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No one can greet you when you come back home as pets do. Having a pet at home brings boundless joy to a family. One-third of the families in the world have some kind of pet, and it is 67% in the USA. This number is steadily increasing year on year. Along with this trend, the pet care industry is also growing rapidly. Now is the best time to start a pet business. If pets are your passion, and you want to make it your career, then kickstart it with a striking pet website on Strikingly.

Pet business website ideas

There are several services that you can offer to pet owners through pet care websites:

  1. Pet sitting/daycare

Pets are like family, and pet owners want to give them the best care at all times. But, they are in a fix when they have to work extra hours or attend an event. Pet sitters websites will be a saver in such a situation. You can create a website detailing only your services, or you can form a community of pet sitters and work together.

  1. Pet boarding

Most pet owners like to take their pets along with them when they go on a vacation. But, not all destinations are pet-friendly. There are times when they have to leave their pets for a few days. Being able to book pet-boarding online, would be a real blessing for such pet owners.

  1. Dog training

Though dogs are bundles of joy, they can be unruly sometimes. Get yourself certified as a dog trainer and promote your services online with a Strikingly website.

  1. Sell pet care products

There is a whole range of products crafted especially for pets - bowls, toys, mats, pet food, and so on. Start an e-commerce website to sell pet products online.

  1. Pet grooming/pet fashion

Many pet owners enjoy flaunting their furry friends in pet beauty pageants. It's a wonderful sight to watch the little cuties dressed up in colorful costumes. If you have an eye for pet fashion, start a website showcasing your pet-folio of costumes and accessories. Along with selling wearables, you can also provide grooming services to complete the look.

Why should a pet business go online?

  • More customers

In today’s digital era, whenever you need some service, your hand reaches out to your mobile or laptop to find a provider. Pet owners are no exception. Be it going for a vacation or training a naughty dog, pet owners look online for solutions. Creating a pet care website and promoting it in social media is a sure way to increase your visibility among animal lovers.

  • Better credibility

Pet owners want nothing but the best care for their feline and canine family members. What better way to earn credibility than through online reviews about your service? Add a testimonials page on your website and share those nice words that your last customer said while taking back their doggy.

  • Hassle-free booking

If you are a pet-sitter, you can manage your calendar better by enabling your customers to book your service online. This will save you the time and effort of manually coordinating with every client to check your availability on a particular day or time. Moreover, payments for your service and products can also be made online through Strikingly’s payment gateway integration.

  • Wider outreach

Online businesses have a far better relationship with their customers than traditional offline stores. Strikingly enables you to keep in touch with your customers through email opt-ins. After-sale services and subscription-based buying become easy when you digitize your business.

How to make your pet web design engaging?

Pet website designs look the best in colorful and jubilant themes, reflecting the joy that our animal friends bring. To get a better idea, take a look at the numerous pet website templates offered by Strikingly.

Keep the language informal, funny, and confident. Pet owners would love to know that they are leaving their pets in the safe and loving hands of a cheerful lot.

Use good resolution images of some furry beauties, to attract your customers at first sight.

Add blogs to your website with some engaging articles about your fur-tastic customers. It can be anything from a memorable pet-sitting day to some guidance on pet beauty routines.

Pet website examples

Here is a curated list of pet websites to inspire you.

  1. 99Me

This Chinese pet business website offers a range of services such as grooming, health care, insurance, and healthy pet foods. They show a scientific approach when it comes to nutrition management. Remedies are suggested for handling any deficiency in the pets, by providing the right advice on food and supplements.

pet grooming website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

The sweet picture of a pet bus on their landing page is a sure bait to land customers.

  1. Acana

This website is from another Chinese pet food company that offers high-quality pet food according to the specific needs of cats and dogs. Visitors are greeted with an image slider in the landing page, showing alluring pictures of pets and pet foods. It includes a catalog of different products along with their suitability for breeds and ages. This is sure to help the users choose the best diet for their pets.

pet food website

Image taken from Acana website.

There is also a list of videos about pet foods, to make pet owners aware of things to factor in while choosing pet foods. This is a great idea to improve customer engagement. A list of vendors who sell their products online and offline is shared on the website, to help people easily locate the nearest stores that sell this brand’s pet foods.

  1. Dobby Pet Consignment

This Strikingly user’s website offers a unique service - getting pets back home or reuniting them with their family. A change in job location of the owner or an extended tour may require pets to be transported from one country to another. Dobby Pet Consignment’s core expertise is in taking pets to their owner’s location by navigating through customs clearance.

pet consignment website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

The website design is unique with partitions for links to different sections such as ‘Services’ and ‘Contact us’. There is a list of services offered for various categories of pets based on the size of the pet and whether it is accompanied by its owner or not. This kind of simple and clear website design is sure to convert visitors into customers.

  1. Senior CID

This website is a perfect example of a community of pet lovers coming together and forming a pet sitters group. The community is made of elderly people who have retired from their day jobs, but not from their love for animals. This website has all the online features required for a pet sitters group business such as booking a pet sitting slot, joining the community as a pet sitter, and getting trained as a dog sitter.

pet sitter website

Image taken from Senior CID website

The elaborate detailing on the training and certification of sitters helps to build trust in them. They offer a free visit before the actual sitting, to get familiar with the pet. This is a really impossible-to-turn-down offer and is going to build customer loyalty from day one.

  1. Focus on Pet

This online pet product shop has specialized products for the safety and comfort of our animal fur-iends. Most pet owners are constantly worried about their naughty dogs jumping from the couch or running around and slipping. Focus on Pet has solved their problem with their match-less anti-slip slopes and mat. Just like their product, their website is also novel with a lean design showing just the essential details put out simply. Customers can straightaway browse through the product catalog and order online without having to physically go to a store. This no-nonsense approach and user-centric design are useful take-aways.

pet products website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website.

  1. Hide and Seek Homestay

This is a bed and breakfast facility that allows pet owners to stay along with their pets. This kind of homestay is a big plus for people who want to make their vacation more enjoyable by bringing along their pets. Hide Seek BnB offers customized rooms for different pets, designed with cat and dog themes. While staying here, guest animals can enjoy grooming services and pool access too.

pet homestay website

Image taken from Hide and Seek Homestay website.

This website helps the pet owner plan their vacation better by booking online. Filled with inviting pictures of pet-friendly facilities, this is a definite inspiration for dog boarding websites.

Finishing on a paw-sitive note

Most people get rejuvenated by pets when they come back home after a long day. But, if your work is around pets all day, then there is no bigger blessing than that. Every day is a good day when you have an animal friend. Start your pet business today. You take care of the furry angels, while we take care of your online needs. Now, you can launch your pet-themed website on Strikingly in a matter of minutes.