How do you show appreciation to your customer after they obtained a purchase with your store? “Thank you customers”, that’s it? No, no. There’s a better and more personalized way to do that. One of the simplest ways to strengthen your connection with your customers is to express genuine appreciation. It's a simple concept, but few businesses take the time to thank customers for availing their product or service. A quick thank you for your purchase is a wonderful way to express appreciation and delight your customer. You also ensure you will be remembered for going above and beyond.

When a sale is completed, everyone can send out a generic "Thank you for your purchase" message. Genuine personalization, however, is what sets you apart. A personalized thank you note can make anyone feel special, whether it's a friend, customer, or client.

When thanking customers, being purposeful and personal will help highlight the compassionate side of your brand, establish relationships, and increase customer retention. When you combine a thank you note for your purchase with some branded personalized packaging, you've got an unbeatable first impression. It's little things like this that keep the customers coming back for more.

Why should you use a thank you for your purchase note?

thank you customers

Sincere appreciation is anything more than an automated email and is considered unusual when a customer receives it. In the world of online shopping, there is so little gratitude. A personalized thank you for your purchase card, however, is a sure way to incorporate your online shop with a little of the typical ‘mom-and-pop store' appreciation.

How to show appreciation to your customers

Demonstrate to consumers that there is a real person behind your brand. Customers should be thanked without expecting anything in return. Don't ask them to "post on social media". Simply express your appreciation for being a customer and simply believing in you to deliver in a personal and direct manner. That's what it takes to create a bond.

1. Who are you giving thanks to?

It will seem overwhelming, or even deceptive, to make a "thank you for your purchase" message for every customer for every order, but it will become impossible to do on your own as your company expands. Therefore, segmenting consumers into the categories you want to prioritize may be beneficial.

Here are some ideas about how you should categorize your customers:

  • Every client
  • Returning customer
  • Thank you cards for the holidays that are specific (Valentines, Christmas, etc.)
  • Customers who are celebrating their birthday
  • VIP customers
  • Members of the customer loyalty program
  • Events of sheer happiness that occur at random

2. Create a reasonable budget

The cost of your "thank you for your purchase" cards will be determined by the number of customers you want to contact. And if you want to express appreciation to all your clients, creating moments of delight doesn't have to be expensive.

3. Create a procedure that can be repeated.

Decide on a repeatable method to get those thank yous into the hands of your customers, depending on whether you're putting a thank you in every box or only periodically sending out swag. It doesn't have to be automated, but planning ahead would ensure it happens.

Customer satisfaction is an investment in the future

A satisfied consumer is more likely to convert and could even become a brand supporter. Taking three minutes per note isn't going to destroy your company unless you're sending out hundreds of orders per day. Let's look at the advantages of thanking others for their purchase:

Customer satisfaction has increased

Doesn't a personalized letter give joy to you? Whether it is your birthday or any other special occasion? When your customers receive a "thank you for your purchase" message from you, they have the same feelings of joy and appreciation upon receiving your message. They're even happier they bought from you and tell their friends about your business.

Customer experience has improved

Customers who are engaged with your brand are those who are interested in it. Customers are more involved in a brand if they interact with it often. Consumer interaction is perhaps the most important factor in determining customer loyalty.

Increased Customer Loyalty

Customers who are loyal to you will return to buy from you again. A satisfied customer can buy from you again and spend more on a single transaction. Since ‘first experiences last,' the customer will return if you make their first experience unforgettable.

Increase your word-of-mouth marketing efforts

People posting pictures of your product on social media sites with their friends is known as social evidence. When your well-designed product is paired with a personal thank you note, your customer is more likely to post a picture of their purchase on social media.

So, no matter what you offer, the advantages of a quick thank you note are obvious.

The dos and don'ts of thanking others for their purchase

Before you start writing your “thank you for your purchase” messages, there are a few things you should keep in mind. None, though, is more crucial than this:

Never say "thank you for your order" or "thank you for your business."

You make your customers feel like a number, a statistic, by referring to their experiences with you as ‘business,' ‘patronage,' or simply a ‘order.'

Instead of a “thank you for your business” note, include the following in your note:

Thank you so much for your support.

