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Is your business website design mobile ready? Are you one of the many business owners opting to have a desktop and mobile website design for their online stores? Then, this content is made especially for you.

Google encourages websites to have a mobile friendly web design.They reward mobile friendly websites to rank well on google search analytics. On the other hand, websites that are not designed for mobile devices are penalized. It’s the reason why more website owners and developers are focusing on designing a website that is desktop and mobile friendly at the same time.

It is a challenging task to design your website for mobile devices because people who are using their mobile to browse the internet expect to find what they're looking for in just a snap. They expect to get what they need on a website without twists and turns.

For a mobile website design it seems like you have to fit everything on a smaller screen compared to desktop and tablet devices. But, you don’t need to get overwhelmed because there is a mobile website layout that fits your business website requirements. Many website builders like Strikingly give its users the power and inspiration on how to design a website for mobile and desktop. This feature is very timely and in demand because people are most likely to spend time surfing on the internet using mobile devices. If you want your business to rank well on Google search analytics, you have to understand that more people are using their mobile phones to find what they need online.

The Importance of Mobile Sites

Nowadays, more people choose to use their smartphone over a laptop or desktop computer. It’s not surprising because it is far more convenient to use a smartphone rather than a computer device.

With the use of smartphones, you can search for locations and get directions, order in a food app, book a transportation, and even make a reservation at your favorite restaurant. The use of mobile phones has empowered us in our day-to-day routine. Sometimes, it is impossible to imagine life without the use of a mobile phone, right? How can you send an urgent message to a family member? What if you need to pay your credit card but you get off from work after the banking hours? How can you reply to your customer’s order inquiry when you’re travelling without a mobile website app? The last question is what we really want to talk about. Imagine running your business website without a mobile app. Plus, your website hasn't got a mobile friendly web design yet. Guess what? You are losing a big percentage of potential customers who are frequently browsing their phone.

People have realized now the significance of mobile sites in their lives. Mobile sites make life more comfortable and it makes things readily available without going through hassles.

What Makes a Good Mobile Website Design?

Get your mobile website design inspiration with these tips and ideas on how to design a mobile website. Because you want your business to be competitive in getting more sales and traffic from customers making online purchases and bookings, here are some tips to guide you in choosing the best mobile website design.

  • Easy and User friendly Site Navigation

Welcome your visitors with a mobile website design that will not give them a hard time figuring out whether to swipe to the right or scroll down. Complicated mobile web design can frustrate new viewers and make them leave your site in no time.

Swish website model

Image taken from Swish website

This mobile website design by Swish is created with Strikingly. It gives the viewers a hint on what direction they should swipe to navigate the page. Simply stylish with minimalistic design that allows users to find the makeup that best suits their skin. The mobile app also shows a preview of the model and the product details. This is an ideal design for a makeup business because it clearly presents what the customers need to know about the products without going through a lot of steps. An easy and user friendly site navigation can help add up a few more minutes to your audience to stay on your website.

  • Consider a Fixed-SideBar Design to Easily go back to the Homepage

A mobile website design with a fixed side-bar or at least a static image header can help your visitors go back to the homepage without going through a series of page scrolls. It is frustrating to find out when you have multiple pages on your site. With a smartphone, your website has a limited space to put all the necessary information. Make sure you have a fixed side-bar where customers can easily go to the “Add-to-cart” or “Proceed to Checkout” button. This is a simple yet effective mobile website design that makes your customers get the best online shopping experience.

Packpoint mobile screenshot

Image taken from PackPoint website

  • Visibility of Call-to-Action Button

Hollabox website is created with Strikingly, a mobile app with a clean background that aims to highlight the “Sign up for early access” call-to-actionbutton. They have a mobile website layout that shows website images with appropriate captions. For a mobile application that aims to take their visitors to the best things in London, this kind of mobile website design can grow the interests of their viewers. Giving them rad photos and a glimpse of what to expect on their website.

Hollabox mobile website

Image taken from Hollabox website

  • Keep the Site Search Option in Sight

Local Wander has not only made their customers online experience the best of the bests. They have a mobile application that is designed to guide locals and tourists to roam around the city. In addition to the site search box, they have also provided their customers with a personal guide who are local experts that they can chat with. It is more than just answering the customer’s search queries but giving them personalized answers to their questions. Local Wander has done an amazing job in their mobile website design. Strikingly has made it possible for Local Wander to achieve their goals with a good mobile web design behind.

Local Wander mobile website

Image taken from Local Wander website

  • Avoid Upfront Sign in Requirement on your site

One of the things that annoys the website surfers is the need to sign up on a website before they even explore it. It is frustrating that you have to give out personal information such as name and email just to be able to browse on a site. Unless they find the website useful, some people won’t give their personal info right away. It is important to welcome your visitors with the interesting things they can find on your website. Don’t require them to sign up upon visiting your site, you might be losing half of your daily customers because you’re asking for their personal information upon entry. Put it on hold or add a custom form or apop-up window to show as an option but not a requirement.

Cinepool mobile website

Image taken from Cinepool website

  • Add Quality Product Images

More than having a good mobile website design inspiration, you have to ensure to upload images with high resolution quality. This will help your audience to zoom in and out without losing important details, especially if you’re selling online products such as clothing, shoes, cosmetics, and things that needed to be inspected properly before purchase.

Globe Hop website has made it possible to focus on building a website for desktop and mobile devices with clean and simple design. They use a white background with a pure text welcome page. Just like Local Wander they also provide service for an online local guide.You’ll be amazed to see the website gallery section where they have uploaded quality images of hotel rooms, restaurants, and shops to give their clients a clear view of what to expect in the city.

Globe Hop gallery section

Image taken from Globe Hop website

  • Choose a One-page Mobile Website Design

As much as possible, avoid adding multiple pages to your website. But if you can’t really help it, make sure to add a fixed side-bar to help your visitors navigate your site with less frustrating experience. A one page mobile website design is more likely to get positive results in terms of sales and traffic because the content is concise and simple. You can put the most statements at the center while giving space to the call-to-action buttons and additional information about your website. Be careful in putting stuff that might just add to the clutters. One of the mobile website design examples created with Strikingly is Salaam Swipe website. You’ll notice the simplicity of its page on a mobile device.

Salaam Swipe mobile website

Image taken from Salaam Swipe website

Explore Strikingly Mobile Website Design

Strikingly has a feature for our customer to get a mobile app where they can manage their website anywhere they are. This is very useful for business owners and individual freelancers who need to check on their website every now and then. Your website is your business online presence so you have to be in control of its status and progress. Being able to manage your website on your mobile phone is such a relief when you’re out somewhere and you realize that you forgot to add the specs of one item. You can edit your website while having a cup of coffee with your friend somewhere.

Mobile view editorImage taken from Strikingly website editor

More than having a mobile app for your website with us, you have two preview options for your website when you build your website with Strikingly. While in edit mode, you can get two previews of your website--a mobile view and desktop view. This way, you know how your viewers see your website on their mobile phones.

Evidently, it’s really exciting to build and manage your website with Strikingly. We have a responsive mobile website design that easily adjusts your website from desktop to mobile screen without losing the quality of the texts and images on your website. A responsive mobile web design automatically shrinks your website layout to fit perfectly on a smaller screen like smartphones and tablet devices.

Website editor mobile viewImage taken from Strikingly website

Make it a priority to add a mobile web design for your website. With Strikingly, you don’t need to be an expert on layout design, all you need is a creative mind. Plus, don’t forget to take in consideration the tips and inspiration on how to make a mobile web design that your visitors will surely love.