Learning how to create a landing page isn’t really rocket science. Technically, developing one should be the same as building a website. If you’re using Strikingly, you don’t even have to write your own code to create a landing page. All you need to do is select a website template, add your content, publish and call it a day.

However, building landing pages and making sure they are effective are two different things. While landing pages can come in the form of your homepage, any page on your site that users visit from other places on the web or any standalone or static under construction page, they are designed to fulfill certain objectives.

How to create a landing page that fulfills your marketing and business objectives? There are many elements that make up effective landing pages and they usually depend on your goals. For instance, they need to have optimized forms but the actual length is up for debate. We found that both long and short forms can actually perform well depending on the requirement - whether you need a lot of low-quality submissions or a smaller number yet higher quality of leads.

With over 3 million users around the world, Strikingly has empowered small businesses and startups by providing robust solutions and a free landing page builder to support their marketing efforts. Here are a few of the most effective landing page examples we have seen on our platform so far to inspire your own website building project and the web design trends to look out for in the up and coming.

1. Swish


One of the most important elements of an effective landing page is a strong headline followed by a clear call to action. Swish starts off with a magnetic headline that explains what the brand is about and the kind of service it provides. On the same header banner, you will find a simple invitation to leave your contact details to start looking for makeup that will suit you personally. This landing page is a good example of how a short and simple form can be effective in generating leads. Users are more likely to participate if they don’t have to spend so much time filling out a long form.

2. Nicecream


Landing pages have to be simple and straightforward. Users do not have to wonder how to get around the page or accomplish certain tasks that they came for. Nicecream makes it easy for users to do what they came for by directing them to different parts of the website for in-store orders, order for home delivery, and even if they are looking to join their team.

3. The Project NOMAD



Keep it strong and simple. This landing page example shows how you can lead with a strong USP without too much flash. The site uses clear typography to convey what the brand stands for and the kind of products it offers. It also focuses on social proof by including logos of big brands and publications that they have been featured on.

4. Fighting Pretty

Fighting Pretty

You probably noticed by now that we’re a fan of simple and straightforward. Fighting Pretty uses a color that pops and appeals to women - its main target audience. The CTA to donate, while placed on the upper right corner of the screen, is not diluted in the content. It actually stands out because of the pink button. The sliding banner contains powerful imagery that reinforces the site’s main objective of empowering women battling cancer.

4. Wua


With the use of modern landing page templates, Wua managed to create a clean website that draws focus to its message. There is a single CTA on the upper fold of the page to avoid confusion as to the site’s main objective. There’s nothing about this page that will distract the user. Everything about the site, including the content and the big logos of its previous clients is meant to build the brand as a reliable digital agency.

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