Blow Up Your Instagram Reach: Use the Right Photography Hashtags

We're all aware of Instagram's power. Companies with a strong following appear to have little trouble generating interest and results. However, how can you use Instagram to promote your small business? Furthermore, how can you increase your Instagram followers by using photography hashtags? What are the best photography hashtags for photographers to use? What are the top photography hashtags? We've compiled a list of the best photography hashtags and explained how to choose the correct ones for you.

Instagram is one of the most cost-effective methods to advertise and market your work, and photography hashtags are an important element of any social-media-savvy photographer's plan. Knowing how to utilize photography hashtags can help you increase your following, make contacts with other photographers, collaborators, and possible purchasers, and even drive more traffic to your online portfolio.

Hashtags in a Nutshell

Instagram photography tags serve as searchable keywords. When you select one, you'll see the top posts as well as the most recent ones that contain that tag. If a person is involved in a certain issue, hashtags can be followed in the same manner that other users may be followed. These hashtags are designed to help you connect, share, and develop your Instagram profile, and they're beneficial for photographers.

Instagram's users frequently concentrate on one or two specific fields. They'll then look for hashtags that pertain to those topics. Using photography hashtags will allow you to connect with people who share your interests. Therefore, those users and followers will learn more about your business. Hundreds of millions of Instagram postings have been made. Photography Hashtags assist people in finding the content they are looking for.

Photography Hashtags for instagram

Simply type your tags into the caption to hashtag a post. However, too many photography hashtags for Instagram can become unmanageable and have a poor impact on the user experience. Make a hard return and a period when you've finished writing your caption. Rep this process a half-dozen times. This will result in a period-filled column. Add your hashtags to the bottom of the caption in a block. If you're utilizing an Instagram scheduling service to create your posts ahead of time, this strategy is ideal. Make a remark, then include your photography hashtags.

Making oneself stand out among the millions of photos shared daily can be tough at times. Therefore, using photography hashtags is critical for attracting an audience and obtaining the visibility for your work - it may significantly increase your profile on Instagram and in the photographic community. It all depends on your content and photography style, but we've compiled a list of the most popular hashtags for various photography categories below.

How to Choose the Right Hashtags

To optimize the reach of your posts, you might be tempted to flood your feed with the most popular photography hashtags. Using top photography hashtags, however, almost guarantees your photographs will get lost amid millions of others. Alternatively, if your Instagram tags are overly particular, few people will search for them, and you'll get no engagement.

The ideal strategy is to combine popular and less popular hashtags. Some social media specialists recommend using photography tags with a usage rate of 5,000 to 500,000. (Enter the photography hashtag into the Instagram search field to see how many preceding posts there are.)

Every post should include the following type of hashtags:

  • Five to seven photography hashtags that are popular (about 100,000 to 500,000 posts).
  • Five to seven photography hashtags that are somewhat popular (about 10,000 to 100,000 posts).
  • Three to five photography hashtags that are specific to your niche (less than 10,000 posts).
  • One to three photography hashtags with your company's name on them (i.e. hashtags specifically related to your brand).

You can use up to 30 photography hashtags per post on Instagram, but it's better to aim for quality than quantity. You want it to be a little more curated, don't you?

Use the Best Photography Hashtags

It's time to brush up on some of the best hashtags for photographers now that you've mastered basic photography hashtag tactics. Below are some of the most popular photography hashtags organized by category. Remember, we haven't covered all the hashtags that will work for your personal style or brand, so keep experimenting—but here are a few popular photography hashtags to get you started!

1. Hashtags for Portrait Photography

It's pointless to add photography hashtags on anything related to landscapes on your Instagram profile if your specialty is portrait photography. Use these portrait photography hashtags to stay current.

#PortraitPerfection #Portrait_Society #IGPortrait #Portraiture #PortraitOfTheDay #WithHumans #SelfPortrait #PortraitPhotography #Portrait_Mood #InstaPortrait #PostMorePortraits #Portrait_Shots #PursuitOfPortrait #PortraitPage #PortraitSociety #RSA_Portraits #DiscoverPortrait #TangledInFilm #Portraits_Today #PortraitFolk #PortraitsFromTheWorld #MoodyPortraits

2. Hashtags for Nature Photography

On Instagram, nature photography has a massive following. If you picture the natural environment and everything in it, use these unique nature photography hashtags to reach your target audience!

