relevant blogging trends in 2022

In today’s day and age, online businesses have many fascinating ways to generate business leads. There is no doubt that blogs belong to the same category in terms of building a brand image for a website. Bloggers worldwide tend to check the latest blog trends to maintain their viewers’ interest. According to a statistic from the Pipeline, many business-to-business (B2B) companies use the latest blogging trends to generate 67% more leads than those who don’t follow the same criteria. These blogs are integrated with the social media platforms and help them to have a good search engine optimization (SEO) ranking.

People may not talk about the popular brands in their daily lives but share their posts on social media and identify their offers on Google. Everybody likes to talk about the trending topics on the Internet. In the digital world, blog trends are very much discussed by entrepreneurs. They believe that blogs shouldn’t just be about writing long paragraphs but should also be connected with the current world and help maintain good search engine rankings.

Best Blog Trends in 2022

1) Lengthy Articles

Even though you will find very few content writers who write blogs of more than 2000 words, the average length of website content has been increasing ever since 2019. Even though the relevance and authenticity mean more than the number of lines you write, you cannot just write a couple of straightforward sentences and expect the viewers to be satisfied with you. According to the latest blogging statistics, bloggers with longer articles have seen better performances from their platforms. In 2022, the average blog length is said to be 1150 words.

lengthy website articles

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If you have a blog website and have published numerous articles on different niches, you will realize that you have articles of more than 1500 words. Therefore, the blog length sits on top of our list of blogging trends. You should also give importance to the priorities of Google. Google always tends to look at the quality of the content rather than the length of the content. You will not get a high SEO ranking based on writing lengthy articles. It is essential that when you make your content long, you include the facts and figures to match your statement.

2) Invest Time in Each Article

This is one of the most in-demand blogging ideas in 2022. As we have said in the previous point, you are likely to invest more time in writing lengthy articles as you have to do a lot of research and analysis regarding your blogging niche. Nowadays, many young bloggers consider this one of the most relevant blogging trends in the market because they are enthusiastic about finding new information about their topic. They understand that their audience would always demand innovation from them rather than writing historical facts about their topics, which they may already know.

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You can only catch your audience's attention by writing about the relevant blogging ideas in 2022. Even though the time invested per blog has increased in recent years, it doesn’t necessarily determine that you will achieve your targets. For example, there can be a topic you are aware of and don’t need much research on. Therefore, you will spend less time writing that blog than focusing on a topic you don't know about. Moreover, having an idea about a subject would also mean less chances of your content getting diverted from the main blog niche.

3) Frequency

Even though you are writing high-quality blogs daily, you will eventually realize that your effort is not worth it because you are not getting any kind of attraction. There is a reason why many writers tend to focus on the best blogging ideas but don’t understand the fundamental aspects of catching Google’s attention. One of the things that catch Google’s eye is the frequency of content, which is one of the most relevant blogging trends.

The frequency of your blogs getting published determine the website traffic you have on your website. If your audience doesn’t find anything substantial on your blog website, they will eventually lose interest and stop reading your content. If you engage with your audience constantly, you will achieve better results.

4) Originality:

When you start your blog career, there is something that should be saved in your memory, i.e., do not write plagiarized content. Once Google identifies that your content is not original, it will stop giving attention to your website. Even if you start writing original blogs from then onwards, Google won’t return to your website again because your website’s credibility is tarnished forever. As a result, originality is one of the biggest blogging trends nowadays, and it is confirmed by the latest blogging statistics on the internet.

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If you have visited a blogging website and realized that you are going through content that you have already studied 20 times before, there is no way that you would be seeing that website again. To ensure that your content is original, numerous online websites exist, such as Grammarly, Duplichecker, Small SEO Tools, etc. If you find any content plagiarized, you can change the wording without changing the sentence's meaning altogether.

5) Guest Posting

There is no doubt that guest posting is one of the top blogging trends in 2022. As a writer, you mustn’t confuse blogging and guest posting as two different terms with the same meaning. Guest posting is when you write articles for a diverse client or company. Blogging should be based on your preferences and your blog niche.

As guest posting doesn’t give you the author attribution, many people feel that it is of no value. However, the truth is that guest posting is not your enemy and can be an important part of your career. Guest posting can play a role in the growth of your blogs by creating backlinks to your website. You are told to include links in those articles when you write blogs for a different person or company. You can use those links to improve your SEO ranking.

6) Marketing Strategies

When it comes to the blogging world, content distribution is as important as content writing. If you just write upon the best blogging ideas and publish them without doing anything related to its promotion, it won’t bring any decent numbers regarding your website traffic. Therefore, implementing content marketing strategies is one of the most important blogging trends and should be taken very seriously.

content marketing strategy

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The best way to promote your content is by seeking the help of social media. As your everyday life is going through social media, how about using it to benefit your professional work too? Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, or Pinterest, all social media platforms are ideal for promoting your content. As Facebook is the most popular social media app in the digital world, it is common sense to use that platform to promote your blogs.

7) Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing is classified as one of the top blogging trends because it attracts customers to your site without investing in paid advertisements. Blogging is an asset that has brought a lot of benefits to marketing people. Many marketing people who write blogs consider inbound marketing as their utmost priority. As a result, writing quality content alongside the inbound marketing efforts will help them generate three times the business leads.

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Moreover, Strikingly also enables you to include a blog section as part of your eCommerce website. You can use that blog section to inform your audience about your experience while using a particular product. However, if you are focused on a blog website, you must write per the top blogging trends. Once you have written the blog, you can use our SEO checklist to implement all the SEO strategies on your blogs. By implementing the SEO strategies, there is no reason why Google won’t recognize your web page and put it high in the search engine rankings.


The importance of blogging to a business can be put down to words these days. If you do not follow the top blogging trends, you cannot demonstrate your business or your business products effectively. If you have just started your blogging career, you may have to do a lot of research regarding your niche.

If you are an experienced blog writer, you can let your creativity do the talking on your blog website. By creating a quality blog website on Strikingly, you can start publishing all your blogs as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any problems developing your blog site, you can let our Happiness Officers know about it. So, create a quality blog site and entertain your audience through your ideas.