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A form of storytelling is blogging. A professionally made blog becomes a logical progression of your stories. For a technical blog, a straightforward, minimalist design can exude seriousness and clarity. Parenting blogs that are whimsical and cartoonish imply humor and relatability. A recent survey found that, behind friends and family, blogs are the third most trustworthy source of information. The most trusted people are bloggers, not celebrities, journalists, companies, or politicians.

However, how can you inspire readers to fall in love with the gorgeous blog designs first and foremost? (Aside from the excellent content, of course). The layout of your blog acts as the entrance to your company's blog, much like the homepage of your website acts as the entrance to your business. If you don't aesthetically excite visitors, how will you get them to read (and eventually subscribe to) your content? The next stage is to showcase your well-written content in a way that makes it obvious what the focus of your blog is. Visitors may leave your content if the images, text, and links aren't presented in an appealing, engaging, and easy-to-follow manner.

Best Blog Examples

For inspiration, as you develop the ideal blog for your readers, check out our list of blog examples. You'll get ideas for creating your blog from these lovely examples of blogs.

  • Pretty Olive Interiors

blog examples

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

You may establish yourself as an authority in your profession by having a stunning blog design. The finest blog example of how to quickly add a section to your template to transform business sites into blogger sites is provided by Pretty Olive Interiors. The Simple Blog portion of this Strikingly-powered website blends in perfectly with the rest of the content. The card layout provides all the details a user needs to evaluate a post's relevance. The featured posts are limited to the top three most recent articles in the highlighted posts area, ensuring that the user always sees fresh content when visiting the site.

  • Pupitre

blog examples

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

Strikingly's ability to expand and change your website to suit your needs is one of its strongest advantages. Your best blog website design can become a content marketing tool for your company by incorporating the Simple Blog. Pupitre is one of the wonderful blog examples. With Strikingly's simple web editor, you can grow your site and allow it to change over time following your brand objectives.

  • Chloe Hwang

blog examples

Image is taken from Strikingly user’s website

At, Chloe writes a blog about the nexus between nonprofits, technology, and social entrepreneurship. Her field of work necessitates a high level of credibility and proficiency in logistics, people skills, and project management. She begins her blog design with her credentials and guides you through her experiences working on numerous fundraising initiatives.

  • Kerryn Gamble

blog examples

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

This is one of the best blog examples to inspire you. Kerryn Gamble mentors ambitious and aspirant professionals to develop their leadership skills and ability to persuade others. She maintains a personal website with a nice blog layout. She offers free content created from her experience and skills in her specialized sector in her blog entries.

A solid hue is used in her blog design to symbolize the nature of the talents she teaches. Her paid material includes course videos, ebooks, and other digital downloads and lectures, and workshops. Strikingly was used to build this blog example, which offers attractive blog post layouts. She utilizes real photos of herself for the thumbnails of her blog posts, and the template she chose gives her website a polished appearance.

  • Michael Seibel

blog examples

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

This is the personal website of a financial advisor who helps clients choose wisely when it comes to their money. The website has several published blog articles or blog pages. The lengthy website page's color scheme is consistent throughout, and the top section offers a thorough introduction of the author.

The entries are well-written, intriguing, and of a decent length. This being one of the outstanding blog examples, is designed using Strikingly, a platform that offers responsive and user-friendly layouts, so it looks good. Michael probably didn't need more than an hour to put up his entire personal website on Strikingly because of the straightforward web page structure.

  • Cover Mum

blog examples

Image is taken from Covermum

A busy woman from London writes the lovely blog Cover Mum about parenthood, travel, style, and family life. She urges her readers to share their experiences as active parents who also pursue other interests in her writing and do it while looking fantastic. The layout of its blog serves as a helpful reminder that blog design doesn't have to be extremely difficult.

  • Say Yes

blog examples

Image taken from Say Yes

Liz Stanley started the prestigious blog Say Yes in 2006. Even though Liz's blog could be categorized as a mom blog, it covers a wide range of themes, including cuisine and travel. It is regarded as one of the top blog examples.

