How To Make A Laundromat Website Banner

In this era, the window storefront of your business is now your online business website. Whether you have a physical business store or just starting in the e-commerce market, making a business website for your brand will increase your sales faster than the typical face-to-face transaction. And since we’re in a pandemic, a website can help you earn money efficiently and make buying such a convenient task for your customers.

More so, a business website is an easy way to upsell your brand and merchandise since the e-commerce industry is paving the way to a new and more systematic way of selling your products and promoting your business. According to research, 81% of shoppers go online to search for a specific product before purchasing. And on their online venture, they compare sales, possible alternatives, and eventually, make purchases on the spot once they gather enough information that convinced them into buying the product.

In brick-and-mortar shops, you can definitely tell if it’s a well-run business if the storefront looks clean, modern, and inviting. Setting up a good impression on the first contact is a great game-changer when it comes to luring customers to buy the products or services you offer—the same can be said on your laundromat websites.

If you want us to define laundromat, it is a self-service laundry facility where you use coin-operated washing machines to wash and dry your clothes or garments. Today, laundromat websites are a thing now and are like the storefront of your physical store. When building a page laundromat, it should also appear clean and enticing for the customers. Overall, a well-built and well-designed page can instantly win your customer’s approval and purchasing capability. The more attractive your laundromat page is, the longer that they stay on your laundromat page, and the more they browse your online store, the bigger chances of sales for your business.

Elements That Make an Excellent Laundromat Webpage

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If you already have a laundromat website, you should consider rechecking your page to find out if you missed some important elements that can make or break your business career. A great laundromat website has something more to offer than just good graphics and layout design on the homepage, it needs to have proper content and spaces dedicated for a variety of information to keep your page laundromat clear, presentable, and has a lot of potential than other laundromat businesses available. If you’re eager to know how to design a website for a laundromat store, then you’re in the right place. Without further ado, here are some tips to take note of to make a page laundromat and become one of the best laundromat layout designs on the web.

• Banner

The banner image pretty much sells it all to the customers. A big deal in making a laundromat website is for you to have and pick a striking image that would seal the deal between you and your customers. Like the saying “a picture tells a thousand words”, your banner must speak to your customers about the services you offer.

Other than that, your banner doesn’t always have to be an image. It can be a short video, too. Having a video background on your website not only makes it more engaging but can convey your business story and goals all in one panel or screen.

Also, your homepage must contain only a few words so it doesn’t look too crowded. People have short attention spans so providing them with concise, on-point details about your business is the way to go. Thus, do consider putting enough effort to make the “face” of your website appealing to your potential customers.

• Available Services

The primary reason for customers spending time looking for information on your laundromat website is to know what to expect once they drop by. From the services you offer to the appliances you use, as well as the atmosphere they’ll likely get into; your laundromat website must have it all.

Well-presented information is a magnet for multitudes of customers. So, in order to do that, provide you a better understanding of why customers should choose to acquire your services than other laundromat shops in the market.

• About Page

You can share on this page your objectives, your goals, and other essential information about your business. But making an About Page on your laundromat website may seem easy, but in fact, striking to the minds and emotions of the readers or potential customers.

You can also take a different route when it comes to writing an About Page. With most laundromat websites citing their business goals and stories, you can put an introduction of who you are as a person or as a team, or share your values of what you believe a quality laundromat should be like.

Pretty much like in product description writing, the About Page must sound authentic but not too aspiring. Knowing your target market first before crafting the best description to put in your About Page can save you a lot of time, and connect more and better to your desired customers.

• Location and Hours

More than often, people choose a laundromat which that offers convenience in terms of location. Looking and picking a laundromat all boils down if the store is near their location, and the hunt is mostly done online. So, it’s best to set up a page laundromat for your business since people would get to know your location and store hours as well.

Embedding a Google Map is also a great advantage since your customers can navigate their way to you with the help of visually rich instructions or even get specific directions to get to their destination—which is to your laundromat shop.