Thank you for considering us.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you for shopping with us.

Thanks for your order, I highly appreciate it.

Do's in writing your "thank you for your purchase" message:

In your product descriptions, social media messages, and return policy, use the same tone of voice.

  • Positive, joyful, and uninhibited vibes!
  • “Thank you for your order! We’re excited as you are”
  • Show sincere gratitude and affection for your customers.
  • “We’re glad you chose us. Thank you for shopping with us”

Don'ts in writing your "thank you for your purchase" message:

  • Don't be too critical.
  • Go off track or ramble on.
  • Put yourself in a sales mode. This isn't the place to do it in a thank you letter.

What is the best way to write a thank you note?

Thank you card wording can be difficult to come up with. However, you'll identify the individual elements you'll need to produce the ideal thank you note.

  • Connect with them

First and foremost, you need a greeting. Personalize your "thank you for your purchase" letter by including your customer's first name

- Hello, John!

- Hi, John.

- How are you, John?

  • Showing appreciation

Get the message's main point across as quickly as possible.

- I wanted to give you a quick note to say hello and thank you for shopping with us. Thank you for your purchase.

- Your support is greatly appreciated, and I eagerly await your feedback on your order!

- In a world where there are so many choices, I wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude for choosing us. Thank you for your order!

  • Additional personalization

This is the part of the message where you can go above and beyond – without being weird – and write something extra personal and exclusive to that customer.

- I sincerely hope you enjoy, it is one of our best-selling items and my personal favorite too.

The personalization in your thank you for your purchase note should be visible, truthful, and important.

  • Closing

Finish with a lighthearted but welcoming sign-off.

- Sincerely

- Thank you once more.

- Regards

Each feature must be tailored to the individual to whom it is being sent. When you're trying to thank someone for their product purchase, a blunt "thank you for your order" letter isn't going to cut it.

Here’s a sample thank you for your purchase, message for customers:

Hello Anna,

I just wanted to give you a quick note to thank you for shopping with us. Your purchase of organic tea tree soap and aloe vera shampoo is a winning mix. I'd like to hear your thoughts.

Thank you again for choosing us. I'm just an email away if you have any suggestions.

Hoping to see you soon!

- Karen of Suds and Bubbles"

Now you’ve fully understood how important thank you notes are to your company branding, and even how to construct one. You should start to build your website for your business. There are various website builders available on the internet, and most of them need technical knowledge to fully utilize. However, Strikingly is a free, user-friendly website builder.


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In less than an hour, you will get your company up and running. Strikingly offers awesome features like "Page Redirection After Checkout”, and “Custom Checkout Form”.

  • Page Redirection After Checkout

You can guide customers to another page after they complete payment for an order on your website. Create a personalized thank-you page or any other material you want to show your customers.

On your [STORE] > [STORE SETTINGS], you'll find the redirection option.

thank you for shopping with us

This image is taken from Strikingly Product

After checkout, click "Redirect to a specific page on this web" and choose the page and section you want your customers to see (e.g. thank you page).

To build a thank you page, you'll need to trigger multiple page sites. Non-customers won't see the page if you hide it from your navigation menu.


This image is taken from Strikingly Product

Please select "Redirect to an external URL" and enter your URL if you want to send your customers to an external URL after they complete their purchase.


This image is taken from Strikingly Product

“No redirection, remain on the same page” is the default setting.

After you've changed this setting, make sure to press "SAVE."

Note that the redirection settings will apply to all orders, including physical items.

  • Custom Checkout Form

Custom type fields can be added to your store's checkout flow. You can obtain additional customer information, like personalized measurements for fabrics, a special message to print on a shirt, and much more, in addition to the standard customer shipping information. This functionality is only available to Pro and higher users.


This image is taken from Strikingly Product

A simple thank you will go a long way

There are various ways to give thanks and delight the customers after they've made a purchase. Remember, the most important thing is to be sincere, compassionate, and intimate. Customers love sincere appreciation but despise insincerity. Creating relations with consumers comes naturally when you have a grateful mindset. Building these customer relationships allows you to set your brand apart from the competition.