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When designing your website, what’s the first page you think about? You might dwell for a month or two on your homepage: switching up styles, trying out different typographies, checking out cool color schemes.

Most of the time when developing your website, you spend weeks, months and possibly even a few years organizing the way information is displayed on your site. You’ll brainstorm content structure, responsiveness, loading speed, and usability. But most of the time, you tend to forget how to make your website visitors feel connected to you.

One of the greatest mistakes you can make while developing your site is not asking yourself questions that a typical web searcher would want to know. A searcher goes on the web to get relevant information that could be transactional which involves the purchase of a product, or navigational, which involves looking for directions to a place.

When designing your website, what query do you think a searcher would write on the search bar? Let’s say you offer plumbing services. To get to your site, a searcher would probably put plumbing services near me, affordable plumbing services, or the best plumbing services in my area. Regardless of what it is that they typed on the search bar, it all boils down to one thing - they want to hire you.

But how can they hire you if they cannot contact you? This is why you need a Contact Us Page and it’s probably a smart idea to think about it first especially when offering products or services online.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Contact Us Page, and what makes it important on your site:

What makes a good Contact Us Page

Your contact us page shouldn’t just be a rushed afterthought. This page is where you’ll display important contact details about your company, and is typically where you’d want to place your contact us form.

The contact us form is a form that a web visitor has to complete by providing their own details. They’ll be completing this form because they want to hear more about what you offer, or they already want something that you sell, whether its a product or a service and they want to know how to gent in contact with you.

A contact us page is actually one of the most visited pages on a site. This is also a great page to design to increase conversion rates that could potentially increase your revenue as well.

Here are some characteristics of a good contact us page:


Don’t make it difficult for your customers to navigate through the contact us page. Remember that they’re there because they want to hear more from you. Too much complexity in this page may drive them away instead of turning them into loyal customers.

Visually Pleasing

Think of the contact us page as a part of your home where you usually receive guests. Naturally, you’d want this area of your house to be as comfortable and as visually pleasing as possible. The same goes for your contact us page. This page has to look inviting and eye-friendly, while making sure that it still reflects the goal of your business.

Easy to Find

Should you put your contact form at the top of the page? At the bottom? On either side of the screes? Ideally, you’d want your contact form design to be easy to spot on the screen. Don’t put it at a place that the human eye doesn’t naturally go to.

Looks Trustworthy

In some cases, a form field may seem like a scam especially when it is poorly designed. You want to make your contact us page design look trustworthy by choosing the right visual factors and including accurate and complete information about your business. Also, make sure to disclose why you’re asking for their information, and how would that data be used.

Linked to Active Social Media Accounts

While on your contact us page, a user may see links to your social media profile. Make sure that you accounts are active and are recently updated. Remember to also check if you provided the right link. You don’t want your customers to end up in your personal social media profile, do you?


You can increase the level and quality of user experience by making sure that your customers remember your page. Associate your contact us page with something that would stick to people’s mind like a catchphrase or a funny quote. This is also a great opportunity to introduce your brand to the customer.

Has a ‘Thank You’ Page

Once a customer is done filling up the contact form, you’d want to prompt a ‘Thank You’ message. This is a simple way of showing your gratitude to your customer. And they will definitely appreciate the extra effort.

Has a Great Call to Action

A Call to Action should signal your customer on what to do next. Once they’re done with the form, you don’t want them to just stare blankly at the screen, not knowing what to do after. A good Call to Action should lead the customer on which action to take next.

You can suggest the customer to go back to the homepage or view more products. Adding a clear call to action can also help in diverting your customers back to you. In case they chose not to fulfill the form, a Call to Action should suggest another action to take.

Now that you know what a Contact Us Page is and what factors make it stand out, you can now take a look at a sample contact us page.

Sample Contacts Us Page

The picture below shows a contact page example. Take a look and see what you think of it.

Contact Page Example 1

Contact us sample

Image taken from Strikingly user's website

Look at how clear, simple and straightforward that Contact Us page is. It has a visually pleasing font, and the size isn't too overwhelming.

The color of the contact us text also looks great in contrast to the simple background.

It also shows a clear information detail about the business. As you can see, it's written the the owner or business manager can be contracted through WhatsApp, with the mobile number immediately below it.

There is also a detail about the business' email. Their email is also easy to remember, and is using words that are related to their brand.

You can also see the form field where the customer can provide their name and email only. Simple, and it's not asking too much unnecessary information.

Contact Page Example 2

Take a look at the contact page example below.

Contact page example

Image from Strikingly user's website

This one is much simpler than the first. All it has is a clear white background, some phrases, and the form field.

It's clear what this contact us page wants the customer to do. By adding the words "Want to get involved? Let's Connect!", it encourages the customer to proceed to the contact form.

They also added an additional quote below, this time, it's in a color that contrasts to the other major heading. This gives the design a sleek and simple look.

The form field is also relatively as it only asks for the name, email, phone, and message of the customer.

Adding a message section to your contact us will make it easier for your customers to tell you exactly what they want. Consider adding that option when building your contact us page.

Setting up Your Contact Us Page

Creating a contact us page has never been easy. With Strikingly's contact us template, you can easily choose your contact us page, and edit the design as you please.

Connect with us template

Image taken from Strikingly product

To set up your contact us page, go to the left-side menu of your dashboard.

Select Add New Section. Then, click on Contact Us.

From there, you can get to pick different styles and layouts on your contact us page. Strikingly has different options for a contact us template and all you have to do is to pick one.

You can opt for a simple connect with us design, as you can see on the image above, where you can add details of your phone and email.

Another template to go for is the contact us template, where you can add a contact form field for your customers. Refer to the image below to see what this template looks like on default. You can edit design and details based on your preferences.

Contact Us template

Image taken from Strikingly product

When designing your website, which page do you spend a lot of time designing the most?

Shift your energy and resources to designing a simple yet memorable contact us page with Strikingly. Remember, the key to having a great website is always showing your customers that you have the time to listen to what they want to say.