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Everyone can have excellent ideas and enormous goals, but the person who can manage their time effectively stands out from the crowd.

Time is a valuable commodity. There are only 24 hours in a day, and there are numerous diversions on the table. What you do and what you might be able to do in these hours will make a difference. What you require is a method for estimating and managing time. Every part of running a business or finishing a project requires time, and you can't afford to be successful if you don't manage it well.

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There will be numerous factors that squander your time, including rushed deadlines, stressed lives, and a work-life balance, whether it's procrastination, personal distractions, repeat corrections, or projects that take longer than they should. In that instance, what time management practices do you employ? Do you have all of the time management apps you'll need to get the job done?

Organize Your Work With These Must-Have Time Management Apps

Here are the best time management apps to help you clear your schedule, make time for your personal life, and focus on your work. Let's get right to the point.

1. ProofHub

Proofhub best time management apps

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Proofhub is rated as one of the best apps for time management. The task management tool in ProofHub aims to assist you in managing your duties and organizing the chaos that comes with various assignments given to numerous people. It assists you in managing all of your duties and moving them through various phases from start to finish. Whether you're a team manager or a team member, the tool consolidates all of your projects, teams, and communications into one location, providing you complete control over your work.

Why ProofHub?

  • Create recurring tasks on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.
  • Add time estimates, labels, and start and finish dates to tasks.
  • Break tasks down into subtasks.
  • Attach files to tasks.
  • Keep the tasks private and limit access to specific persons.
  • Email-in to handle chores at any moment.
  • Keep track of time by using a timer.


Essential – $50/month or $45/month (annually billed)

Ultimate Control – $99/month or $89/month (annually billed)

2. Timely

Timely app

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Timely is an automatic time management app that not only keeps track of how long projects take but also helps you manage your work week more effectively. Plan out your work week ahead of time to determine how much time you'll need to complete your daily activities. Timely is a browser application accessible for iOS and Android, Mac and Windows, and as an iOS and Android app. This is considered one of the best time management apps.

Why Timely?

  • Keeps track of everything you do with its amazing Memory Tracker.
  • Gives you a better understanding of how much time projects take.
  • Holds you accountable for the amount of time you put apart from work on a regular basis.
  • Creates time entries for your recorded work.
  • Creates reports for easy communication of your time data Price.


Individual user plans start at $7 per month.

3. TSheets


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TSheets by QuickBooks is a complete mobile timesheets program for teams of all sizes that allows them to log time on any device. Employees can clock in and out quickly and conveniently with TSheets, which may be accessed via a computer, time clock kiosk, or mobile app.

Why TSheets?

  • Create staff schedules by job or shift.
  • Integrate with your accounting or payroll program.
  • Real-time, interactive reporting.
  • Overtime notifications to stay on top of weekly overtime restrictions.
  • Delightfully fast payroll.


For single users, TSheets is free. It offers a Small Business plan for $4 per active user per month (2-99 users) with a $16 monthly base charge and an Enterprise plan for the same price (100+ users) with an $80 monthly base charge.

4. Forest App

Forest app

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Do you want to put your phone down and concentrate? Focusing on work rather than your smartphone is no easy task. Forest is an app that allows you to reclaim your time and stay in the present moment, allowing you to recapture your concentration. It's designed to help you stay productive. In the forest, you plant a seed and watch it grow into a tree. However, if you start using your phone or exit the app, the plan will be terminated instantly. You only have one chance to preserve your tree (caution).

Why Forest App?

  • Weekly progress graphs.
  • Collaborative option to ask friends and family to join.
  • Easy to set up.


It is one of the free time management apps. Forest is compatible with the most major mobile operating systems, such as iOS and Android, as well as the most popular online browsers, such as Safari and Chrome.

5. Harvest

Harvest best time management apps

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Harvest is an expense and time management app that uses time tracking to answer critical questions like "Where is my time going?"The software comes with a variety of time-tracking features. It comes with a really sophisticated UI that is quick and simple to use, thus making it a popular choice for the best time management apps.

Why Harvest?

