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Are you thinking about what to post on Instagram today? Does it seem like you’ve run out of good content, and you’re all caught up with fresh post ideas? Don’t worry! We got you covered. You’re probably looking at your phone’s gallery, and you see pictures of your pet, lunch out with your friends, food on the table, your morning coffee, the mountain view, and a bunch of things you thought were lovely. If you’re having a hard time thinking about the best post ideas, you’re not alone. Believe it or not, we’ve all been there. Anyone can encounter a roadblock in terms of fresh ideas. That is why we need to boost our mind with the best inspiration we can gather among billions of people using different social media platforms. It seems so difficult to decide on what to post on Instagram, especially when it feels like you’re posting the same thing over and over again.

First of all, let us tell you why it's important to organize the things you post on Instagram. Once you have well-organized and fresh Instagram post ideas, you’re building a sense of direction on what you want to achieve on a certain post. Either you want to grow your following or you simply want to catch your followers attention and reactions, you can do so by curating post ideas that will surely hit the road. Most people use social media platforms just to express their thoughts and showcase positivity to their audience. Some use social media with the purpose to influence, teach, inspire, and show what they can offer to help others. The significance of having your Instagram post ideas properly organized and scheduled will save you from the scenario of being at a crossroads on what to post on Instagram. Let’s admit the fact that we don’t have the luxury or time and energy to post on a daily basis. Just like many people, we get tired from work, we get burned out from household tasks, and we run out of fresh ideas. Thus, we made a list of Instagram post ideas to help you plan and schedule your posts. This way, you can just live your life without worrying what to post on Instagram the next day. You can definitely engage with your followers by giving them a glimpse of something about your day-to-day activities. Ready to head on the list?

Instagram post ideas

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Instagram post ideas to inspire you

1. Post a link to your blog post


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A blog is one of the most powerful contents that you can post online. If you have written a few blogs on your personal portfolio or blog site, share a link on your Instagram post. There are so many ways on how you can promote your blog content. Adding it to the things to post on Instagram is one of the best ways you can reach a larger audience. The cool thing about sharing a link to your blogs on Instagram is that you can drive traffic to your personal website. On your personal website you can also add social media links just like Instagram so that your visitors can follow you.

2. A white space to give yourself a break

Instagram post ideas

When it feels like your mind needs to take a break, why not choose a clean white space? Many Instagram post ideas are inspired by a clean white space to give a refreshing impression and also highlight a certain statement. Sometimes, it’s better to choose simplicity over complexity in terms of concept or style. When you feel like you need a break, post a simple yet eye-catching white space that says “just breathe”. It will surely get positive reactions from your Instagram followers. Next time you run out of ideas on what to post on Instagram, just take it easy and post a clean white space with a powerful statement.

3. Sneak peek to your work in progress

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Share a glimpse of your work in progress. It could be your portfolio website, an illustration, or something that you do as an artist. Don’t hesitate to involve your followers or friends in the process of accomplishing something. Sometimes, you get more inspired and goal-oriented when you get support from people who believe in your skills and craft. A sneak peek of your work in progress is one of the best post ideas on Instagram. Because many people spend time on social media platforms, artists, photographers, illustrators, and freelancers have their own website linked to their social media accounts. Also, it’s one of the most effective marketing post ideas if you’re running your own ecommerce website. You can post a sneak peak of your business operations and attract customers in an instant.

4. A book recommendation

Tell your friends about a good book you’ve read. Some people love the idea of getting recommendations from their friends or acquaintances. If you’re wondering what to post on Instagram, this one will surely be a hit. Did you know that any good recommendation will help you get attention on social media? From authors, book club members to local cafe owners, they all need a good recommendation to promote their works or products online. Truly, these Instagram post ideas will also help you attract people with the same interest.

5. Share some of your nice shots

Even professional photographers get stuck on what to post on Instagram sometimes. Whether you are a pro or a self-taught photographer, you can organize those nice shots you took from your recent travels. Schedule your post ideas on a monthly basis, but if you’ve got some nice shots you want to post in between, go on. As a photographer, it is important to organize the things to post on Instagram. You’re just simply showcasing these photographs but give your audience a story behind those lovely photos that you capture in your camera lens.

what to post on Instagram

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6. About a new language app you’ve learned

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Somehow it’s another form of recommendation online. When you have learned something cool or something new, you want the world to hear about it. You can also help those people who are trying to learn a new language once they see your post about it. Always keep in mind that what you post on Instagram or any social media platform can make or break someone. Share something that will help inspire and teach others. This way, you’re not just posting for nothing but you’re making a big difference among others.

7. Family weekend bonding

Most people will relate to this post because we love seeing good content about family ties and relationship goals. Even if you are running a business account on Instagram, it is okay to share some of your personal stuff like a happy weekend with your family, your recent trip, or something that tells about good news, like you’re expecting a new member in the family. Don’t be afraid to mix business with some of your personal milestones. It’s the best way to connect with people who turn out to be your customers as well.

8. Share what you’ve learned recently

This is absolutely a cool idea on what to post on Instagram if you’re trying to get the attention of your followers. Post about what you’ve learned recently and you will surely get positive reactions. Just be prepared for any questions that might pop-up in the comment section. Most people are seeking knowledge and skills, that’s why if you learn something new, don’t keep it to yourself.

9. A site where you bought a pet milestone

Pet milestone cards post ideas

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Well, it seems to be the cutest and nicest idea to share on social media because of the unique concept. Many pet lovers will definitely relate to this post. Sometimes, the things that we encounter online are already giving us a hint on what we can share on what to post on Instagram. If you are like most people spending their time browsing from one site to another, making online purchases of products and stuff, then it’s better to share what you find interesting. You’ll realize how important it is to think about what you post when other people find it helpful.

10. Hold a contest or a giveaway

It’s one way to engage with your followers and promote your Instagram account to a larger audience. You can hold a contest or a giveaway of your product. Prior to this, you can create a post to announce the mechanics of the contest or giveaway. For instance, you can ask them to tag five friends and react to a heart on a specific post. You’ll choose at least three winners among the participants who have completed the guidelines. Make the announcement of the winners after a given timeline and send a direct message on how they can claim the prize. A fun and exciting way to engage with your audience.

11. A tutorial video

tutorial video post ideas

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While most of the post ideas contain images, video posts are not a usual content on Instagram. As an online user, you know how powerful video contents are when it comes to getting the attention of your followers. We’re not saying that pictures have weaker impact compared to videos, but the latter can make your post ideas shine. A tutorial video, for instance, is a powerful post to teach your audience about a certain skill or process. The next time you think about what to post on Instagram, a tutorial video is a must-try.

12. Physical fitness tips

physical fitness post ideas

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Nowadays, more and more people are getting health conscious, that's why they are trying to achieve physical fitness. Sharing posts about health and wellness catches good reactions from your followers. Being mentally and physically healthy is a long-term goal that most people are serious about. If you share your success story on getting fit and healthy, you’re not just helping others achieve the same goal but you also inspire those who are in the process. Be a good example and an inspiration to your Instagram followers.

These ideas and inspiration we shared with you will help you create well-organized post ideas on Instagram. Here at Strikingly, we’ve seen so many individuals who are passionate about helping other people and sharing their skills and knowledge with others. Just like how we can help our users to build their own website, we give you fresh ideas and insights to keep your inspiration overflowing. Remember that what to post on Instagram or any online platform should reflect the best version of you as a person, an artist, a photographer, a business owner, and someone who wants to make a difference. With Strikingly, we share the best in class tips to help you build a strong online presence.