prefer serif fonts.

6. User-Friendly Design

You wouldn’t find a single person who designs website graphics and isn’t creative at the same time. As a professional website owner, you must always think like a customer. If anything, you can do customer research to suit your needs. When you add innovative visuals to your selected template, you must think about what the customers would feel when they see these visuals for the first time.

When customers land on your website, they shouldn’t have to think twice about what to do next. With appropriate and logical web graphics, you can instruct your customers about how they should approach your platform. You have to make sure that your navigation lets you find out exactly what they are looking for. Do not add a lot of menu items, or it may create confusion within their minds. Just make sure that you don’t unnecessarily add items to your website. If you add one call to action for every page, it can be considered good enough.

Design Graphics with Strikingly

Here is an interesting suggestion for you, how about creating high-quality website graphics through a reliable website builder, like Strikingly? Strikingly isn’t just a reliable graphic design portfolio builder due to an expansive market, but it can build graphics for your website for various reasons. Nonetheless, you can still get adequate features of portfolio website builders with the benefit of having an eCommerce website that stands out for the rest of your competitors.

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Strikingly will enable you to manage your website properly. You will be monitoring many aspects of your websites, such as the navigation of website traffic and your content marketing. For a graphic design website, you have to make sure to attract as many customers as possible. Speaking of marketing, Strikingly also allows you to use different search engine optimization (SEO) tools so that your work can be recognized whenever you finalize your latest projects or tasks. If you plan to build your graphic design website today, Strikingly has some good news for you. You can start off for free and consider signing up for our premium plans with a lot more benefits. The best part is that our Limited, Pro, and VIP plans come with a 14-day free trial.


As you have seen by so many of the already established websites on Strikingly, numerous website owners consider us reliable when building effective website graphics. Furthermore, we have made it simple for them through the user-friendly site editor and Strikingly app. We have a collection of free website templates that you can access even on a free account.

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By creating an online presence, you can ensure that your best works get recognized by numerous audiences worldwide. The gallery section will enable you to display your best work, but that is not the only thing to consider as Strikingly has many other features for you that you can customize as per your liking. If you have loads of creativity, know a few fundamentals about content and project visuals, you are ready to go.