#NatureLovers #Nature_Photo #IGNature #Nature_Of_Our_World #NaturePerfection #NatureDaily #WorldNature #NaturePic #NatureInstagram #NatureCapture #Nature_Shots #Nature_Seekers #IGNatureCapture #NatureIsArt #Nature_Brilliance #NaturalWorld #BNS_Nature #FiftyShadesOfNature #ColoursOfNature #Nature_Worldwide_Miracles

3. Hashtags for Landscape Photography

Instagram is a fantastic platform for scenic and landscape photography. With these landscape photography hashtags, you can ensure your photos get the attention they deserve.

#LandscapeLovers #BeautifulLandscape #Viewpoint #NakedPlanet #LandscapeHunter #Sky_Captures #ScenicView #Cloudscape #SkyScape #Mountains #LandscapeShot #Landscape_Specialist #Splendid_Earth #Outdoors #Earthpix #DiscoverLandscape #AwesomeGlobe #IGRefined #Earthescope

4. Hashtags for Food Photography

Instagram is a popular platform for food sharing and a powerful marketing tool for restaurants. To reach your target audience, combine these popular food photography hashtags with specific ingredient and cuisine hashtags.

#FoodPornShare #FoodCaptures #Foodography #Foodgasmic #FoodFoodFood #FoodFeed #Foodstagramming #FoodieGram #FoorForFoodie #Foodilysm #FoodStyling #FoodStylist #FoodPhotographyAndStyling #FoodVSCO #BeautifulCuisine #FoodPhotoADay #FirstWeEat #FoodieGram #FoodPhotographer #FoodOfInstagram

5. Hashtags for Travel Photography

In recent years, Instagram has evolved into a complete hub for travel bloggers. Use these travel photography particular hashtags on your photos to stand out from the millions of #wanderlust hashtags.

#TravelTheWorld #ShareTravelPics #WorldExplorer #TravelBug #Travelholic #Globetrotter #AroundTheWorld #TravelAddicts #GetLost #TravelScenes #InstaPassport #PostcardsFromTheWorld #PassportReady #TravelStroke #LonelyPlanet #TLPicks #PostcardPl

6. Hashtags for Black & White Photography

Use these black and white photography hashtags to promote your work and connect with the greyscale photography community on Instagram if you only shoot in monochrome.

#BnW #Monochrome #BnW_Captures #BnW_Mood #BWLovers #BnW_OfTheWorld #Monochromatic #Irox_BW #IgersBnW #Insta_Pick_BW #World_BnW #NoirStreetLife #BW_Life #MonoArt #Noir #InstaBlackAndWhite #BW_Society #Greyscale #BnW_Perfection #BnWPhotos

How Can Using Photography Hashtags Help Grow My Followers?

These photography hashtags are a terrific method to get more people to see your photos. When you hashtag your images, it makes your post more visible on hashtag pages. Other photographers and photography enthusiasts can locate your post on Instagram, and you will find new photographers to follow. Many community pages and photography company pages will include images. You might get featured on these pages if you use their hashtag in your article.

Making Your Talent Shine

After learning the photography hashtags strategies, it’s now time to create your online website portfolio. Strikingly is a free website builder that creates stunning photography websites. Your web portfolio should highlight your creative abilities. Strikingly, as a premier photography website builder, gives you all the tools you need to create an amazing photography website for free. There is no need to code.

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With various layout possibilities, you can show off your greatest work. Create several gallery sections for different genres and subjects on your website. Create photography portfolio websites that are a perfect reflection of your personal style.

1. Sign Up For a Strikingly Account

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2. Upload Your Work

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Create a gallery section on your photography website and show off some of your best work. While it may be tempting to add all your photos, it is strongly advised you select only a few of the best from each genre to give clients a sense of the type of work you do. If you specialize in various sorts of photography, including landscapes, events, portraits, and so on, you may create separate gallery sections for each genre on your website.

3. Tell Us About Yourself

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An excellent story will spark the interest of your visitors. Write a summary of your background and photographic interests. Tell folks how you got into this business and what services you provide.

4. Add Your Social Media Accounts

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Having many followers is beneficial to photography websites. Strikingly includes seamless social connectors that make it simple to link your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media accounts.

5. Add Your Contact Information

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Don't forget to include a contact form so that users can contact you with questions.

6. Earn With Your Work

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By including a Simple Store area on your website, you can sell photo prints or digital copies of your work. By just inputting your email address, you may easily add a secure payment mechanism like Paypal or Stripe.

Photography hashtags are usually different based on the products or locations shown in the post. You can also check for hashtag ideas from people in your field. Look at what hashtags for photography other people or brands are using on their material, and see if any of them are appropriate for your company. Got more questions about photography hashtags or tips on how to create your portfolio? Enter our live chat now, and our Happiness Officers are waiting for you!