Websites. Easy to start, but difficult to complete. One moment you’re incredibly motivated, “Yes! Of course I want a website to help my organization to thrive.” A couple hours later, you’re staring at a blank webpage and you don’t know where to begin. You know you need an online presence outside of your Facebook page- a gorgeous and professional looking site that also represents your brand. If only you had an easier way to build a site.

Enter, Strikingly’s Facebook One-Click website builder. In a few seconds, the Facebook One-Click converts the information on your Facebook page into a ready-to-use, mobile optimized website. We couldn’t have made it easier for businesses and organizations that already have Facebook Pages to expand their online presence. And it only takes one click.

1. Update your Facebook page beforehand.

Before you create a website using the Facebook One-Click, make sure that you’re an admin for the Facebook page and confirm that the information on your Facebook page is up-to-date. The One-Click will pull information from your page’s “Long Description” and “Address” in the “About” section.

To check and update your page’s “Long Description”, click the “About” tab on your Facebook page, scroll down to the “Long Description” and hover over it. An “edit” prompt will appear on the right side. To update any other sections in the “About” section of your Facebook page, just hover over section until the “edit” prompt appears. You’ll also have the option to make edits to site after it’s created as well, so don’t worry too much about this step.

2. Click.

This is where the magic happens. Go to the Facebook One-Click page and click on the “Connect to Facebook” button. You’ll be promoted with the following:


Click “Okay” to grant Strikingly access to your Facebook account and then select which Facebook page you want Strikingly to build a site for. Watch our cat dance for a few seconds while we create the site from your Facebook page.


3. Voila! Your gorgeous, mobile optimized site is ready.


Your site is ready to go as is, or you can make edits to the site as you see fit. You can customize the content and the different components of each page. We also highly recommend putting a custom name as the domain (i.e. To change your domain name, simply click on “Settings” in the editor and select “Custom Domain”.

Here’s what the site, made from Strikingly’s Facebook page, looks like:


4. Promote your new site.

Add your site’s URL to your social media profiles, as well as any other marketing literature. Having a gorgeous looking site is a testament to your business or organization’s professionalism and will help get you more exposure online.

Ready to see Strikingly’s site building magic for yourself? Click here to get your own free website now.