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If we talk about business websites, an old saying comes into mind i.e. first impression is the last impression. When you create a splash page website on here Strikingly, you must know that your landing page elements are equally as important as the bigger picture. When your potential visitors come to your website, they come in with many expectations. As an entrepreneur, it is your responsibility to optimize your website in a way that fulfills all your visitors’ expectations.

If you are willing to create a customized page on Strikingly, you must understand a few things. You shouldn’t have the mindset that you can only attract a considerable amount of website traffic by publishing website content. Also, it is not just about how ideal your page design is, it is about conveying your message to your customers properly. If you can convey your message, you are successful.

What is a Splash Page?

Before we get into all the fundamental strategies, we should first know what a splash page is. Whenever you open a professional website, you would see that a page suddenly pops up before you can explore the website properly. That is a splash (customized) page. This term should not be confused with a landing page because the landing page has the objective of completing the goals related to conversion rate.

a splash page

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

A landing page features more content than a customized page. The customized pages feature minimal content but can convey a message that may not relate to your homepage but give the customers a task to fulfill. For example, the task can be signing up for a newsletter or directly going to the eCommerce product page that features the products on sale for a limited time.

Best Strategies to Create a Splash Page

1. Prioritize User Experience

When you go through a tutorial on how to make a splash page, you would be taught one thing before even heading into the designing aspect i.e. prioritize user experience. If the user experience is ideal, it will only be a matter of time before you attract visitors to your platform. The more benefits you provide to your customers, the more reasons you will give them to stay on your website for longer.

different website languages

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Gears Rental Campo on Strikingly is one brilliant example of user experience. This website is made in Japan and has a Japanese domain. As a result, it displays content in the Japanese language. However, considering Strikingly is an international website building platform, the user enabled the visitors to convert the language to English for their ease. If the website maker didn’t do that, they would have a lot of international traffic from both desktop and mobile versions.

2. Attract Visitors

If you look at all the splash page examples around the world, they all have one common denominator i.e. they can attract visitors consistently. As a result, these customized pages become best suited to portfolio-art websites. These pages can convey a message to their visitors before they even have to go through the entire website. Even if you are unwilling to create a portfolio website, you can still attract many visitors by going for a customized page.

search engine optimization

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Apart from fulfilling the visitor’s expectations, one of the ways through which you can attract visitors is by having ideal search engine optimization (SEO) strategies at your disposal. If you do not have any technical expertise related to SEO, all of your hard work will likely go down the drain. There is no point in investing all the time in building ideal website pages, and you have no one to value your work. Strikingly enables you to rely on an SEO checklist through which you can undergo all the basic things part of your website content, such as meta title and descriptions.

3. Mobile-Friendly Design

When you create website splash pages, one of the most important is keeping them mobile-friendly. Gone are the days when you just had to attain website traffic from the website’s desktop version. It is not a secret anymore that more than half of the worldwide population browses the internet through their mobile phones rather than their laptops or computers. You cannot blame them either, as finding the required information on mobile rather than a laptop or PC is quicker.

Strikingly gives their website makers the authority to build their websites for desktop and mobile versions. The authority is such that the website makers can change their website’s version from desktop to mobile and vice versa as per their liking. Moreover, we provide our users with mobile-friendly website templates which enable them to do the least possible work to get their website up and running. They need to customize the template, and their website will be live.

4. CTA

While building a splash page design, you simply cannot disregard the importance of the call to action (CTA) button. An effective CTA button enables their customers to take action right away. However, there are a few things that you must know related to a CTA button. You must ensure that you provide a quality message on your button. For example, you cannot expect your customers to feel attracted to your CTA button if you include text like “Download” or “Click Here”.

cta button

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Apart from that, you must also avoid many steps as part of your CTA plan. If you are willing to create an ideal business website, you don’t need to look further than Strikingly. When website makers are new to our platform, they are unaware of the features, subscription plans, and tools we provide. By talking to us through live chat, you will not just understand their qualities but will also be able to incorporate them into your professional websites.

5. Maintain Consistency

When you are trying to understand how to make a splash page, you must also understand that consistency is one of the most important aspects. When we talk about consistency, we talk about the brand management strategies that are applied by you. For example, it can be related to your font colors, font styles, background images, consistency in your website design, etc.

As we have explained to you earlier, your website page must be able to convey its particular message to your visitors effectively. However, your message should correspond with the branding strategies in place. For example, if the design has elements that bring a calming influence, your message must totally coincide with those elements.

6. Add Social Media Accounts

If you plan to build splash page websites for promoting goods and events, you must add a subscription form or add social media accounts to your website. By including social media icons on your website page, you will remind your visitors to follow your social media accounts. This will be beneficial in creating an online presence for your platform.

Apart from that, you can also include a subscription form to ensure that you can collect the contact details of your visitors. These contact details can benefit your marketing strategies, such as electronic direct mail marketing (EDM). On your Strikingly website, you can easily include your social media platforms in the form of icons. This will be beneficial in adding to your online followers.

Build Customized Pages on Strikingly

It is very easy to create website splash pages for your platform here on Strikingly. To build these website pages, make sure that you go through the following steps:

  1. On your Strikingly website editor, click on settings
  2. Find the option of “Promotions” and click on it
  3. This will lead you to the button of “Pop-ups”, which you will click.

There are three different types of customized pages that you can create on Strikingly. Those three types related to splash designs are the following:

∙ Email signup

Ideal for attracting visitors to get subscription via newsletters

∙ Announcement

Can be related to anything that you want to inform about, such as an e-book, coupons, or an upcoming sale.

∙ Age Verification

Restricting website content to an age limit. If a visitor doesn’t fulfill the age barrier, he/she will not be allowed to access the content.


For an ideal splash page design, two things are extremely important i.e. elements and message. Strikingly provides you with a collection of website templates to select the best one for your niche. After that, you can include elements that are simple and clean. Every element within your website page must have a unique meaning. You must also ensure that your font and color coincide with your website design.

strikingly website template

Image taken from Strikingly

Secondly, you can use effective call-to-action practices to ensure that your message is conveyed properly. For example, if you have started owning an eCommerce website, you can include a CTA button to quickly get to the eCommerce product page. From there on, the visitors can go through the shopping process. So without any second thoughts, build your website page and convey your business messages to the online community today.