Cleaning services are among the most in-demand types of business nowadays. With all the busy schedules plus the integration of strict precautionary protocols, going out to visit physical stores and shops is quite hard. So what do we do? We seek help from online services.

Though tons of cleaning services today have an integrated model of social media presence and email, still, not many have an effective cleaning services website. Having your own cleaning services website is an excellent way for you to get noticed and a convenient way for your customers to reach you. If you want to get an advantage in your industry, you might want to start engaging in the field of cleaning service websites.

In the digital era, having a house cleaning website is very important. When you have a well-designed cleaning website, it can help you grow your cleaning services business and expand your clientele. With most customers looking for professional cleaning services through the internet, it’s only logical for your company to build its own digital presence through a cleaning service website.

If you are looking for ways on how to expand your cleaning company business, building a cleaning services website is the best answer for you. It is easy to set up, can get you new clients, and help you build your own brand in your chosen market.

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Useful hacks you should never miss out in marketing your cleaning services website

To help you get started, here are a few guidelines to get your cleaning website up in no time.

1. Choose more streamlined designs for your cleaning services website template.

When building your cleaning services website layout, always remember to make use of lots of white space. White space in any website layout is your friend. Create generous areas of white space for your commercial cleaning websites content to breathe. Don’t overcrowd your housecleaning websites with too many words. Get straight to the point, and use aesthetic, captivating images.

Your cleaning simple clean website should reflect the image that your cleaning services business portrays. Keep it tidy, streamlined, and straightforward. Strikingly cleaning services website template allows you to create a modern online space that perfectly represents your company.

Remember to streamline the navigation so that your customer gets straight to the gist of your website. Organize your website information properly, from company details to the main service menu. Make it easy for users to find their way around your cleaning services website through an intuitive content hierarchy. Minimize the menu options, so website users do not feel overwhelmed by the presence of too many choices. The best housecleaning websites use easy interfaces and simple language to lead customers to the final stage of booking and payment.

2. Appear flexible: offer quotes for your services on your cleaning website

Not every cleaning project is one-size-fits-all. Different areas and spaces require different levels of cleaning, and floor area varies.

You can create tiers for your cleaning services, depending on the intensity of the cleaning job required, and factor in the amount of space in feet or sqm. It is up to you to customize your website services so that you can accommodate a wide variety of clients.

Make the customer feel that you are ready to adjust and work with them according to their needs and cost requirements. It’s good to remember that cost is usually an influential factor in a customer’s decision to transact and contract your cleaning services. Provide detailed pricing information on your cleaning services website to help website users make an informed choice.

The addition of a quotation tool on cleaning services websites reflects business competence, reliability, and an understanding of your chosen market. Cleaning services websites, when done right, have the power to attract people from all walks of life and with all types of cleaning needs, so be ready to adjust your rates to every type of customer.

People are more likely to book an appointment or contact a simple, clean website to negotiate a better rate after using this tool on a cleaning services website.

3. Be accessible. Keep your communication lines always open.

Service businesses are most successful when they are constantly within reach of the customer. Any cleaning services website contact section is one crucial component of a cleaning services website template. Do not leave your customers confused and wondering how to book your cleaning services or how they could reach out to you.

Cleaning websites should have clear contact information along with an option to leave a message online. This feature should be available on your website to help your customers transact with you smoothly. One best tip Strikingly gives you is to add a call to action on your cleaning website homepage. This will be essential in inviting users to book your cleaning services. You can then direct them to a custom booking form on your house cleaning website. You can also add customized chat support. This is a great draw and guarantees that customers get an immediate response!

Connecting your carpet cleaning websites to your other websites and social media accounts is also one way of giving more communication options for your customers. It can even help you reach a wider audience and get more website visitors.


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4. Make customer testimonials visible.

Customer reviews are important. Take the time to gather positive testimonials and post them on the most visible parts of your house cleaning website. This is a quick way to build trust with any potential client.

Customers are always on the lookout for social proof when deciding on whether to trust the services posted on any cleaning website. The best way to prove your reliability and trustworthiness as a service provider is by adding reviews and testimonials from your previous clients—Reserve one section of cleaning service websites for this content. Consumers will usually want to see this, especially since you will most likely be working in their private workspaces or homes. They want to feel a sense of security when they hire you. They will want to make sure they are letting a reliable professional into their homes.

For additional reliability credits, share your Better Business Bureau rating or your Google My Business rating if you have one. Add a social media stream to your commercial cleaning websites to show reviews submitted to your social media pages.

