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It might be challenging to arrange everyone's schedules, whether your company has 1,000 employees or only 10. With all of your other obligations, the last thing you want to do is waste time planning each person's particular work schedule.

Fortunately, we live in a modern world with many alternatives to the conventional pen-to-paper method. Any of the following apps from the recommended schedule app list will relieve some of your workloads while also guaranteeing that your team's schedule is more organized and efficient.

Whether your workers work a set number of hours per day or have a flexible schedule, scheduling, leave management, and attendance tracking is critical.

You can use old-school tools like Excel and Word for this, or you may incorporate scheduling modules and calendars into your HR and payroll systems. There are, however, more effective techniques to check staff attendance and absences. Here's a look at some of our favorite best scheduling apps for various applications.

What Is a Scheduling App?

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Setting and tracking work and break hours for your staff are made easier with the best scheduling apps.

A manager, for example, examines the total workload and personnel availability at the start of each month or week. The information is then used to assign shifts to each employee.

Finally, an employee schedule app outlines when each person will be available to work within a specific time period. Employers used analog systems like punch cards and magnetic strips before digital technology took hold. However, as the scope and scale of employee scheduling grows, digital technology has introduced free scheduling app, which allow you to consider many factors when determining on-site and remote employee working hours.

Consider These 10 Awesome Work Scheduling Apps for 2021

1. Google Sheets

Google sheet schedule app

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Employee scheduling is a breeze with Google's free cloud spreadsheet software. The pre-set rows and columns provide you with well-organized scheduling possibilities. You can create one spreadsheet for each employee and divide their columns by days of the week, or you can create one spreadsheet for each employee and split their columns by days of the week. Whatever approach you use, you can count on Google Sheets to keep everything tidy and easy to understand.

Furthermore, you may send the spreadsheets to your staff via email using the special sharing tool. Not to mention its cloud-based, automatic-saving functionality, which ensures that the app will not crash and erase all of your data.

2. Google Calendar

Google calendar Schedule app

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Google Calendar, like Google Sheets, is a cloud-based Google product. Google Calendar, on the other hand, is better formatted to meet your employee scheduling demands. You can see the program in a day, four-day, week, month, year, or schedule format, as it is designed to be a calendar. You can easily add events, reminders, and notifications to a calendar so that your employees never miss a work shift.

Additionally, you can build and share employee shift calendars with each employee. They can then use their personal calendars to examine the shared work schedule calendar and incorporate it as widgets into their daily life. You may approach them on a platform they may already be using for personal events and reminders rather than forcing them onto a new one.

3. Homebase

Home base work schedule app

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Homebase is a popular schedule app because of its extensive feature set. It not only features excellent scheduling, timesheets, accurate time clocks, and simple communications, but it also offers specialized recruiting software that allows you to submit to internet job sites.

Homebase can sync data from a variety of payroll and point-of-sale firms, allowing you to seamlessly convert from other platforms to Homebase. This comprehensive, feature-rich program offers a free Basic package with unlimited employees. It does, however, offer different options with extra features for a monthly or annual fee.

4. Sling

Sling work Schedule app

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Sling is a fantastic schedule app that keeps you informed on employee developments. By keeping current employee availability and time-off requests on hand, you may avoid double-booking or last-minute scrambling. If you've mistakenly overbooked a shift or overlapped shifts, the application will notify you.

Sling Tasks allows you to not only arrange shifts but also assign tasks. You may make to-do lists for your staff and track their progress to make sure they're on track to meet deadlines. You can also send individual or group messages to employees directly from the schedule app. While Sling offers a free unlimited plan, you may also upgrade to a premium or corporate plan for a fee.

5. When I Work

When I work app

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When I Work is a useful application that can help you save an average of eight hours each week by tracking employee schedules and attendance. You can also limit the number of missed shifts by being able to send staff real-time updates. The program is mobile-friendly, simple to use, and adaptable, making it ideal for your employees and your own hectic schedules. When I Work's simple interface, which includes a plethora of shortcuts, empowers employees to manage their own schedules.

When I Work is free for up to 75 people, however, if your firm has more than 75 employees, you can establish a special subscription. There are also two paid subscriptions with additional features: Scheduling Basic and Scheduling Pro.

6. ZoomShift

Zoom shift app

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ZoomShift makes it a lot easier for your employees to get real-time access to their shifts. This makes finding shift replacements and ensuring shift coverage much easier and faster. Within minutes, you can drag and drop shifts onto the calendar and send the schedule to your staff via email. This schedule app is quite functional on mobile, allowing for a smooth transition from web to mobile.

ZoomShift offers a robust free plan that is ideal for small teams looking to get started with a free scheduling app. It also has two premium plans: a Scheduling plan and a Scheduling & Attendance plan, both of which include extra features.

7. Appointy

Appointy schedule app

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Appointy's business-minded interface can enable your prospects to enroll without a hitch if you teach classes, lead workshops, or provide rental services.

Service appointments, events, recurring bookings, and group bookings are all supported by this calendar app, which you can use on your website as a WordPress plugin. If you work in the event planning industry, this is ideal.

8. Calendly

Calendly App

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This straightforward schedule app is great for anyone working with customers or prospects of varied technical ability levels, thanks to its clear drop-down selections and simple suggestions.

Do you require some time to conduct research or prepare for your upcoming meetings? You can block invitees from scheduling appointments that are too near to your available times (for example, they can't make an appointment less than two hours in advance).

9. Visibook

Visibook app

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Visibook, another beautifully designed schedule app for personal care workers, will show your consumers the services you offer. They can also filter the calendar to just view the availability of specific providers.

Visibook is well-known for its natural appearance and feel. On mobile or desktop, the bright design and drop-down options provide for an intuitive experience. You can also change the design to match your company's identity.

10. Setmore

Setmore app

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Setmore makes it super-easy for clients to book appointments if you're a small business owner in a service industry like consulting, massage treatment, or beauty services. You can mention your availability as well as the services you offer.

For some people, an appointment isn't complete until they receive a reminder. Reminders can be sent by email or SMS with Setmore. Clients can also use the iOS and Android applications to schedule appointments. Would you like to make it even easier for your regular clients to schedule time with you? The ability to store contact information is a popular feature among Setmore users.

Introducing Strikingly

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All of these website design tips and tricks are undoubtedly valuable, especially if you are new to web page design and have little expertise. But what if you discovered a website builder that allows you to focus entirely on your content and graphics, eliminating the need to understand these strategies? Isn't that intriguing? On the other hand, Strikingly is on his way to save the day!

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Finding the perfect schedule app to handle your multiple calendars and arrange your busy day might become a slew of challenges. However, this list of best calendar apps can assist you in making successful plans and achieving your objectives.

Most of us require adaptable software that can help us manage our hectic schedules. The software should include all of the necessary time management features and be simple to use.

It's also important to have a stylish design and boundless adaptability. Finding such a program is not always simple. The digital schedule app listed above is "deserving" of being used. They are contemporary, multifunctional, simple, and cause less stress. Choose your favorite!