Many cleaning services providers opt for one and done cleaning websites - the kind that you forget about after building them. Most don’t even have an online presence! We can’t stress this enough: in the digital era, having a business website is very important. Building a solid website can help you grow your business and expand your clientele. With most customers looking for professional services through the web, it’s only logical for your cleaning business to build its own digital presence. Here are a few guidelines to get your own cleaning services website up in no time.


1. Keep it clean

Your cleaning company website should reflect the image that your business espouses - keep it neat, streamlined and straightforward. Strikingly’s cleaning company website template lets you create a modern online space that represents your company perfectly.

You should consider navigation when planning your cleaning business website design. Make it easy for users to find their way around your website through intuitive content hierarchy. Minimize the menu options so users do not feel overwhelmed by too many choices.

2. Offer quotes

Cost is usually an influential factor in a customer’s decision to contract your services. Provide pricing information on your cleaning service website to help users make an informed choice. Including a quotation tool reflects trust and reliability. People are more likely to book an appointment or contact you to negotiate a better rate after using this tool on your website.

3. Keep communication lines open

The contact section is a crucial component of a cleaning services website template. Do not leave customers wondering how to reach out to you. Clear contact information along with an option to leave a message online should be available on your website. Add a call to action on your homepage inviting users to book your services and direct them to a custom booking form on your site.

4. Testimonials and reviews are important

Customers are on the lookout for social proof when deciding on cleaning services. The best way to prove your reliability and trustworthiness is by adding reviews and testimonials from previous clients. Reserve one section of your cleaning website for this content. Consumers will usually want to see this especially since you will most likely be working in their private workspaces or homes. They will want to make sure they are letting a reliable professional into their homes.


Share your Better Business Bureau rating or your GoogleMyBusiness rating if you have one. Add a social media stream to your website to show reviews submitted to your social media pages.

5. Mobile friendliness is a must

With most customers searching for relevant local services while on the go, your cleaning service website will be able to capture more audiences by being mobile friendly. Strikingly’s mobile responsive cleaning website templates free you from having to write additional code to make your site render well on different screen sizes.

Before launching your website, make sure you test it on a variety of devices and web browser to ensure it looks consistent on various environments. You want to keep the user experience on the same level regardless of the device your customer uses.

6. Use engaging visuals

Finally, make sure your cleaning service website stands out with engaging visuals and high quality images. Include original photos of your staff in action. You can even add high quality video backgrounds to attract your visitor’s attention. Introduce your company and the kind of services you provide through images and video. Use the gallery section to display before and after photos of previous projects - with your client’s permission, of course. You can even add the name of the staff in charge of the project to add a personal touch.