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Starting a pool cleaning business is one of the most common business types in the world right now. Going to physical stores or shops can be quite tricky with all people’s busy lives and the self-isolation rules. So what is the best option available? You must seek online services.

Even though numerous businesses have integrated social media platforms and email marketing as part of their working plans, few have a pool business website. If you build your own cleaning website via Strikingly, it will be an ideal way to make sure that your preferred customers contact you. If you want to be superior in the industry, you may start choosing the field of cleaning service websites.

Things to Consider Before Starting a Pool Business

If you don’t know how to start a pool cleaning business, don’t worry because we have it covered here for you. There are two ways for you to get started with your pool business. You can build your website from square one, or you can buy an existing route from some of the best pool cleaning companies in your city. There are numerous benefits for both of these strategies.

It is not a cost-effective strategy to buy a route as you may have to invest thousands of dollars in this regard. However, you may get into an established business and can start earning massive amounts of money. There is no longer the pressure of finding the first customers for your platform, and most of the hard work for establishing your business credentials is already done before you put your hands on it.

Even though this is a more viable option (and rightfully so), there are many reasons for people to start their own businesses. When you start a pool business, you will have complete control of all the daily happenings within your business. However, you may have to work extremely hard to create a base for your business website. You must require support from other platforms for recognition purposes until your website starts working to its full potential. If you have adequate marketing skills and experience, it won’t take long to start your business and make a lot of money through that platform.

Tips for Running a Pool Business

If you like to work in the early mornings and opt for a flexible schedule, you must start an effective pool business. When you consider a pool business, there are a lot of denominators for you to consider. They are as follows.

  • Management of clients and crews
  • Staying Ahead of your Competitors
  • Creating a Business Strategy
  • Invoicing

With so many things on the table, how do you think you should start with your business? Below, we have shared some considerable tips that will allow you to run your pool business efficiently.

1. Have Adequate Experience and Education

One of the most important and time-consuming steps for starting a pool cleaning business is to work for someone else to gain experience. You cannot come into this field without having any basic knowledge about it. Therefore, you must gain experience and have relevant education to be considered eligible for this business.

have experience education

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You can start your career by creating a business networking website or internship at some recognized local pool service business. Your assistant manager and HoD (Head of the Department) will tell you about all the details of the pool maintenance services. They will make it easy for you to bed into a new environment and start your professional career in an ideal way.

When your department team is telling you about the pool service business, make sure that you integrate their knowledge into your working plans. For example, you must know how to apply chemicals properly to keep your pools safe.

2. Research and Business Plan

Once you are experienced enough to go into this field, it is time to consider researching and planning for your business. If you want to know how to start a pool cleaning business, you must know your financial values, employees, services, and competitors.

conduct business research

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You must consider the startup costs and the overall business finances. You should consider the fee that you charge for your services and the earnings that a pool cleaner makes daily. You should also decide about your team. You must determine whether you will be working as an individual or integrate a team alongside you. You can consider your friends and families to get a general idea about it.

3. Register and License Your Business

Do you think you may need to work hard to get your business registered, licensed, and insured? No, all you need are the necessary documents to ensure that you work as a licensed pool service provider.

register your business

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When you consider starting a pool cleaning business, you must ensure that you complete the following tasks:

  • Consider a business address
  • Business registration with the provincial government
  • Establishment of LLC for the protection of your personal assets
  • Get business insurance
  • Open a business bank account. You can do that by integrating the Paypal service into your platform
  • Create an accounting system
  • Get your business licensed

4. Prepare Your Customer Service

You could be ready to run a pool cleaning business, but what should you do to satisfy your customers and retain them? Effective customer service is the one that becomes the difference between a successful and an unsuccessful business.

prepare customer service

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To offer the best customer service, you must schedule your day properly. You must be at your office on time. If you are not able to, make sure that you have enough team members to overtake your responsibilities in your absence. You should manage your professional schedule the same way that you work your personal schedule. Discipline is key to the success of your pool business.

Customer service is a facility where you ask your customers about their demands and how you can fulfill them accordingly. If you can give your customer a unique experience, they will choose to stick by you, and soon you will be the biggest seller in the market.

5. Brand Your Organization

Once you have effective customer service and getting customers on board, you will feel that you are finally ready to run a pool cleaning business. However, you must start to think about how can you present your business as a pool service provider to the general public. The answer is simple, branding.

improve on brand

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If you can build a brand website for your pool business, the customers will pay attention. If you want to build your brand, you must know how to design your company’s logo. If you are working as an individual, you must have experience in graphic designing to make sure that you understand how you can create it.

You can consider Canva or Looka for building logos. Moreover, you should present your message appropriately. It isn’t just about notifying your customers. You must make them feel excited about your message. You must inform your clients about your objectives, your business’ importance, and how they can give them a high-quality customer experience.

6. Promote Business To Your Clients

If you want to efficiently run a pool cleaning business, you must integrate marketing into your working plans. Firstly, you must bring your business to the online platforms, such as an Instagram business page or a Facebook business page. This will allow your potential clients to remain in contact with you and see the feedback from other customers about your business.

The most popular option is to go for a hosting platform, like Strikingly. Strikingly is a well-equipped website builder that allows you to make your pool business websites effectively. Its numerous exciting features make it easy to use for the users. We have all the tools for you to start a pool business. As we have exciting templates and features to support your work, we tend to make the right decision for your business.

Through Strikingly, you can open your pool business and get in touch with your customers. Look for the most customizable templates on our platform and build exciting websites for them.


You must have a house cleaning website to run a pool cleaning business in today’s digital era. If you have an effective pool business website, it will allow your business to grow and expand the number of your potential customers. As numerous people will be looking for professional pool business services on their browsers, it is an obvious choice for your company to create its digital presence via a pool business website.

Your pool cleaning business website should reflect the image of your working plans. Strikingly pool business website templates allow you to build an online space that suits your respective company. Strikingly isn’t just another website builder that enables you to get in touch with website building. It doesn’t just settle for giving away templates or free domain registrations. It is more than just that. If you got more questions, you could contact our Happiness Officers via live chat.