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Great events begin before the guests come. They start with a stunning invitation that grabs the attention of all the folks who receive it. Your request for someone to attend your event speaks volumes about the big day. It makes much difference between an enthusiastic and joyful attendance versus a dull, on-duty vibe.

Creating an engaging online invitation is an art, and it is a much-required art in today’s digital world. The process is not so complicated, as long as you know how to choose the right tools and use the good features.

Read this article as an online invitation guide to learn how to create an online invitation that stands out. If you want to create an online invitation that’s smooth and concise, even a simple thank you letter could get your point across. This is the most natural method of creating an online invitation. It allows you to quickly organize and disseminate the information you want to give out by sharing it via social media. Once your graphic letter is ready, you can select a template for including a call to action that most closely suits the purpose of your invitation.

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Any template or tool you use for your online invitation should conform to the message you are trying to convey. Once you know what message you want to send out, you can look into the various platforms that offer free and ready-to-use templates to create an online invitation. You might also want to decide on the color palette you’ll be using beforehand. Lastly, don’t forget to select the outlet that you will use to share your online invitation with the audience.

Essential Online Invitation Elements

Even if you use a ready-made template or tool to create an online invitation, you need to be aware of the essential online invitation elements. This will help you customize your online invitation according to your needs and purpose. You do not really need much professional knowledge about graphic design. Still, it is good to have some basic know-how of these elements to create a beautiful online invitation design.

1. Fonts

The first thing you need to ensure is that your invitation copy is inspiring and elegant. It is good to use a chic font among the many options available. If you create an online invitation for a wedding, a classic or trendy font will do best. If the invitation is for a business event, keep the font more straightforward and less curvy.

2. Layout

The layout or template that you choose should go well with the event's theme you’re promoting. If you are using an online platform or tool to create an online invitation, check out their different price packages and which one makes the most sense to serve your purpose. Opt for a straightforward plan that offers a layout with much white space. Using white space allows you to discern various design elements on your online invitation.

3. Colors

Keep color psychology in mind when choosing the theme and color palette of your online invitation. Certain colors make people feel calm and relaxed, while others drive joy and enthusiasm. Depending on the kind of event you are promoting, use a combination of different shades and colors that contrast well with each other. Unless the invitation is for a children’s event, such as a kid’s birthday party, avoid using too many colors.

You can use glow in several lines, fonts, symbols, and other design elements to highlight parts of the online invitation that you want to emphasize the most.

4. The Feel

The whole point of creating an online invitation is to give the feel to the recipients that makes them want to attend the event. Since your recipients will not be able to physically touch the online invitation card, as they could if it were a physical invitation card, you need to play around with the design elements in a more elaborated manner to give them the right feel. Use different effects in your imagery and combine them with the different shades of colors.

Your text or copy should be well aligned with the other elements on the card. Don’t make the invitation messy by adding too many links or minute details. Write a catchy header to grab everybody’s attention on the first glimpse.

5. Photos and Illustrations

Pictures and illustrations should be used carefully. They shouldn’t give the wrong or irrelevant impression to your recipients. Sometimes when you see so many images available for use in the tool you’re creating an online invitation on, you feel tempted to use as many as you like. This can cause confusion for the recipients. They need to see what the online invitation is asking them to do.

Any illustrations you use should convey and elaborate the message that your invitation is supposed to give.

Creating an Online Invitation for Marketing Purposes

Online invitation cards are important for drawing the eyes of individuals to an occasion. They are used by businesses for many different kinds of marketing purposes. For example, you might create an online invitation in the form of a newsletter to invite your subscribers to a product launch event. Or you might just want to invite them to shop with your latest sales offer.

Online invitations are often sent in the form of marketing emails. The subject line of these emails must mention what’s inside to entice the recipients to open the email. If an email is crafted nicely, it can attract the attention of your followers and subscribers attention and bring them one step closer to making a purchase.

This is why it is critical to use a suitable and reliable online invitation maker tool to craft your emails and newsletters. Let’s look into a website builder, which includes creating newsletters and online invitations to send out to your website audience.

Tips to Make Your Online Invitation Attractive

Here are a few tips for you to create an online invitation that people simply cannot refuse to.

1. Write Catchy Subject Lines or Headers

The subject line or heading you use on an online invitation can really make or break the deal. If you are sending it in the form of an email, and your subject line is not catchy enough, the recipient might not even open the email to see what’s inside. Be creative in introducing the event you are inviting people to.

2. Keep the Body Enticing and Precise

Nobody would like to read lengthy paragraphs in an online invitation that tell the whole story of how you started the business. Cut straight to the point and state that it’s an invitation. Give reasons why the recipient must attend the event by mentioning things they will miss out on if they don’t come.

3. Add a Clear Call to Action

Does your event require online registration? Do the attendees need to bring a printout of the invitation? Is it a free event, or do they have to purchase a ticket to join? Make these things clear by adding a clear call to action to your online invitation?

How to Create an Online Invitation on Strikingly?

The newsletter feature of Strikingly, which is available in our VIP Plan and Audience Plans, allows you to build and send fancy newsletters to up to 2000 contacts in your email list every month.

a sample newsletter on the phone screen created by a Strikingly user

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You can build this email list by inserting any form on your Strikingly website. It could be a contact form, a blog subscription form, a product purchase checkout form, or simply an opt-in form for receiving newsletters. Our feature-rich editor makes it easy for you to add ready-made form templates to your web pages. Thus, you don’t need to write any code to add forms to your website.

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When your site visitors submit entries to these forms, their email addresses get added to your website’s audience. You can access this list by selecting ‘Audience’ on the left panel of your Strikingly editor.

audience list of a Strikingly website

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To create an online invitation in the form of a newsletter, follow these steps.

how to start creating a newsletter on Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly

  1. Go to your Strikingly dashboard.
  2. Click ‘Newsletters’.
  3. Click the button ‘Send a Newsletter’.
  4. Fill in the text in the editor that shows up to invite the recipient to your event.
  5. Select the recipients for your online invitation newsletter from your audience list.
  6. Send a test invitation to yourself first if you like.
  7. Click the ‘Send Newsletter Now’ button to send it out to your selected recipients.

The flow is actually quite self-explanatory as you move through the steps in the Strikingly editor. Instead of using emails, you can also create an online invitation for a brand event on your website itself. Describe your event’s purpose, give incentive to the audience, and build a registration form. If it is a digital or virtual event, you can even broadcast it live or in a recorded video form on your website. The good thing about Strikingly is that you don’t need to indulge in coding activities to conduct different marketing activities through your site.

We are focused on providing you a smooth experience of building your website on Strikingly and running your marketing activities through it.