  • Track billable time and promptly generate invoices to send to clients for that period.
  • Easily update time data on weekly timesheets.
  • Ensure teams have enough time to execute all of their scheduled tasks.


Unlike other best time management apps, Harvest has only paid version and it costs $12 per month per user (unlimited projects).

6. Toggl

Toggl best time management apps

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Toggl is one of the best time management apps that makes it simple to increase productivity. This time monitoring program allows users to manually enter entries as well as track time spent on tasks. Keep track of your submissions by team, client, project, or tag. You can keep track of everyone's time if you're a manager.

Why Toggl?

  • Keep track of who is spending their time on what.
  • Review your prior time to identify what's been pulling you down for long periods of time and delete any unneeded entries.
  • You can bulk update your time entries at any time.
  • You can make comments to each time entry using Tags.


Similar to other time management apps, this is a free version, but you may upgrade to a Starter ($9/user/month), Premium ($18/user/month), or Enterprise account for an additional fee (custom pricing).

7. TimeCamp

Timecamp best time management apps

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TimeCamp is a comprehensive timesheet program that assists you in automatically filling up your weekly schedule template. Its one-of-a-kind project structure results in a complicated and a transparent management approach that teams of all sizes appreciate. TimeCamp also includes features like budgeting, reporting, and invoicing, all of which are designed to help teams perform better and produce job outcomes on time and on budget.

Why TimeCamp?

  • Select from two different types of timesheet templates: daily and weekly.
  • With computer activity tracking, you can fill your timesheets smarter and faster.
  • Approve or disapprove timesheets.
  • Use a variety of reports to analyze project time spent.
  • Use a project tree structure with tags to better manage time spent on projects.
  • Inviting guests to your initiatives is a good idea.
  • Create a variety of charging rates.
  • Keep track of your employees' attendance.
  • Assign user responsibilities that are unique to them.


TimeCamp is one of the popular time management apps, which is completely free for single users. It also has two reasonable pricing options: Basic – 5.25$ per month per user, and Pro – 7.50$ per month per user (both billed annually). Contact their customer service for a customized plan.

8. Remember the Milk

Remember the milk best time management apps

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Have you ever gone to the shop to get milk and ended up getting everything but the milk? Remember The Milk is one of the time management apps that will help you keep track of your milk and other tasks.

Why Remember The Milk?

  • Create an endless number of lists.
  • Create to-do lists with colorful tagging choices.
  • Enter their tasks on the move with subtasks.
  • Stay connected even when you're not online.
  • Create an unlimited number of lists.
  • Email, text, instant messaging, Twitter, or smartphone reminders.


A free version is accessible, while paid access starts at $40 per year.

9. RescueTime

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RescueTime, as the name implies, saves part of your time so that you can put it to greater use. Every day, RescueTime provides an accurate picture of how you spend your time in order to become more productive.

Why RescueTime?

  • Identify inefficiencies in your day to better manage your time.
  • Set an alarm to warn you when you spend too much time on a task.
  • Set daily goals to keep focused.


Like many of these time management app, RescueTime has a free tier as well as a subscription plan that starts at $9/month.

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You have a lot of things to accomplish as a small business owner, but you don't have a lot of time. Use a website builder like Strikingly to streamline the website construction process and save time. You can design your own unique website in minutes using a collection of pre-formatted and eye-catching templates that you can customize with your brand's text, photographs, and videos. When you upgrade your free account with Strikingly, you'll get free website hosting and a customizable domain (for the first year). This also allows you the opportunity to experiment with a mobile-friendly domain name for your website. Your website should be ready in a matter of minutes once you've completed your domain registration. You also save time by not having to switch between websites to check and respond to emails or send newsletters. Strikingly will take care of everything. Strikingly is a one-stop-shop for all of your website's requirements.

Time Management Is Crucial


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Spending your time wisely is the key to not only a more productive existence but also to a happy one. It's easy to become engrossed in your work, especially if you're not managing your time well. You can miss out on important times with your friends and family. Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is critical to your personal and professional success, so spend your time wisely whenever feasible. You'll be better able to simplify your life for more productivity and less stress if you have these time management apps in your toolset.