Tips to Create a Perfect CTA That Converts

Perfect CTA, or good call to action buttons, play an important role in increasing the conversions of a website or landing page. Oftentimes even when a site visitor is influenced and convinced to make a purchase, they end up getting confused as to what to do next. If there are no powerful call to action buttons, customers are not able to find the direct and most convenient way of buying anything from an eCommerce store.

Before discussing the importance of a perfect call to action button, let’s define what a good call to action button is.

What is a CTA?

A perfect CTA is a button on a web page, particularly on an eCommerce website, that guides a customer on the action to take if they are interested in the company’s products or services. Creating a CTA button is necessary on the different phases of a webpage to direct customers for moving on to the next phase. For example, after reading a brief product description, a customer might want to get more information about it. In that place, you can write a call to action that says ‘Learn More’.

Tips to Create a Perfect CTA That Converts

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When the customer clicks on it, they will be redirected to another web page or another section of the same web page where more details of the product will be given. Once the customer has read the details and wants to proceed with the purchase, you can place another perfect CTA saying ‘Buy Now’ there.

When the customer reaches the checkout page, there is usually a good call to action button that says ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Proceed’ to indicate that clicking on it will cause the customer’s credit or debit card to be charged to complete the purchase.

At every step of the way, these perfect CTAs keep the customer well informed where they are at in their buying process and where they are being led. This reduces the bounce rate of the website and helps the customers in making their purchases.

6 Main Benefits of Having a Perfect CTA System on Your Website

CTAs are crucial in making your online store, or even a simple corporate website for that matter, a success. Here are 6 main benefits of having good call to action links or buttons on your site.

1. They Provide a Smooth Buying Experience For Your Customers

The more powerful call to action buttons you place on your website, the smoother your customers’ experience will be. They will not end up on the wrong web pages, and not waste their time looking for the right places to click.

The good thing about perfect CTAs is that they have the word written on them that’s supposed to happen when someone clicks on them. For example, if a good call to action link says ‘Learn More’ on it, it will surely direct you to a page where you will find more detailed information about the item or topic at hand. Next, if a button says ‘Buy Now’ on it, it will probably take you to the checkout page, or to the detailed product page where you can select the size, color, and number of items you want to purchase.

Showing a 'Buy Now' CTA on a Strikingly user's website

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Another good call to action button that makes customers’ experience convenient is the ‘Add to Cart’ button. This enables customers to pile up all the items that they want to purchase into a virtual shopping cart. If there were no shopping carts, customers would have to manually keep track of all the items that they want to buy, confusing their minds throughout their buying process.

2. They Make Your Website Look Professional

A web design that makes it easy for you to insert perfect CTA buttons is professional and built with technical expertise. When customers see that your website has powerful call to action links on it, it creates a good impression about your business in their minds. This in turn will help build a good brand image, which is very beneficial in terms of increasing your long-term sales.

It is, therefore, critical to choose the correct website template or design when you are building your site. Web designs that are responsive, user-friendly, and appealing often come with many built-in perfect CTA links.

3. They Link the Different Pages of a Website With Each Other

Some good call to action buttons plays a key role in linking different parts or pages of a website with each other. For example, a perfect CTA that says ‘Shop Now’ could be the link between a website’s home page and its attached online store where customers can actually buy the available products.

Showing a 'Shop Now' CTA on a Strikingly user's website

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A perfect call to action button saying ‘Contact Us’ could be the connection between a website’s main landing page and its contact form.

4. They Make the Site Easily Navigable

The perfect CTAs also serve the purpose that any other buttons on a website do, that is, make the website easily navigable. A website that is easy to navigate is considered better in quality than one that is not. This means a person who visits the website once is more likely to visit it again.

5. Grow Your Website’s Audience

Whether it’s a simple ‘Follow Me on Twitter’ or a powerful call to action that says ‘Submit Payment’, it serves as a leverage factor for you as a business. Any desired action that you want your site visitors to take could become a perfect CTA for you. In other words, a good call to action mechanism on your website functions as a marketing machine for you, because it will help in maintaining and even growing the audience of your site.

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6. Ensure That Your Website Content is Meaningful

Since a perfect CTA system on your website rids customers of their fatigue and confusion, they are actually making your website content meaningful. When customers are not confused or tired, they can focus on understanding what you have written on the website, and get influenced accordingly, without any mental distress or dilemma.

5 Ways of Writing a Call to Action That Converts

There are ways and means of creating a CTA button that increases the audience and conversions on your website.

1. Identify With Your Audience’s Desires

Think about what could motivate your audience to read the content on your website and follow through with any adverts you have placed on your web pages. Once you can put yourself in the shoes of your customers or site visitors, connect your perfect CTA to fulfill your audience’s desires.

2. Craft Your Message From Their Perspective

Once you have identified how exactly your site visitors are likely to think, craft the message to write a call to action from their angle. Your audience needs to feel that the message has been written specifically for them. For instance, if a powerful call to action says ‘Shop Now’, they should feel that they want to start shopping now.

3. Use Words That Cause Enthusiasm

After triggering the emotions in the audience by creating a CTA button from their perspective, use enthusiastic words to add to their spirit and encourage them further to click on the perfect CTA. Some examples of good call to action phrases that inspire enthusiasm are as follows.

  • ‘Take a Tour Today’
  • ‘Find Your Dream Home Today’
  • ‘Join Millions of Others Who Are Struggling to Save the Furry Creatures’
  • ‘Shop Now to Win Amazing Prizes’
  • ‘Click Here to Become an Exclusive Member’
  • ‘Start Your Free Trial Now’

Showing a 'Start Free Trial' CTA on a Strikingly user's website

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4. Make the Next Step Easy

Once you have inspired your audience to click on the perfect CTA, the next step needs to be super simple for them. The next step is for them to click on the button, or in some cases, share a link that they are seeing. If they have to put in too much effort in taking the next step, it might scare them away. Make this step as easy and quick as possible. This means your website speed should be top-notch. Its navigability should be fine. Its text should be clear, and the buttons should be visible and customized.

5. Continue to Serve Your Audience

This means, even if your audience can navigate through your website easily and click on the perfect CTA buttons, you should never leave them alone. What if a customer gets to the checkout page, but just before making the payment, wants to ask you something about the quality of the item they are buying? You need to have a venue open on the website for them to contact you on the spot. Having a perfect CTA system on your site doesn’t mean your customers wouldn’t need to get in touch with you. Continue to serve your audience and provide good customer service to your site visitors at all times.

These were a few tips and tricks to help you write a call to action that serves your website and your business well. If you are looking for a website builder that makes it easy for you to create a website for your business, check out Strikingly.

We are available 24/7 to answer any queries that you may have. Many of our users ask us questions about our tools that they are not familiar with. Once they become familiar with our features, building and maintaining a website becomes quite a simple task for them.