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Being your own boss is the most excellent way of telling yourself that you need to have at least twenty skills to run your business in a day. It simply means that being an entrepreneur is not easy. This job is for well-determined and dedicated people who never run out of energy. It’s impossible, right? You need supernatural power to do so. It's not healthy anymore when dedication and determination are misinterpreted to get yourself exhausted in running a business. Did you know that most successful entrepreneurs have discovered perfect self-care strategies for themselves? You might be asking questions about how they do these self-care tips while being hands-on with business at the same time. The answer is plain and simple – time management and setting priorities properly. These two things are critical for you to execute these effective self-care tips for business owners that will surely keep you going. If you are starting out a business or you already own one, you definitely need to draw a line between ‘time for yourself’ and ‘time for work’.

We love sharing great and effective ideas to keep our users and readers motivated with their goals and passion here at Strikingly. No matter how small or big is your responsibility as a business owner, you have to keep in mind that practicing these self-care tips for entrepreneurs will keep you sane. And when you keep your mind free from stress and worries, you’ll be doing good in business, too.

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What Does Self-Care Mean?

According to the World Health Organization, self-care is “the ability of individuals, families, and communities to promote health, prevent disease, maintain health, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider”. The keyword is clear – health promotion. Taking care of our own health is the key to performing day-to-day activities.

Why Do These Self-Care Tips For Entrepreneurs Matter?

Just like a domino effect, practicing these self-care tips for entrepreneurs will benefit businesses. Simple self-care advice can change the way you perform as a business owner. That is why it is important to take it seriously. It matters for both your personal life and business network.

Business owners are always on the go to take care of their business until they forget their own welfare. Self-care strategies matter for your personal and business' sake. You have to keep figuring out how to keep a well-balanced lifestyle while running your own business.

Most importantly, you’re not supposed to overdo it with your business. Have time to take care of yourself. It must be a priority because you won't succeed without a healthy mind and body. Here are eight self-care tips for business owners that will keep them intact and mindful of their role as an entrepreneur.

Self-care tips for business owners

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8 Self-Care Tips For Business Owners

  1. Take Time For a ‘Me Time’
  2. Start The Day Right With a Routine
  3. Learn to Say ‘No’ and Be Firm
  4. Have a Good ‘Night Sleep’
  5. Stay Fit and Healthy
  6. Set For a Gadget-Free Moment Daily
  7. Socialize With the Outside World
  8. Become a Remote Business Owner

1. Take Time For a ‘Me Time’

One of the best self-care tips of all time is this – allow yourself some time for a ‘Me Time’. Sounds silly, but we all need it. A ‘Me Time’ should be done daily. You can pick any time of the day that you are comfortable spending some time on the things you love. Of course, it should not have anything to do with business. Taking some time to meditate, walk in the park, eat a hearty breakfast, or have a cup of coffee might be enough. If you can allot at least fifteen to thirty minutes for a ‘Me Time’, you’re on the right track. This little time means a lot to keep your mind refreshed and focused when you go back to work. If possible, stay away from any detail or corner that will drag your hands back to work. Step out from your office, if needed. Then, go back to feeling light and positive.

2. Start The Day Right With a Routine

A hearty breakfast for ‘Me Time’, is totally a great idea! If you start your day right from the time you wake up in the morning, there is no doubt a bad day will come your way. They say anything done before you sip coffee is not a good thing. Take time to start your day with a routine such as taking a shower, exercising, having a cup of coffee, eating healthy food, and snuggling with your pet before you open your laptop or head on to the office. These things are just basic morning routines. It will give you a fresh start every day as a business owner. Moreover, it will help you get on your priorities properly. Idiomatically speaking, make sure you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. Even if you do, these routines will help you correct things. Have some time for a fresh start. Greet the morning with a smile. That sounds like real good self-care advice, right?

