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If you have established professional websites before, you would understand how do landing pages work. A website landing page can be fundamental in the marketing funnel of an online business. Previously, building a landing page was a quite difficult process. However, effective website builders, such as Strikingly, have made life easy for their developers. Various effective builders worldwide possess website-building features and tools that make it easy for you to build a landing page.

Creating a landing page is not the web designer’s responsibility anymore. If you have just started with your online business, you must always prioritize saving your budget as much as possible. It is better if you don’t get involved in too many things during the pandemic days. As a business owner, you should always believe in face-to-face meetings to get certain business tasks done.

Importance of a Landing Page

1. Creates a Brand Identity

When you start with a new business, you will get asked by many people why use landing pages. In digital marketing, the answer to this question revolves around brand identity. A website landing page strongly influences how your visitors regard your brand. For example, if your landing page doesn’t contain a call to action (CTA) button or doesn’t have appropriate website navigation, they won’t respect your hard work in any way, shape, or form.

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To create a strong brand image, it is important for you to include certain eye-catching elements. Your website logo has the most importance as it will be one of the elements through which visitors recognize your brand. Your CTA button will give your visitors an understanding of what to do after landing on your website. The search bar will enable visitors to search for their prescribed product.

2. Build an Online Presence

For any website worldwide, a strong online presence is extremely important. If your website doesn’t get recognized by Google, you don't know how do landing pages work. This is strongly relevant to the attraction of new customers. Most importantly, you will fail to maintain your repeat customers. You can start building your online presence by executing the search engine optimization (SEO) strategies at your disposal.

If you want to create a strong online presence through your website landing page, you must play with the color schemes and fonts. Strikingly provides you with a comprehensive color palette, ensuring that you can use some of the best color combinations to suit your business idea. Most importantly, you must also use text fonts that your customers can easily interpret.

Elements to Consider in a Landing Page

1. Contact Form

Regardless of your niche or business plan, a contact section is extremely important for your website landing page. In the contact section, you provide your visitors an outlet to directly correspond with the website owners. The website owners provide visitors with spaces related to an email address and message. If required, they also provide the geographical location of their working office to ensure that the visitors can talk to them face-to-face if required.

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Strikingly enables business owners to include contact forms on their landing pages. Through this contact form, you will get to know the number of customers interested in your services and products. You will also understand how the customers collaborate with your website’s other forms of content. In most cases, the lead form is situated on the top of the page. However, they may also choose to scroll with the audience. As a business owner, you must always put your contact form in the visible areas of the website.

2. “About Us” Section

Alongside the contact section, the “about us” section also carries a lot of importance on the landing page. You cannot create a website landing page without knowing the objectives of your business idea. All the elements of your landing page will completely correspond with your business objectives. To ensure that your visitors clearly understand your business aims, business owners tend to include the “about us” section on their landing page.

According to many marketing experts, the “about us” section is the first thing that visitors notice. If they find your business objectives confusing, they will walk away from your website and look for another website of the same niche. You must make sure that you briefly discuss your objectives rather than the storytelling approach. Many website owners tend to include the “about us” section and the mission statement on a landing page. Despite both the terms having some similarities, they are completely different.

Best Strategies to Create an Efficient Landing Page

1. Website Navigation

If you want your business idea to succeed, you must ensure that your website landing page contains an appropriate website navigation system. For those who don’t know what website navigation is, it is a feature used to access all content assembled on a website. When you go through the tutorial on what is a landing page, one of the first things you will be taught about is the website navigation. Strikingly is one of the firm believers in having effective website navigation on a particular landing page.

website navigation system

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As a business owner, you cannot afford any irregularities within your website content. You must make sure that your content is organized in a way that can be easily identified by the customers. Strikingly ensures that you create navigation elements and display them on the top of the page. Even though most website developers include navigation elements on the top, the best exercise is to add these elements on the left. As we all know that Google continuously goes through thousands of website pages worldwide, your turn will also come sometime. It checks a random website from left to right, making it necessary for you to include the navigation elements on the left to be recognized at the earliest.

2. Web Design Template

If you have decided to create a website landing page, you must note that all your hard work starts with an effective website template. You must make sure that your website template corresponds with your business idea. For example, a food website usually has an orange background color. Therefore, you cannot be talking about food and have a white background alongside it. Your web design ideas should coincide with your business demands.

strikingly website template

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Strikingly provides its users with thousands of website templates. Once you select one template for your business's landing page, you must customize it to suit your needs. Once the customization is performed, you can add your website content and your products to the website. Strikingly will ensure that your website is made live within 24 to 48 hours.

3. Use Video Marketing

Video marketing is one of the biggest assets of a website landing page. Videos are more attractive than a blogging section. Let’s be honest, customers would rather go for a video to get information rather than read an entire blog. Due to this customer behavior, how about using video marketing to the best of your abilities? The biggest thing to note is that videos could be in any form i.e. GIF, animation, 3D, or even live footage. Website users also create a slideshow of images to make the content even more attractive.

Strikingly is one of the best website builders for video marketing. On your Strikingly website, you can embed videos onto your website page. However, you have to ensure that you upload your video on a third-party website, such as YouTube or Dailymotion. After that, you can go to the Gallery section to include the video link, which will attach your video to the specified website page.

4. Encourage Visitors to Provide Feedback

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No matter what your niche is, customer feedback is very important. As we have talked about the online presence previously, positive customer feedback has a huge role to play in that. If you are able to generate positive feedback, you can include them on your website landing page, which would welcome further audiences to your website. Soon after, your first-time customers would become repeat customers.


Establishing website landing pages is no longer as difficult as it was before. Thanks to the evolution in technology, all the website development tools are available to you on your computer screen. If you have started creating your business website, you would most likely know that you must create a landing page that converts. Strikingly is arguably the best website builder for a landing page.

We provide our users with mobile-friendly website templates, which means that you can attract a wide range of website audiences worldwide. No longer are you just accustomed to the desktop traffic with so many mobile users worldwide. So without any further delay, create your account on Strikingly today and create a landing page that becomes a source of attraction for your visitors.