5. Mobile-friendliness is a must for a cleaning services website.

Make sure your cleaning website is mobile-responsive. Most people use their mobile phones nowadays to search for relevant cleaning services websites while on the go. With a mobile-responsive cleaning website design, your housecleaning websites will be able to capture more audiences just by being more user-friendly. Mobile-responsive types of cleaning websites reach more customers because it is easy to access than using computers.

Strikingly offers many designs for a mobile-responsive cleaning services website template, all for free! If you want to get started immediately at less cost, sign up with Strikingly now! It saves you from having to write additional code to make your simple cleaning website render well on different screen sizes.


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Before launching your carpet cleaning website or even a simple cleaning website, always make sure you test it on a variety of devices and website browsers. This is one way to ensure that your cleaning services website looks consistent in various environments. You want to keep the user experience on the same level regardless of the type of device your customer uses.

This attention to detail regarding device customization and responsiveness goes a long way in ensuring that your marketing cleaning business site looks good from any screen size and digital touchpoint. You guarantee to make a great first impression when you pick the right Strikingly site design and cleaning services website template.

6. Every cleaning website needs great visuals.

It goes without saying that if you are a customer looking for someone to help clean up your space, you’ll need some great anchor visuals to satisfy your search. Words are not enough. You are selling a cleaning service. Therefore, you want your customer to visualize what their space will look like after you’ve done your job.

Make sure your cleaning website stands out with engaging visuals and a high-quality collection of images. A cleaning website ought to include originally taken photos of the staff in action. You can even add high-quality video backgrounds or video snippets to attract your visitors’ attention.

Introduce your cleaning services company and the kind of services you provide through posting images and videos. Use the cleaning services website gallery section to display before and after photos of your previous projects--with your client’s permission, of course. You can even add the names of the staff in charge of the project to add a more personal touch.

7. Showcase new technology and services that make you stand out from competitors.

If your cleaning company uses a new type of technology or techniques, showcase them to help you stand out. Customers are always on the lookout for the next big thing and want to search for clues on the equipment and techniques used by cleaning services websites. If your cleaning company is the type that innovates and uses new cleaning tech or has proprietary techniques to make sure your work is better than the rest, use this opportunity to market this on your housecleaning websites.

You can use various content marketing styles to highlight this edge. You can write about the technology you are using and elaborate on the tools and materials that make your process different. If you use green or environmentally-friendly chemicals, that is a big plus. Make sure that you include such green business declarations on your site.

Certifications from partners or suppliers can also help you in this area. Display any certifications from companies that give additional credibility to your cleaning services. Cleaning service websites with strong partnerships with key brands have a competitive advantage. Add a personal touch. Showcase photos of the products and techniques you use to build trust with your customers.

Cleaning services websites with dynamic content such as video demonstrations also go a long way in building engagement with their audiences. Videos that explain your technology and process give your customers insight into the quality of your services. It also indicates transparency on your part, another quick builder of trust.

Adding videos to your cleaning services website is now possible with Strikingly. With just one click, you can start sharing your video snippets and behind-the-scenes footage.


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Embark on your New Cleaning Services Website with Clear Goals

Just like in any business, you will want to outline your objectives for building the site. Is it to attract new customers? Is it to generate more leads? Is it to build a more distinctive brand and separate yourself from the competition?

Your design reflects your objectives. Your navigation has to reflect the journey that you want your customer to take when browsing your site. You can look up Strikingly design templates to customize your and deliver the right message. Great cleaning service websites give customers the best combination of service, brand reliability, and accessibility. When designed right, they deliver results and give your customers an easy portal to avail of your services.

Why design cleaning services website with Strikingly

If you are looking for a website builder for your cleaning services website, Strikingly is the best option for you. Why? Simple, it got tons of features to offer for you.

Creating your own cleaning services website is not as easy as it sounds. You have to consider a lot of factors before coming up with the best output. From the website name, logo, content, gallery, and most importantly, your host.


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Website hosts serve as the key to achieving a perfect website. It is the icing on top which gives more color to every website designed. For you to achieve that website design you’ve been dreaming of, you have to be keen on choosing the right website host for you. And when it comes to being on top in the field of website building, Strikingly never disappoints.

Strikingly is equipped with everything you need to start your online store, all in just one roof. From templates to an amazing set of website features, it's all in here. You can start your simple store and sell digital products online easily. Build your own cleaning services website from its wide collection of customizable templates. The best thing about it? You can run your online business on any type of device, no matter where you are, anytime you want. Strikingly is also equipped with 24/7 chat support, with our Happiness officers who are always ready to answer your queries.

Strikingly is not just any typical type of website builder. Its service does not end in giving free templates or free domain registration for any website-it definitely goes beyond that.

Got more questions? Chat with us or email us, and let’s start working things out together.