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3. Learn to Say ‘No’ and Be Firm

Sometimes, saying ‘No’ firmly is good for your health. As a business owner, you don’t need to agree on unacceptable things to yourself. Learn how to say ‘No’ and be firm in doing so. It doesn’t mean that you’re too hard. You are only saving yourself some time to not regret impulsive decisions. Think about it before saying ‘yes’ to anything. Remember that you only have one body while ten appointments can definitely wait. Learn how to handle things within your capabilities. Saying ‘no’ doesn’t always mean turning down opportunities. It is a way to give yourself some time to think about things first. Agreeing on something you don’t really feel isn’t healthy. This is one of the best self-care tips for entrepreneurs that is difficult to do.

4. Have a Good Night’s Sleep

Having a good night's sleep is very important for our body to recharge and reset from a long tiring day. Well, it’s not necessarily a good night’s sleep because some entrepreneurs prefer to work at night while they feel it’s the most peaceful time of the day. Other people like the idea of waking up early to get things done in the business before everyone wakes up. But, no matter what time of day you want to do business, you have to make sure that you get complete rest. Having at least five to eight hours of sleep is ideal for most people. If possible, you can take a few minutes' naps as well. Sleep deprivation can impact the most essential tasks you do as an entrepreneur, such as decision-making, management, and leading your team. This is why the most effective self-care tips for business owners emphasize the importance of having a good sleep.

5. Stay Fit and Healthy

Staying fit and healthy is one of the most essential self-care tips for business owners that are sometimes neglected. It could be due to a lack of time or energy to work out. Moreover, going to the gym itself takes time. It is critical to allow at least 30 minutes per day or three to four hours a week to exercise. You can even hire a personal trainer or use one of the most innovative ways to work out at home at your most convenient time. Habit House is a fitness website created with Strikingly. They offer personalized workout habits to help busy people commit themselves to get fit and having a healthy lifestyle.

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6. Set For a Gadget-Free Moment Daily

This is a rare self-care advice you can encounter, but it totally works to keep your mind away from distraction for a moment. We’re pretty sure that most entrepreneurs rely on their mobile devices to manage their business, but give yourself a break. Stay away from emails, text messages, social media pages. Place your phone somewhere not within your reach when it’s time to sleep. You can also notify your team about your gadget-free schedule so that they’re fully aware when you can’t be contacted. It will indeed work for your mental health. You have to practice a gadget-free moment daily or according to your own preference. One thing for sure is that surviving this gadget-free moment will buy you some peace of mind.

7. Socialize With the Outside World

For most business owners who conduct meetings outside the office or make time for out-of-time conventions, we can say that they can keep up with the kind of work-life balance. But, for startup business owners and small business owners, socialization with the outside world can be one of the perfect self-care tips. It helps you maintain a clear boundary between your personal life and business. It wouldn’t hurt to have a day to get away with a friend. You can set out for dinner or a simple brunch to catch up. The most important thing here is that you take time to do things outside your business scope.

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8. Become a Remote Business Owner

These days, it’s becoming a trend. You don’t need to be ‘always present in the office to manage your business or lead the team. Nowadays, remote working is absolutely possible. It’s the coolest thing ever. You can handle your business transactions at the tip of your fingertip. With the technology we have now, virtual meetings can be done while you’re overseas. You can invest in artificial intelligence to make your business run without exhausting the time and energy you can use for yourself. You can also build your own website here at Strikingly and enjoy the best web services for your online business. You can use our mobile app to manage your shop on the go. We ensure quality, security, and functionality on our business websites. When you keep things organized, there is no doubt you can be a successful business owner. Be there even if you’re anywhere. That’s how modern entrepreneurs run their own businesses these days. Strikingly can help you get started.

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Final Thoughts

With these self-care tips for entrepreneurs, we’ve learned the importance of keeping a healthy body and mind to run your business properly.

Being a hands-on business owner means you sometimes forget the value of self-care. Self-care is the foundation of your business, too. If you don’t take care of your health, your efforts will be wasted in the end. Remember, these self-care tips for entrepreneurs will help you keep doing what you love for your business. It’s a domino effect. Take care of yourself while you do business. With Strikingly mobile-first web designs, you can be sure that your online business will shine. Be the kind of boss you want to be. Make your business work without overdoing things. Set up your own website with a platform trusted by millions across the globe. Sign up today.