Seven Ideal Productivity Strategies to Improve Your Online Business

Do you have an online business store which is selling services or products? If so, you might need a few pieces of advice on how to attract new customers by effective business productivity strategies.

A business strategy is a way in which your online store or business is striving to achieve its respective goals and climb up in the market. There are a few marketing strategies that depend on the objectives that you have set. In that case, we will try to come up with ideas that attract new customers to your online business.

Key Productivity Strategies that will Improve Your Online Business

1. Increase E-commerce Research

For improving business strategies, make sure that you are visualizing or studying the customers that you are reaching out to. If your online business system can study those customers, you must have a considerable navigation system.

You must organize your web store into two major categories for incoming customers:

  • Customers who know what to buy
  • Customers who only want to search

The customers who want to buy must identify the correct information as soon as possible. For that, you must have a reliable search experience, which can be a key aspect for your customers. The reason is that if they cannot find their desired product, they will buy it from another store.

The second category is those customers who just want to search for certain items. They will go to the navigation menu and go into the item categories or pages. For their ease, you must blend the menu bar and categories into easy-to-use sections. This strategy will be helpful for your business and enable these customers to save time.

For increasing productivity in an online business store, improve your search functionality in the following aspects:

  • Design of the search field
  • Search Scope Selection
  • Result Layout and Features
  • Filtering of search results on the webpage

2. Using Top-quality Images and Writing Proper Product Descriptions

Top-quality images are one of the most crucial productivity strategies for any online business store. You must include beautiful images and photographs to gain the attention of your potential customers.

ideal productivity strategies

Image taken from Strikingly User’s Website

In an online shop, customers cannot touch the product. They are making their buying decisions purely based on the images provided or the feedback of other customers. It is essential to show effective and viewable thumbnails to improve business productivity. This strategy will help the customers to find the product within one click and get an idea in an instant about the product that you are offering.

You should not just describe the selling product, you must create a list of its advantages and usage. Your targeted customers want to have a complete understanding of the selling product and want to know how it can improve their everyday life.

A well-established platform like Strikingly will help you in the following aspects when writing product descriptions

  • Making appropriate subheadings
  • Usage of bullet points to gain attraction
  • Improvement of readability via proper font sizes
  • Uploading video or photographs for a clear understanding of a product
  • Looking into the white spaces to ensure that the description is more readable

Website design and content writing should coincide for improving business online. One of them cannot work to its maximum capacity without the input of the other. Strikingly has suggested improve the writing of product descriptions. Check them out and have a clear-cut idea about what you want to write.

3. Try to Personalize your Homepage

personalize your homepage

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Personalization is a strategy in which you study the customers who viewed or reached out to your website during their last session. Depending on the customers and experience in the store, the business owners make innovative buying suggestions.

There can be personalization based on recent purchases or ongoing data, such as location or time. Strikingly is an operating platform that gives great homepage ideas for increasing productivity. Our ideas ensure the customers find the required product on the specified block. For example, they will create a section for you to go to the ‘related to the items you have viewed’ tag. This will give you recommendations related to the product you are searching for.

4. Prioritize Unique and Critical Content

Content Writing or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) writing is one of the biggest productivity strategies to improve your online business. It is one of the most effective marketing strategies you can opt for.

seo content writing

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The world of advertisement is evolving every day. Customers are trying to stay away from ads in any way that they can. With an effective content strategy getting implemented in your online business, you can provide valuable information to your targeted customers.

To increase your business productivity via content writing, you must know about your customers and understand how your selling products can be helpful to them and resolve their issues. Strikingly enables you to prioritize your content around the customer’s demands and the quality of information that you can offer them.

First, make sure that you know about your targeted audience. You must know about their interests, demographic data, etc. These details are crucial for the success of your productivity strategies. When you collect all these details, then you must create a plan for your posts.

You must create and publish informative articles with valuable easy-to-share options. For improving business via content writing, your article must include:

  • Lists
  • Headlines
  • Topical Posts

Once you have a plan for your content, you must study the content types that have generated the most sales or the most leads. You can check out how we have posted to ensure that you can write effective website content.

5. Improve your Shopping Cart Functionality

improve shopping experience

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One of the key productivity strategies for your online business is to ensure that you improve your shopping cart functionality. This strategy will prevent your customers from abandoning their shopping carts.

In the marketing industry, we all know that if we want to identify any weakness, we must conduct tests frequently in the sections that we have doubts about. Testing different aspects of a webpage will help increase productivity and minimize shopping cart abandonment.

When you are in the optimization phase, you must prioritize your business revenue, as it is your primary goal. You should clear the checkout page and remove any distractions within your homepage. This will allow the business owner to have a clear idea during the checkout process.

According to many conversion studies, your conversion rate depends upon your productivity strategies. If your strategies are good, you will have fewer clicks during the checkout process. Hence, there will be a higher conversion rate.

6. Improve Social Media Marketing

Your social media marketing strategy must correspond to your content writing strategy. The content that you create for your business website must be shared on your social media accounts. This technique will guarantee a larger audience and increased visibility.

As 75% of the social media users are on Facebook, you must not disregard that platform when sharing your content. There are other platforms, such as Instagram and Pinterest, which are ideal for selling products.

To improve business productivity via social media campaigns, there are no shortcuts. However, there is a set of guidelines that we have given below to ensure the best customer experience:

  • Post content daily
  • Look for an automated tool to keep your content on track
  • Do not spam
  • Use images while uploading
  • Do not just post your articles, engage with your audience if they leave a comment.
  • Look into the analytics to study your audience’s engagement.

Having an effective social media strategy for your online business store is one of the most important productivity strategies. However, you must look into the performances of your social media channels, your audience’s engagement, and campaign outcomes.

7. Make High-quality Landing Pages

a quality landing page

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If you make high-quality landing pages, it will give your online business store a huge chance to attract new customers who want to buy your products. This strategy will be beneficial for increasing productivity in your online business. Create certain landing pages for certain groups in your targeted audience.

A landing page is one of the most ideal productivity strategies for your online business because it includes Call To Action (CTA). It must have only one purpose and a CTA button. Having multiple CTA buttons is not a bad idea, but they should move towards the same conversion goal. The conversion rates decline if the buyer is not paying full attention.


The productivity strategies provided regarding e-commerce stores are one of many business opportunities that Strikingly has for your online business. It is a reliable platform to provide you with ideas that can be converted into working sales.

Make sure that you have studied your webpage, use some ideas that we have provided, and provide us with your feedback regarding the things that you need to improve for your online business. You are always welcome to check out Strikingly’s live chat support to get any valuable marketing tip or trick.