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The desire to start wandering off to a new place and exploring the unknown to us has always been an innate feeling that most, if not all, people have. Bucket lists and dream travel destinations are always part of our diary or journal. And when the time and budget are suitable, most of us make it to the point of checking off that list and making the dream vacation come true. At the other end of that coin are the businesses that are more than willing to assist and get you the best traveling experiences of your life. After all, with today’s technology, planning a trip is made more accessible than ever. With just a few clicks here and there, you can find the right traveling agency to help you and converse with travel agents that will guide you through.

And whether you are a business owner in the travel industry, one of their travel agents, or just an innate natural lover of traveling experiences (and sharing them), knowing about the different travel trends is of great interest and importance to you. Unlike before the pandemic in which the travel agents could keep some details of the travel destinations a surprise for travelers, it is now a necessary factor of good traveling experiences for everyone to know everything. Because even with the travel industry still reeling from such a loss in the past years, they still can’t get complacent with enforcing the necessary restrictions and guidelines against COVID-19.

Nevertheless, the travel industry is getting back on its feet and working hard to accommodate and provide for everyone’s traveling experiences is a cause for celebration. And whether your stake in this is as a business owner or a wanderlust traveler, the top travel trends for this year are a list you should look at and know all about.

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Top Traveling Trends

Many new travel trends worldwide have emerged because of the pandemic. With cases still rising for many countries, the travel trends from the previous year have not yet lost their touch. Despite most being completely different from the once typical traveling experiences we are accustomed to, both travel agents and travelers want a piece of this action. Nevertheless, there are some new trends that the travel industry is beginning to see as booster shots and vaccinations become more established all around the globe. If there’s one thing that the pandemic has taught us, we all want to make the best out of what we have. To help you with that, here are the top 10 travel trends of 2022. Read them, imagine them, and enjoy them.

1. Safety and Sanitation Still Serves!

Let’s start this list of travel trends with ones that emerged because of the pandemic. One is the new set of protocols to avoid and/or limit contact as much as possible. These methods have become the new normal from merely coming up with wants for contactless transactions and other endeavors. Payments are now mostly made using in-phone applications and online banking platforms. Travel agents and other businesses in the travel industry have extensively adapted digital messaging and booking services to help ease the anxieties and enhance the comfort of their customers. The need to disinfect everything, everywhere is still one of the ongoing travel trends, which has even travelers bringing their disinfectant spray anywhere they go.

2. Camping, Glamping, Roadtrip!

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Because of the pandemic, most flights and other forms of public transportation to virtually any famous travel destination were eliminated as an option. Hotels and accommodations were also forced to close because of health restrictions. Two travel trends emerged from these circumstances: camping/glamping and road trips. Taking your travel plans into your own hands, i.e, taking your car (or buying a new one), filling it up with all your necessities, booking your space, and going to your travel destinations started as a solution. However, it now ended up as one of the best travel trends there is. Even with a lot of tourist attractions starting to open up again, the travel industry still cannot expect full capacity anytime soon because, as much as they want to, some people have found the idea of a road trip and camping (or glamping) on their own a more compelling idea now more than ever.

3. Staycations are Still In!

While many of us get sick of being stuck indoors in our homes, there are still a lot of apprehensions about staying in hotel rooms and other accommodations of the same kind. This is where the travel trends of finding vacation homes and renting them for a specific period are highlighted. Many just want to get out of our houses but still don’t feel comfortable enough to be around a crowd or somewhere that someone just stayed. The beauty of vacation homes is that they are travel destinations, only a different kind - a home away from home. You see, staying in another house gives off a sense of freedom and relaxation but retains the essence of ease and comfort. And even with vaccinations and booster shots underway, this option amongst the many emerging travel trends is the perfect way to cater to those who still do not feel comfortable joining the majority again.

