Basics of Meditation Websites

If there is one thing everyone could agree about in this world, is the fact that we all face stress and anxiety. No matter what age, gender, or status in life you have, it is not enough reason for you to be exempted from the psychological damage it can give you. Ever since the day people have been locked up in their own homes, they also started to deal with the stress brought by the aftermath of the pandemic.

With this new normal being our primary style of living today, everything can almost be searched and found virtually. With just one click, you can have your food delivered, or your exams are answered. Even meditating in your own home without going outside can now be done in just one search of meditation websites.

How does meditation websites work?

Meditation websites can be put in simple words as a free guided meditation source you can find online. These mindfulness websites are created to provide ways to overcome stress and other psychological anxieties on his own by just merely following free guided meditation samples provided by the website itself. In some cases, meditation websites are even handled by experts and therapists in order to give reliable information to their customers. They use these meditation websites to enable their clients and other potential customers to contact them virtually and schedule one-on-one counseling.

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What meditation websites should have

There are tons of ideas you should know about first before designing meditation websites. Among these are the set of elements meditation websites should contain. What should you put into? What material do customers expect once they visit meditation websites? In what way will meditation websites grab more opportunities for their owners? Strikingly does not want to add more stress to you so take note of the following ideas listed below on how to make meditation websites aesthetically effective.

Guided meditation downloads are the top element people look at once they visit meditation websites. It is important to have a reliable collection of free guided meditation resources on your website page. This will allow you to gather a large number of website visitors and make you look more professional and trustworthy. Providing guided meditation downloads like pdf tutorials also make meditation websites more fun to use since there are tons of individuals who are always eager to learn more.

  • Video tutorials

Aside from providing guides, meditation websites should also contain helpful video tutorials. You must keep in mind that not all website users can pick up your lessons by just reading guides. There are also a large number of potential customers who seek an actual tutorial for specific topics like how to execute yoga poses correctly, how to do breathing exercises properly, how to relax your body well etc. If you truly seek to aim your goal of having effective meditation websites posting videos is one best option.

Creating meditation websites with Strikingly gives you the freedom to post your video tutorials on your own designed website. Curious? Here’s how it works.

  • Online coaching section

Counseling is among the primary reasons why meditation websites exist. If you are an expert/therapist trying to make your own meditation website, having a designated area for an online coaching section is highly recommended. No man is an island. Users will still seek personal guidance coming from knowledgeable people in this field. Having a section where website users can directly connect to you is one way of building a reliable and strong foundation.

Of course, you would not want your followers to lose contact with you. Aside from an online caching section, the presence of a contact section on meditation websites makes concerns easier to deal with. Provide an appointment/contact section where your audience could reach you easily. Add contact addresses like email and hotlines. You can even put links to your other personal websites or social media accounts and make things more interesting!

Storyboard Contact Section

Strikingly has its own unique way of helping you reach a wide audience. Create meditation websites with us, link them to your other websites and conquer the world of website building! Here’s how.

  • Audience section

The audience plays a major role in any mindfulness websites page, and that’s a fact. If you seek to grab the trust of your website visitors, add an audience section. This serves as an opportunity for them to connect with your other web visitors. They can post their comments and thoughts regarding your page and the lessons you post. Through this, you are also allowed to get a grasp of how your audience thinks about your website and be able to improve performance.

  • Inspirational messages/posts

People visit meditation websites with a common reason—to be inspired. Before designing your website, keep in mind that what you aim for is to be a source of relaxation and inspiration for your future site visitors. You are not just creating the page to provide tutorials nor counselling schedules, but most importantly, to let people appreciate the essence of living a peaceful and stressful life. Be an inspiration to your followers by simple actions like posting inspirational blogs or motivational quotes and videos. Through these, you are already adding elements to your website while building a stronger relationship with your website visitors.

Inspirational Meditation Website

If you seek to inspire more, Strikingly can help you achieve that. In just one click, you will be provided with not just meditation websites examples from our platforms but also access to a wide collection of meditation websites templates that you can use to start your own! Create a customised meditation websites design here.

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Tips to remember on how to build a meditation website

  • Know what you should offer. The first key point you should remember before designing mindfulness websites is to know what category you would offer. What you need to do is finalise your ideas, do thorough background research, and choose what category/specialisation your heart truly wants.
  • Have a reliable collection of meditation resources. It may appear simple, but meditation is not as easy as you think. There are various contents and ideas you should be careful of in order to avoid conflicts. You cannot just share a lesson/tutorial on your website without checking if it's reliable or safe for a person to conduct. Ensuring a reliable collection of resources not only make meditation websites effective but also free from damage and issues brought by faulty information.
  • Add aesthetic graphics at the same time to ensure ease of use. Webpage first impressions do play crucial roles in maintaining a tight grasp on potential users. Your meditation websites template should be 100% eye-catchy for your readers to develop much interest in your website. Choose an appropriate meditation websites template and background for your page, and in no time, people would develop much affection towards your meditation website.

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  • Find the right website host. Website hosts are one game-changer. They play the role of making mindfulness websites more fun to visit and access. As a website owner, it is important to know which website host fits you the most. Choose the host, which does not only think about you but also deals on how you can make other users fall in love with your website like how Strikingly does.

A website host like Strikingly knows not just what you want, but most importantly, what you need.

Best meditation websites example to inspire you to create one

Now that you finally have all the basic ideas you will need in creating your meditation website design, here are some of the best meditation websites examples which could add spice to your imagination before creating your own.


This website gives its users to do various meditation practices depending on their personal schedules. It could be two minutes, ten or even twenty minutes. This page is also among those meditation websites which provides narrated meditation and guided process.

  1. Orin Meditation Room

Orin Meditation Room falls under meditation websites which are primarily self-help and spiritual in nature. It was founded by Sanaya Roman, an author who engages in the same writing genre. This meditation website offers both short and long guided processes of meditation ranging from five minutes up to half an hour.

  1. Do Nothing for 2 Minutes

What an interesting name, right? True to its words, this website makes you set your clock for two minutes, stay still, and keep silent for the whole period. Simple, yet worth trying.

Build meditation websites with Strikingly

Creating and designing meditation websites become complicated if you are unaware of the appropriate steps you should follow. It will not only be about design but as well as how you manage each website element properly. If you want to dig deeper on effective ways how to build a meditation website, Strikingly will absolutely help you with that. To know more, chat with us, and we’ll figure things out together.