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Accountants are essential in the field of e-commerce. Their skills and specialty in handling any business's financial statements and activities are vital in achieving a thriving economy. Accounting firms have become in demand for the past years as the world continuously grows. Various ways of providing utmost accounting services have been implied, enabling a smoother flow of transactions between firms. The best among these is the rise of accountant websites.

An accountant website is a bridge connecting accounting firms to businesses that need their help. An accountant website can do more than just fixing your financial needs. It can open tons of opportunities not just for your accountant's website but also to you and the whole economy for a better and improved future.

If you are someone wanting to know more about building an accountant's website design, then you just came to the right place. In this blog, Strikingly will take you on a tour of how the world of accountant websites goes. You will learn the deepest tricks and hacks you can use in starting your accountant website. All you have to do is sit back, learn from these ideas, and enjoy the whole accountant website designing tour.

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Tips and tricks you can use in building accountant website design

As a starter in this field, you must learn different techniques on how you will create an accounting website design hassle-free. No worries because Strikingly is here to rescue you. To start, below are the best hacks you should have on the world of accountant website. Take a deep understanding of these ideas, and you'll get surprised at how they are of immense help when you start designing your accountant website example.

  • Choose an appropriate theme. Website themes and background play an important role in capturing your target audience's attention. By picking the right set of color schemes, font styles, sizes, and background layout, grabbing the market's hearts will be a no-brainer for you. Color schemes stimulate a psychological effect on your audience's view of your accountant's website. If you choose a bold, bright set of website templates, your accountant website will appear more friendly and inviting. On the other hand, if you choose the dull ones and use them inappropriately, your website audience may lose interest in knowing more about your accounting website.

Strikingly allows you to simply do this part by diving into their wide set of website themes and templates. Their templates are seriously no joke and will ensure you the best website look. Choose the best website template that suits your accountant website, and start owning the world of e-commerce!

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  • Include a service list. Your service is your main product. It is your key in reaching your goal to be the best in the field of accounting. To make your accountant website template more functional and reliable, you must know how to market your services well. How to do this? Simple, post it. Include a service list section on your accountant's website. Provide your website audience a clear set of lists about the services you can offer them. With this, you are not just making your accountant website fully functional, but most importantly, giving your target clients a glimpse of what they should expect from you as a professional. It is also one way of showing off your best skills and advantages in the field of accounting. Set a list including details like the accounting services you could do, how much they will pay, the mode of payment they could do, and all the other details they should know.

Strikingly has its unique way of helping you clear this stage. Add Custom Form feature allows you to start creating a service list for your accountant website freely. You can even choose from its wide list of categories. Here’s how to activate Add Custom Form for accounting websites.

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  • Provide contact. Contact information is also essential in making accountants' website designs. This is your primary tool in having direct access to your clients. It can help you in sending them emails, updates, and other information you will in marketing your services. Adding a contact information sign-up on your accountant's website will make it easier for clients to reach out to you. Through your contact section, potential clients can transact freely with you online, having no actual physical meeting due to the quarantine protocols being implemented in every country. Strikingly can help you easily do this part through its Form Options feature. In here, you can’t just create a contact sign-up form for the accountant website. You can also include your own made message display to make it more personalized.

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  • Offer membership. Clients all wanted to feel special. They all seek to receive the best service from their provider. It is what they look for when searching for the best accountant website they can rely on their financial concerns with. Giving premium offers through membership plans will help you in developing a stronger connection with your clients. Through this feature, you can directly connect to your clients, offer them VIP offers, and even know how they are enjoying their transactions with you.

Strikingly are among few website builders who seek to build stronger connections between website owners and their audience. With Strikingly’s Add membership feature, building a solid foundation for your website audience will never be a problem. Start creating a membership for your accountant website!

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  • Post Achievements. Achievements are your accountant's website holy grail. It can save you from hesitations coming from website viewers who just visited your accountant website. Awards also show how amazing you are in your chosen field. Including a section within your accountant website template where your past awards and recognitions are posted is one smart way of marketing you and your accountant website. Website visitors will immediately develop a sense of curiosity about you. They will develop an instant attraction that can lead to them giving their whole trust to you. Create an achievement wall on your accountant's website and start showing them what you've got!
  • Add FAQs section. Frequently Asked Questions, or simply FAQs, is also essential in any type of accountant website. This section usually contains all the common questions any customer would want to know regarding the business. Including a section containing all your accountant website FAQs gives it a more professional look and makes transactions flow smoothly. By simply looking at this section, your potential clients can have answers to their basic questions and would help them save a lot of time.
  • Link other accounts. Your accountant website is not just your key in marketing your accounting services. You can use your other social media accounts and personal website too. How? By simply linking them to each other. Linking your other accounts to your accountant's website can help you reach a broader audience in just a short period. It is easier for you to spread the word to every person connected to you through this process.

Strikingly is an ace when it comes to helping you reach a wider audience for your accountant website. It has features that allow you to either connect your accountant website to your other website, create a social feed section, or add redirect pages. With Strikingly, anything could be possible when it comes to website building!

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Top accountant website example to start designing yours this 2021

Now, to make your accountant website builder easily accomplished, Strikingly provided the best accountant website example to get you inspired!

  1. Accountant Online

Accountant Online is one excellent accountant website example for future accountant website builders all over the world. Their accountant website design features a clean yet classy and creative theme. Their website homepage has a great display of all the elements a customer will need for an accountant's website. Excellent typography, a set of prominent call-to-action buttons, amazing website consistency, and high-quality accountant website content.

  1. Pro Accountant Advisor

Pro Accountant Advisor is among the team of accounting experts who promises to provide the utmost accounting services. They seek to help businesses increase their overall company productivity by up to 40%. This accountant website’s homepage is filled with essential features that are undeniably perfect for an accounting website. Its main accountant website builder contains a hero header in the high-quality image, a set of CTAs, and effective testimonials from its past clients and customers.

  1. AccountSavvy CPAs

AccountSavvy CPAs is among an accountant website that possesses a stunning accountants website design. Their main accountant website builder has a video background that showcases extraordinary video transitions. For their accounting website services section, each service listed is represented with square boxes designed with a simple animation effect. To ensure smooth and quick navigation, this accountant website chose to use a sticky menu where their website users can access the about us section, services list, blog section, and contact information.

  1. Swallow Accountancy

Swallow Accountancy is another accountant website that has a sleek and minimalist accountant website design. Their accountant website template has a hero header design that has a cool background image. It is created with a monochrome effect combined with its customized parallax scrolling effect. Their accountant website design can also give the best first impression to its website viewers through its animated text testimonials which are randomly displayed on the screen in seconds.

  1. The Outsourced Accountant

The Outsourced Accountant is one accountant website example with a clean yet still comprehensive approach to an accountant's website design. Filled with all essential accountant website elements, this website perfectly showcased its services in an innovative and clear technique. The whole accounting firm website design integrates descriptive CTAs ready to increase accountant website viewer’s conversions, fixed social media icons, a customized introduction video, and color scheme consistency.

Got more questions about starting your website? Chat with us, and we’ll both find the answers together.