4. Love and Support the Locals!

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Another one of the travel trends that got popular with the pandemic - and still retains its popularity today -is traveling locally. While most traveling experiences on people’s bucket lists used to involve travel destinations that required them to leave their country, and the quarantine and safety requirements that come with international travel, many started seeing the appeal of staying and exploring locally. Not only does this help ease the wanderlust of travelers, but this is also one of the travel trends that are bound to make a big difference to the local communities and travel agents. After all, there are a lot of different travel destinations and experiences to discover and explore - ones that travelers will not only enjoy but also be proud of (since it is their home). It also helps that local travel destinations are generally not swarming with people, so there’s not much to worry about virus transmission. On this note, the local travel industry in different parts of the world is bound to get more tourism than ever.

5. Business and Leisure, All in One!

With online and work-from-home setups taking center stage due to the pandemic, many businesses worldwide have discovered how much can be done even if they are not actually in their office spaces. This reality has paved the way for business trips to be canceled and replaced by actual vacation trips. While not getting much time off work, the new normal has allowed both employees and bosses to be travelers. With the online setup, working anywhere - even on the beach or in the woods- is no longer frowned upon. As long as people are still doing the work, updating those who need to be updated about the progress, and meeting deadlines, the travel industry will see an increase in the latest travel trends concerning the mix of business and leisure. Let’s just hope people don’t forget to wear nice shirts during Zoom meetings with clients and other business people.

6. Eco-friendly Travel is the Way to Go!

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Because of the pandemic, many businesses in the travel industry and even travel agents have had much time to contemplate how they do business. Even travelers have taken notice of the environmental implications and consequences of travel. Hence, one of the travel trends taking the stage now that society is opening up again is sustainability in travel. While there haven’t been significant differences, businesses have started to see the importance of adopting more ecologically friendly methods. Some airlines have set up purchases of carbon credits to offset carbon emissions. Accommodations also saw the importance of travelers being eco-friendly and adjusted how they provide their services. This is one of the travel trends that is bound to bloom more in the future, especially as the younger generations become part of the paying population of the community.

7. Netflix-Inspired Travel For The Win!

Whether it’s an action-packed adventure or a relaxing retreat, we’ve all craved traveling experiences inspired by something done by our favorite characters in the shows we binge-watched while stuck in our homes. This is one of the travel trends that the travel industry could have easily predicted to emerge. With people being stuck at home for almost two years, and a trending Netflix or some other streaming service platform trending show or movie almost every month, it should come as no surprise to travel agents that people want to plan traveling experiences that are inspired by what they’ve witnessed on their screens. With the diversity of genres of movies and shows today, the travel industry has to keep up with these trends so that they can take advantage of people’s excitement towards making their own version of the traveling experiences they’ve only watched.

8. Posted or it didn’t happen!

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This last item on our list of travel trends is more of a combination of the old and new “normal” regarding travel experiences. Social media had taken the spotlight of attention even more when the pandemic happened. Because we all needed to stay inside our homes, our phones and these social media platforms were our only way to connect with everyone else. It happened. Everyone everywhere was documenting and posting everything. Now that we are freer to get out and roam around, everyone is just as excited to document and share it with the world. Many have even found a greater scope of platforms to share - not stopping at the usual Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok, but also their YouTube channels and personal blogs.

Blog and showcase all the traveling experiences you have gone through using your very own website! Because whether you are a business owner in the travel industry, one of their traveling agents, or a hodophile (travel lover), having your website is perhaps the best way to share your story and inspire others to go and have wanderlust dreams of their own.

Strikingly can help you not only share the worlds you have discovered and explored but potentially earn from them. These travel trends are set to stay in the coming years, so now is a good opportunity to explore, have fun, and make some money. Because you now not only have the outlet to express just how much happiness and satisfaction travel destinations and travel experiences have given you (or you have helped to give), you can also earn more for your future travel plans. One way or another, you will need your website to keep up and keep others at the edge of their seats. Sign up with Strikingly today, and start bringing that wanderlust dreams and realities to the online world!