  • Bright Bazaar

 blog examples

Image taken from Bright Bazaar

Bright Bazaar, a blog website that sold a wide selection of unique things in 2009, was created by Will Taylor, a journalist-turned-interior designer. Will's way of life includes his clothing choices, food recipes, New York City adventures, beautiful home visits, and design discoveries.

  • Capture by Lucy

blog examples

Image is taken from Capturebylucy

In addition to being a mother and a photographer, Lucy also makes backdrops for photos. Visit her photography blog to learn more about her and her family's lives and decide whether you'd like to work with her. All the backdrops she uses are pictures she photographed and then printed, making it one of the top blog examples for inspiration.

  • All the Pretty Pandas

 blog examples

Image is taken from Alltheprettypandas

The most complex blog examples aren't always the best. Sharleen has separate websites for her opera singer and blogger work. She was born in Canada and now resides in New York, where she writes blogs on fashion, beauty, and other topics, including her time on The Bachelor.

Create a Blog Website Using Strikingly

Creating a blog is easier than ever. Using the finest blog website design builder, Strikingly, it is feasible to create a blog that can compete with the most popular influencer blogs in the industry today. If you have the right idea and a few choices for blogger templates, you may start making free blog sites in a matter of minutes. Here are some suggestions for starting your blog design with that in mind.

1. Determine Your Niche

Your blog is more likely to draw committed followers if you write about a narrowly focused specialty instead of a broad range of subjects.

2. Select a Domain Name

Pick a domain name that will appeal to readers in your industry. To sound more connected to your audience, consider your domain extension as well.

3. Decide on a Web Hosting Platform

Select a hosting partner that will enable you to focus on your content rather than the technical facets of website creation. To aid you in setting up and launching your free blog sites for profit Strikingly offers pre-designed blog themes.

4. Make a Topical List

For your blog design, create a list of topics to be covered, complete with keywords and talking points, at least two weeks in advance. If you do it this way, you won't suddenly run out of ideas. You need to stay in touch with your audience at all times.

5. Establish a Publication Schedule

Regularly post new information; avoid long stretches of time between blogs. When your next piece is published, your audience should be informed. Anything less than two posts per week is insufficient for a professional blog.

6. Follow the Latest Trends

Keep learning and abreast of the most recent developments in your profession.

7. Distribute Newsletters

Your most current articles, planned initiatives, and other information should be included in newsletters you send to your readers. This will significantly contribute to developing a large fan following. This is followed by most of the popular blog examples.

8. Promote Your Blog

Be active and promote your content on social media. Create a relationship with your audience by being accessible to them.

9. Work Along with Other Bloggers

Make a connection with other bloggers so that you can work together on a piece for their website. Both of you will earn more supporters as a result.

10. Produce Top-Notch Content

Creating excellent content should always be at the center of your blog's design. It's lovely to earn money doing what you enjoy, but make sure that's not the only reason you're building blogs. This is how you maintain readers on your website and generate steady income from blogging.


After looking at a few fantastic blog examples, you can start your blog and market your business idea through its posts. You can design your blog pages on Strikingly if you want to do it quickly. With all the tools at your disposal, your business blog can appear as hip as the rest.

You'll find it considerably simpler to keep expanding your blog on Strikingly once you begin writing blog articles here and become more accustomed to our tools. All of our users receive a free SSL certificate from us, which increases the website security of the blog you create with us. You are further relieved of the effort of finding a reliable hosting service provider because we also manage your website's hosting.

Even though most of our services are self-explanatory, we offer live chat assistance available around the clock to address any questions or fix any technical problems you might encounter. We welcome you to join the community of Strikingly users who are running successful blogs. Just be careful not to duplicate yourself.

Find a creative approach to incorporate the elements from the best website design list that you liked into your website design.No one can compete with your blog in this way! Now that the design is complete, you can concentrate on creating an outstanding example of a blog to begin filling your blog listing pages.