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Anyone who even remotely spends part of their day on the internet must know about a landing page. Every website needs to use a landing page builder to create a landing page - there is simply no way around it. There are so many free landing page templates and landing page examples available in today's day and age that using a landing page builder should be no problem for anyone.

Landing page inspiration can be found in even the simplest of things. All you have to do is figure out the essence of your website and use a landing page builder to create a landing page accordingly. You can take the help of a free landing page builder to ease the process as well. As long as you make sure that the final result is as optimal as possible, any landing page builder can help you get there.

However, before you figure out how to create a landing page, you need some information on what a landing page is. You may continue reading below to find out!

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is an essential component of online marketing. It is also sometimes referred to as a lead capture page or a single property page. A landing page is a webpage that anyone is redirected to when they click on the link of your website through the results of any search engine they may be using.

Basically, a landing page is the first impression of your business that any viewer or potential customer gets. It is your business’ introduction and all you stand for in the perspective of anyone who comes across your website. A landing page is built with the help of a landing page builder that has specific and appropriate tools to optimize the look and qualities of your free landing page template.

landing page of a company selling organic baby food

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A free landing page can be easily created using a landing page builder. You just need to have a little bit of basic knowledge regarding the subject matter.

5 Benefits of Having a Landing Page for Your Business

If you read below, you will find listed the benefits of using a landing page builder to create a landing page for your business.

1. Increase Chances of Conversions

If you use a landing page builder to its full potential, the chances of conversions will certainly increase for your website. How, you may ask? Well, an optimally built landing page has a subscription or sign-up option and has it placed very strategically. This means it is placed in a way where it is tough for a viewer to exit the website without at least thinking twice about signing up. This, as a result, increases conversions.

2. Helps Measure Metrics

With the advanced measurement tools available online in today’s day and age through a landing page builder, it has become increasingly easy to track the visitors on your landing page. The metrics that become available to you this way are beneficial in knowing how to move forward in your business. When you know what works and what doesn’t for your audience, you can make tweaks and changes to your landing page per this information.

3. Create a Brand Image

As we mentioned earlier, a landing page acts as the first impression of your business to any viewer. If you get it right, your brand will slowly but surely build a positive image in front of however many people visit your landing page. This brand image can then be carried on in further business processes, some of which are listed below.

  • To create and sell merchandise
  • To add new products to your product line
  • To get customers to act upon special offers

landing page of a company selling business consulting services

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

4. Helps Promote Targeted Content

Landing pages can be used as generic web pages for your site as a whole or to target and drive a specific action from your potential customers. If you wish to promote some specific content out of a plethora of different things on your site - simply add that content to a landing page builder. It is a simple yet effective way to draw attention to otherwise possibly ignored content regarding your business.

5. Increases Your Credibility

If a link to your website leads someone to an official and well-designed landing page, not only does it create a positive first impression but an actionable one. This means that your website’s authenticity is confirmed and people will likely act on this fact by engaging with your business. A practical and user-friendly landing page builder will definitely increase your brand’s credibility.

5 Essential Components of an Effective Landing Page

Here are 5 essential components that any good landing page builder will help you create on your landing page.

1. The Header

The headline or header is the first phrase or sentence that any viewer sees or reads. This is so because it is always strategically placed at the top in a large and prominent font. That is why it needs to be impressive and emotion-provoking. Because if the headline does not catch a viewer's attention, then anything that comes after it will become pointless.

Selecting a template using Strikingly as your landing page builder will come with a built-in header. All you need to do is upload your brand logo on it and key in the name or title of your landing page. Your page name can either be your brand name itself or a short phrase describing the product or purpose that you want to promote through the page.

Landing page of a website promoting a social change cause

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Visual Aids

The act of showing and not just telling holds a lot of significance, especially in business. If you are advertising a product or service, you must provide a visual aid such as a picture, video, or even statistical proof to go with it. However, since we are talking about a landing page, keep your visual aids precise.

To make your content more illustrative and attractive, you can create information designs to explain different concepts. Information designs or infographics show the steps of a process or describe a phenomenon in different stages with the help of diagrams combined with text.

The Strikingly editor allows you to upload or drag and drop infographics in the same way as adding images to your landing page. Strikingly is a landing page builder that makes it easy for you to add different types of content.

fitness coaching services

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3. Unique Selling Proposition

Whatever your business may be offering, many others are offering something similar. Why should your landing page or your business stand out? Besides using an outstanding landing page builder, your product, service, and content should also stand out. Tell the viewer! Advertise in a strategically unique way on your landing page by having a unique selling proposition.

If you use Strikingly to create your landing page, the feature-rich layout of the page will be a unique selling proposition itself to make its appearance look professional. But the way you write your sales copy or make your pitch on it would also matter a lot. You don’t want people to first get impressed with the look and feel of your landing page and then feel turned off when they start reading your marketing offer.

Landing page of a childcare facility

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4. Reinforcement Statement

A reinforcement statement acts as a reiteration of the headline. It is worded differently but concludes with the same message. It reinforces your stance on the viewer, increasing their chances of wanting to engage with your business.

5. The CTA (Call to Action)

Once you have exhausted all subtle ways to drive people to become your customers, it is time to do it directly. A call to action directly prompts viewers to do whatever you have convinced them to go through all the above-listed tactics. Without a call to action, a landing page builder and the entirety of a business are left with an incomplete feeling.

merchant selling handbags

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One of the best practices of using CTAs on a landing page is to add it multiple times in between the content, especially if the page is long enough to make readers have to scroll through it. A visitor might see a CTA button and ignore it at first because they prefer reading further before taking action. Thus, it’s crucial to have an appropriate CTA on a long landing page at several intervals.

Many fantastic landing page examples were created with ease and convenience on Strikingly. Suppose you want to make an attractive and irresistible sales pitch for a particular product or service or simply want to showcase your entire business objective on a single-page website. In that case, you also need to sign up on Strikingly. The process is just as simple as signing up, choosing a template, adding your content, and publishing. We promise you that once your page is ready, you will want to keep staring at it for a while, feeling proud of yourself in admiration.