• Reviews and Recommendations

Happy customers have a lot to say when asked about the services they received, and it’s a great way to make use of their opinions to amplify your laundromat website. Having a Reviews and Recommendations subpage or subdomain can bring about a positive outlook on your laundromat website. This also increases the chances of customers buying your services due to the amount of trust and confidence that your customers show through their submitted reviews.

When it comes to bad reviews, you can take this as an advantage to know your weak points and improve the services you offer with the help of your customer’s suggestions and feedback. Likewise, it’s a win-win situation.

• Contact Page

What better way to connect with your customers than a Contact Page? A contact page is another essential element when it comes to a page laundromat or any kind of business website on the web.

Though you often see or place a Contact Page at the bottom of your laundromat website, establishing a connection with your customers by rationing space on your website can mean the difference. It’s still as important as other elements even if you see it at the bottom part of your webpage.

Laundromat Websites to Inspire You

Strikingly User's Website Laundromat Website

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

The internet houses tons of information available for every type of joe walking on earth, and when it comes to a laundromat website, there are numerous free laundromat website templates available with just one click., But to help you in your hunt, we’ve compiled some laundromat layout designs for you to serve as inspiration when you decide to make one.

1. Long Island Laundry Company

Strikingly User's Website Long Island Laundry Page

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

2. Tide Cleaners

Tide Cleaners Laundromat Webpage

Image taken from Tide Cleaners

3. Spring Field Dry Cleaners

Strikingly User's Website Spring Field Dry Cleaners Page

Image taken from Strikingly user’s website

4. Laundry Care/Push Laundry

Laundry Care/Push Laundry Website

Image taken from Laundry Care/Push Laundry

5. Rinse

Rinse Laundromat Website

Image taken from Rinse

How to Increase Your Websites SEO Ranking

Websites do offer you a platform to display what your services are and establish a name for your business on the web, but the work on building and designing a website does not stop there because you need to make sure that your laundromat website is visible on the search engine results page (SERP) for people to see.

Claiming the top spot on SERP can be tremendously hard since you’re not the only website for laundromat stores available on the internet. But thanks to the search engine optimization (SEO) checklist, you can optimize the hidden potential of your website by studying these factors that can affect and improve your brand visibility on SERP.

1. Think of a Great Title

Meticulously crafting the best title for your website page is one way to ensure your spot on top of the list of the SERP. A descriptive title must contain the appropriate keywords that your potential customers search online. While there are many results possible to pop up on a search engine, looking for sites like that display keyword rankings can tell you what keywords have the highest search volume, as well as the level of difficulty for you to place a spot on the first page of the search results.

2. Craft Appropriate and Luring Meta Descriptions

Meta descriptions are the ones that you see below the title on a SERP. They are snippets to what your website is all about. Basically, a brief overview for the viewers to have a clue on what they would see upon clicking your website link. In order to fully optimize your laundromat website, you must add keywords on meta descriptions related to your topic. Be sure to keep it brief since Google only displays 50 to 160 characters only.

3. Use Keywords Essential to Your Topic

Keywords are words that link you to your customers. A keyword-rich article has more chances of popping on the top list of a SERP, so use keywords that are often type in the search engine, as long it has to further optimize your website. But don’t go to a point to overemphasize your keywords too much because in SEO, content is still king. Likewise, if you don’t know how to write a good SEO article for your website, you can hire a professional to do so.

Onto a Spotless Website

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With everything done online, you can still keep your business up and running with the help of the digital platform. And with the help of your laundromat website, you’ll surely earn money through marketing your brand on a platform where everyone can see or search online.

If you’re still on the hunt to find the best platform for your laundromat website, look no further because, in Strikingly, you can build your laundromat website within minutes.

Strikingly’s advanced features can help you market your brand with the help of special tools you can use to optimize your website. Best of all, with thousands of templates online, you can pick a design that suits you and your business. Best of all, you can customize it to your liking and it’s all for free!

So, what are you waiting for? Head on to Strikingly and build your laundromat website today.