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In today’s day and age, it is almost impossible to run a successful business without a significant online presence. Even in some rare situations in which companies were making it work without online marketing, they went bankrupt in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the entire world. That is when it became apparent that without engaging in online marketing and reaping the full benefits of online marketing, no business can survive for long at this time in the 21st century.

To be willing to invest time, effort, and money into the online marketing side of your business, you need to first fully accept how essential it really is for the success of your business. So today, we will give you an extended list of all the ways online marketing types can make your business flourish and continue to grow in the long run.

However, before learning about the benefits of online marketing, we have to be sure you know what online marketing is, what it entails and what is included in it. Continue reading below to find out.

What is Online Marketing?

In essence and retrospect, online marketing is any way of promoting a business through the internet. Also known by the terms ‘internet marketing’, ‘digital marketing’, or ‘web marketing’, this is the process of reaching out to a wide variety of audiences through the tools and software available untraditionally and digitally. The types of online marketing are unlimited due to the internet’s vast potential and possibilities.

The act of online marketing includes capitalizing through web-based channels to make your brand more well-known on a larger and more accessible platform. Basically, in contrast to traditional marketing efforts, it takes a lot less to reach and impact a lot more. And that is what makes different types of online marketing more appealing in today’s world polluted with media and technology.

Continue reading this guide to online marketing further to learn in detail the benefits of online marketing. This stuff is awe-inspiring, and once you understand the basics, you can use it to your advantage for the success of your business.

9 Key Benefits of Online Marketing

Here are 9 explicit benefits of online marketing that any business owner can use.

1. No Distance Constraints

For the most part, everything on the internet is free. And more importantly, distance practically does not even exist. It does not matter whether you are sitting next to someone or on the literal opposite side of the world, if you post something as part of your online marketing, they will get access to that content at the same time (considering they have the same speed of internet connection). If you pick your platform well and choose your target market correctly, then it will not matter how far away they are or how physically inaccessible they are for you.

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2. No Time Constraints

Just like the absence of distance constraints, online marketing also lacks time constraints. This can efficiently work in favor of your business. For example, when using traditional marketing methods like billboards, you have to make sure it is lit up and prominent during rush hour. But if you participate in different online marketing types, one of which being Instagram sponsored ads, the ad will show to anyone active, regardless of the time. You just have to put the ad out there and let the algorithm of Instagram do all the work.

Instagram user taking a picture

3. You Can Be Everywhere

With online marketing, it is pretty easy to be repetitive. Your marketing content can be seen wherever someone looks once they switch on their phone or computer. If you are advertising on Instagram, you can just as quickly advertise on FaceBook or other sites. In a way, you can say you can haunt your potential customers until they give up on trying to run away from you and finally decide to give whatever you are offering a try.

4. Influencer Advantage

The great thing about internet celebrities and social media influencers is that they have more or less influence equivalent to traditional celebrities. But there is one big difference between the two. The difference is that they are much more reachable and approachable. If you reach out to an internet celebrity, you have much more chances of getting a response than sending a message or email to a television celebrity. They are also almost always super active on social media. So if they promote your business, it will have higher chances of being more widely noticed.

5. Easy Tracking

Perhaps one of the most positively transparent things about using online marketing is how easy it is to tell exactly how useful it is for you in the past or current moment. For example, turning your Instagram account into a business account can tell you who skipped your ad and who viewed it. It also tells you the ages of the people using these accounts and where they are located. Online marketing may seem invasive if you are on the other side. But if you are using these online marketing types, they will work to your advantage.

6. Instant Transaction Options

If someone sees your advertisement on television and decides to buy your product, they will have to call up a number and later pay or go to a store to find the product and pay. However, if someone comes across your ad on social media, they can end up on your website with just one tap. From there, they can instantly make their desired purchase, and you will receive the money they paid online. Even if they choose the cash on delivery (COD) option, at least your revenue stream will be 100% confirmed.

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7. Easily Recyclable

If you run a successful online marketing campaign and decide you want to do it again, you can - and that too, instantly! Unlike, for instance, a newspaper advertisement, you will not have to pay hefty amounts to rerun the campaign if it is just in the form of a post on your social media business profile. Hence, when dealing with different types of online marketing, you are more in charge than you would otherwise be.

8. 24/7 Store Timings

One way of online marketing is to introduce your product to people online and open up a virtual or online store for them. This way, they can shop from the comfort of their homes, making it convenient and hence, more likely that they will go with that option. This also comes with the added advantage of never closing the store. You or any employee does not have to be sitting behind a table 24/7 for the store to be open. It can just be open, and that is all!. This is one of the biggest wonders of online marketing.

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9. Easy Integration of All Your Marketing Platforms

When you do online marketing, it is easier to integrate all your marketing channels and streamline your campaigns. This is because you can simply add a link, an icon, or a CTA on one platform to connect it to another platform.

Let’s take the example of a marketing offer that you announce on your social media pages. Now you want your website visitors to also find out about the same offer simultaneously. Instead of writing about the offer separately on the website, which would require double the effort, you can simply add a section on your website’s homepage to show the visitors a glimpse of your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter feed.

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This feature is available in our website building platform, Strikingly. The tools that we offer on Strikingly are developed with our users’ convenience in mind. We know that your time is precious; thus, we tend to make it easier for you to implement your creative marketing ideas through the websites you build on Strikingly. Using our social feed feature, you can allow your site visitors to view part of your Instagram, and Twitter feeds without leaving your site’s domain.

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Final Remarks

With the help of an effective and efficient website builder, and some basic knowledge of online marketing tactics as discussed in this post, you can grow your business to heights with minimum cost and effort. This is the digital age, and to prosper in the highly competitive digital world, you have to learn how to make the most use of digital media.

The best way to reap all the benefits of online marketing is, to begin with, a professionally built, responsive website, which will showcase all your products and services appealingly. Using Strikingly, you can add content to each web page within minutes. Once you are inside the Strikingly editor, it’s just about clicking and typing or dragging and dropping to add or update the text and images on your pages.

Get started with your journey of successful online marketing by creating an account on Strikingly today!