Social media integration is one of today’s most powerful tools in all aspects. Once you master how to do it right, you instantly have the power to connect not just with people you know, but even from individuals in any part of the world. You can simply log on to your Twitter or Facebook account whenever you want to post something. If you want to watch news or videos of your favorite K-drama episodes, you can just simply go to YouTube and search for it.

Through social media engagement, you have the chance to discover new friends and explore new places. By simply browsing through online posts made by your friends in your social media accounts, you can witness something even without being there physically. With social media, it is like a new virtual world is being created where almost everything could be possible in just one click—including expanding your own online business.

With media engagement sites being one of the most loved blogging platforms by people of this day, it is one of the best tools to help your business grow and establish a name. Through utilizing your online business with social media, you can easily reach your goal in a shorter period of time. How to do that? Simple -- through mastering the art of social media engagement.

What is Social Media Engagement?

Social media engagement can be described as the level of responses that your social media posts get. Various social media engagement strategies include measuring your website post’s collected comments, likes, and shares. It is simply how much interaction your website has in various social media platforms.


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Setting a stable social media engagement for your online website is essential if you seek a firm connection with your target audience. Knowing how to increase social media engagement brings more attention to your website brand, making more meaningful connections and opening more opportunities.

Your online business’ social media engagement can be measured through:

  • Call-to-action button clicks
  • Website brand/profile clicks,
  • Any website tab clicks
  • Direct messaging your page or responding to a message
  • Retweets
  • Comments
  • Likes
  • Followers/Audience growth
  • Click-throughs
  • Mentions
  • Use of hashtags

Reasons Why You Need Social Media Engagement

Understanding how social media engagement works can help you a lot in your online business. Once you’ve mastered how to use proper engagement on social media, you’ll gain a lot of benefits in just a short time. To give you a better understanding of the wonders of social media engagement strategies, we’ve listed them down just for you.

Builds Brand Awareness and Influence

Social media is widely used everywhere. Young or old, almost everyone already has at least one social media account this day. If you plan on having a solid foundation of loyal customers, having a stable engagement on social media is one great idea. By just simply using the best social media engagement strategies, you can easily secure the perfect group of audience for your business. Through social media engagement, you are introducing your brand and even raising curiosities within the e-commerce community.

• Widens Meaningful Market Reach

Using social media helps you reach anyone. By posting through your social media engagement accounts, there is a higher chance for audiences to know and be aware of your business. Once they saw your posts, an instant chance of gaining website visitors is more possible even if they are not included within your target market.

• Better Customer Service

Customer service is among the most important element of a successful business. Once you master how to do it right, reaching your business goals will never be impossible. Understanding how to increase social media engagement is one helpful tool in getting the pulse of your market. Smart social media engagement lets you understand what your audience thinks about you and your business. You can even respond to your customer’s queries through doing regular engagement on social media. Simply be there to answer their questions personally on every comment they make on your posts, and it will be easier for you to capture their hearts.


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Ways on How to Increase Social Media Engagement

Now that you are getting the hype of what is social media engagement, we’ve got something more interesting for your media engagement journey. Listed below are the best hacks we’ve collected on how to increase social media engagement and help you be on top without breaking too much sweat.


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1. Record Your Current Social Media Engagement Rate

Getting a stable social media engagement starts with getting a grip of your business website’s analytics. There are different ways where you can take a look at your current social media analytics. One is through your social media account itself. You can just simply log into your account and check your website’s current media engagement. There, you can see your website’s actual performance through statistics involving your page’s engagement rate, retweets, likes, replies, and link clicks. Another way to view your social media engagement status is through Google Analytics. Google Analytics is a free website service developed by Google. It allows website page owners to get comprehensive data of their website traffic including analytics on returning visitors, how much time was spent visiting their website, location, and many others.

Working with us in Strikingly allows you to get better access to your online website analytics. With our Strikingly's Analytics dashboard, you can easily view how many visitors went to visit your page and even monitor your website traffic.

2. Get to Know Your Audience

Knowing how to do social media engagement right includes getting to know your target audience. For you to build a stronger connection towards your market, you have to make efforts on identifying them in terms of their demographical characteristics, what they need, and what they seek. This media engagement hack helps you formulate marketing strategies easily because you already know what to do and what to avoid.

Here are some questions you can use as a guide in gathering information about your target market:

  • Which social media engagement platforms do they most often use?
  • What specific kinds of social media engagement accounts do they mostly follow?
  • What specific media engagement topics catch their interest more?
  • What types of social media posts and website content do they engage themselves more?
  • Do they enjoy using emojis, memes, GIFs, or acronyms?

One pro-tip: Consider looking through various social media engagement accounts of business brands in the same field as yours. Do as much research as you can. Study how audiences respond to their social media engagement strategies and use it as an opportunity to create a more unique, but still on the same line for your own.

3. Write Something Interesting

A perfect social media engagement strategy has the power to capture hearts in just one glance. One sure way on how to increase social media engagement is to post interesting and authentic content. Don’t be afraid to go out of the usual and create your own style in making social media engagement content that will drive more traffic to your website.

When planning your engagement on social media, make sure your social media engagement strategies are timely and still in line with your social media engagement goals. If your goal is to boost the number of website viewer clicks and saves on your Pinterest account, create a more Pinterest-friendly content approach like doing infographics. If you want to get more followers on your Instagram or Twitter, post awesome content regularly and include hashtags. If you seek to reach higher YouTube followers, create and record entertaining vlogs. Each of these social media engagement platforms has its own unique strengths. All you have to do is find the secret recipe hidden within such platforms and in no time, mastering how to increase social media engagement will just be nothing but a piece of cake for you.

4. Experiment

Going usual is sometimes boring. If you want to truly master the art of how to increase social media engagement, do experiments. Spend a sufficient amount of time testing out different formulas of effective social media posting just like the following:

  • Behind-the-scenes clips
  • “Live” online video events
  • Quotes
  • Memes
  • Video Q&A
  • Online contests and product giveaways
  • Virtual tours
  • Infographics
  • Online surveys
  • GIFs

Different audience, different taste. Do not be afraid to try different forms for your social media management strategies. As an entrepreneur, you must be equipped with the courage to discover more from what you only know. Continue improving your social media engagement strategies until you find the best one that is not just suited for you, but most importantly, your website viewers.


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How to Do Effective Engagement on Social Media with Us?

We in Strikingly work to ensure that our users get to communicate well with their audience through expanding their media engagement reach. With our awesome features like Social Feed Section, gathering more attention and website traffic will never be impossible.

Strikingly’s Social Feed Section helps users to display their latest posts on various social media engagement platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and/or Twitter on their own website page. This awesome feature is one great way to keep any website updated without breaking too much sweat.

To start enjoying this feature on your Strikingly website, here’s an awesome guide for you.

1. Go to your Strikingly website editor and click "Add New Section".


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2. Select "Advanced" and then click on the "Social Feed" section.


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3. On the added Social Feed Section, Click "Edit". Select the platform you want to connect your online website to. You can choose from Facebook, Instagram account, and/or Twitter.


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*For PRO users, you have the option to stream posts from a different Facebook webpage that you manage. To enable this, simply check all the options to connect your Facebook Page on your Strikingly


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4. Once done, click the "OK" or "Authorize" button to enable access to your social media posts.


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Social media is truly one powerful platform anyone can have this day. You can easily spread the news and communicate with people you want to know in just one click. With the right knowledge, social media engagement can be a tool to not just let you outnumber your competitors, and open more opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. All you have to do is understand how to increase social media engagement properly and let yourself fall in love more with what your business can do more.

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