In this digital era, a wedding RSVP website sounds more like a necessary component of planning a wedding than an optional reminder. Paper invitations are still commonplace but most couples are also putting up a website for this special day to get guests excited for the event.


Luckily, you don’t need technical experience or a background in website design to get your own wedding website up. Strikingly’s RSVP website template features all the tools that you need to get your site up and create a page that reflects you and your partner. Play around with the different color scheme options, fonts and layouts until you find a combination that suits your taste.

1. Add an electronic RSVP

Wedding RSVP websites allow guests to respond to your invitation through the internet. This is a convenient option for people who may be located in a different city or country. It lets them confirm their attendance without having to send the physical response card back.

Tempting as it may sound but it’s better to refrain from adding the URL to your wedding RSVP website to your invite. There are other ways of informing people about its existence. For instance, you can add the website address to the reply card. Let people know that they can also reply through the wedding website.

2. Keep it simple

A free event website with RSVP shouldn’t look too generic and boring but you shouldn’t be adding too much flash either. Keep it simple and elegant. Adding too many pages or sections can confuse your guests. Remember to keep it intuitive by making the RSVP section more accessible to visitors.

3. Do add travel information

If you’re marrying out of town, it would be good to include travel information such as the local airport, car rental, hotels and nearby restaurants. You might also want to include information on events and popular tourist attractions near your wedding venue. Guests will probably want to make the most out of their stay by going on a tour around the area. Provide helpful advice or ideas for attractions that they can enjoy, especially for those who are coming with children in tow.


4. Do add your your couple story

One way to make your wedding RSVP website interesting is to add your couple story. People enjoy a good love story. You can create a timeline of milestones such as how you met, your first date and down to the proposal. Photos and videos that recreate the scene in people’s heads are great additions as well. Don’t add too many private details, however, especially if you intend to make your website open to everyone - including your parents, older relatives who may be a bit too conservative and the random person on the internet who might be going through wedding websites. Keep your content tasteful.

5. Limit information on the wedding registry to only one section

Online gift registries are great for helping guests pick out the right kind of items that you will actually use as you start your married life. They feel right at home in a wedding website because of the convenience they offer. Don’t put information on where you are registered all over your site though. You can add it on the lower half of your webpage after your RSVP link or as a link on one side of the page. Make sure to add a ‘thank you’ message to this link.

6. Think of your older guests

Not everyone is going to be online. If you have older guests who may not see the need to use the Internet as often, you want to send hard copies of the pertinent event information to them to keep them in the loop.