Drive Conversion

A term that is perhaps not used enough in the business world to ‘drive conversion’, in the most straightforward words, means to get a response. To elaborate - to drive conversion means to get customers to do as you please with the help of your call to action (CTA). More often than not, this response comes in making a transaction via a purchase. It can be by changing from a free to a paid subscription or simply from window shopping to actual shopping. This form of art in business aiming to convert customers is essential to increase revenue and profits.

People often mistake website traffic for generating the same positive results for businesses as employing easy ways to drive conversion. But to drive conversion is something totally different. If you study the ways to drive conversion, you will realize they all aim towards confirmed revenue generation, not increasing the chances of doing so. Learning how to drive conversion should be your ultimate goal if you want your business to succeed.

In honor of the significance and need to convert customers and drive conversion, today, we will be dedicating this article to exactly that. Read on further to learn smart ways to drive conversion on your brand website.

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10 Ways to Drive Conversion on Your Website

Here are ten simple ways or strategies you can adopt for converting your website visitors into customers.

1. Use Simple Words

You cannot expect anyone to be willing to pay money to your business if they do not understand what you are talking about. That is why one of the tips to drive conversion is to use words that can be understood. If people can easily comprehend your message, then they will be willing to spend on your organization as well, which will result in your business being able to drive conversions.

2. Take Help from Past Trends

Make sure to learn from your mistakes and reinforce what works. But at the same time, do not forget that trends also move and change with the times. To drive conversions, you need to accept and analyze customer feedback. Applying past trends to present situations is how to drive conversion and remain aware of the people’s ever-changing tastes in the market.

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3. Provide Proof

If you have been successful on your quest to drive conversions, or if someone has openly admitted to liking your services and has endorsed it publicly, let the people know. Let everyone know by advertising it on your website. Use it as a clever tactic to build customer loyalty, drive conversions and convert customers.

4. Make Your CTA the Star of the Show

If your CTA is prominent, precise, and easily comprehensible, then your work is automatically done. People do not need to read the rest of the information regarding your product or service on your website. They will turn into paying customers simply because your CTA is convincing and impressive enough. Isn’t that just amazing?

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5. Simplify the Interface

This is one of the often-overlooked tips to drive conversion. Just like your audience, readers, and potential customers must understand what you have written on your site, they should be able to navigate your site too. That is why it is essential to avoid using too many advanced and technical software tricks on your website. This broadens your audience as people who have minimal knowledge of using a computer can also reach your site and understand what is going on.

One way of ensuring your website is easy to navigate is by building it on a user-friendly website development platform. If you create a website here on Strikingly, you’ll get access to tons of ready-to-use templates to choose from, which serve as ready-made web designs for your site. All the templates that we offer are responsive and have easy-to-use layouts. You can customize the template that you select to some extent, but the overall coding job is already done in a way that ensures a smooth browsing experience for your site visitors.

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6. Don't Use Stock Photos

Stock photos may seem professional and beautiful, but it gives your website a fake and untrustworthy feel. It makes people feel that you are just talking and no action because you cannot provide your own pictures for the work you are claiming that you do. If you provide original visual references for your product or service, anyone visiting your website will feel at ease and be satisfied with the promises you make. This will automatically drive conversion for you.

Better types of images to use on your website include vector graphics, information designs, and cinemagraphs. These are the contemporary kinds of imagery that many competitive brands use on their website and social media. These can grab the attention of your audience for longer periods, which helps increase their engagement and time spent on your site.

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If your website is built on Strikingly, you can easily upload all these types of images into your web pages by using our drag and drop interface. We don’t require you to change any code or undergo some special programming to incorporate vector art, infographics, or even videos into your site.

7. Take Advantage of the Split Test

The split test is an excellent piece of technology that lets you test the results on your website with small variations in real-time. You can play around with it and see what variables yield the highest conversions and then use it to drive conversion in your favor.

For instance, you can use Facebook advertising to promote your products and services. By driving traffic from your boosted Facebook posts to your website, you can check the results by observing your website statistics and seeing if more people visit your site due to the ads. If you use Strikingly as your website platform, you can access these statistics from your Strikingly dashboard.

8. Offer Statistics

Perhaps the simplest way to convert customers is to give them an easy way out. And this easy way out can come from providing statistics. They are simple and solid proof of why the potential customer on your site needs your service, and more often than not, they will believe you blindly! All they need is proof in the form of colorful statistics and graphs.

One way of sharing statistics with your audience is by sending a monthly newsletter to your subscribers. Strikingly allows you to easily build a subscription form on your web page and collect the email addresses of everyone who submits that form within your Strikingly editor. You can then create an email newsletter within your Strikingly editor by simply typing in and uploading the content into the newsletter editor. Newsletters are cost-effective to drive conversions, even in the long run.

9. Improve Website Speed

We are sure you can relate to this one - it often happens that you are really excited to visit a website, but it starts glitching, and you change your mind. You decide to let it go because of a minor glitch or inconvenience. Even in the future, you tend to avoid that site. And if you do visit it, you would not want to become a paying customer so that you do not have to visit it time and again.

This can increase your site’s bounce rate and harm your brand image. To avoid this from happening, you need to improve your website performance. If only your visitors could browse through your pages conveniently and speedily, would you be able to drive conversions.

10. Form Tiered-Value Offering

Tiered-value offerings increase the chances to convert customers because it means offering more than one payment option. Maybe someone wants to subscribe to your website but is on a tight budget. Or maybe someone is just a little interested in your product but is not willing to pay higher than their personal utility. All these problems can be solved by tiered-value pricing and offers. For you to understand this concept better, you can check out the list of examples below:

  • Netflix offers different prices for a different number of screens simultaneously using the account
  • Two magazine subscription options, with and without an included exclusive poster
  • Online educational websites offering just answers or detailed solutions to questions

Strikingly has several payment methods that you can select from to offer your site’s customers. We have Paypal, Stripe, and Square, and even allow you to let your customers pay directly via their debit or credit card. This greatly enhances your customers’ online shopping experience when they buy products from your online store. That, in turn, helps you drive conversions to a greater extent when your website is built on our platform.

Concluding Remarks

To drive conversion on your brand’s online presence, you must have a professional-looking, feature-rich, responsive, and easy-to-navigate website. If you can take care of this aspect, all the other pieces of your online business will fall right into place.

That’s what we aim to offer you at Strikingly. We update our features regularly, intending to provide a smooth, convenient, time-saving, and cost-effective experience to our users in their process of building, launching, and maintaining their websites.