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Making a beautiful wedding website needs dedication. Fortunately, this isn't a permanent commitment to see you through sickness and health, but rather a commitment of time and money. And, with everything else that goes into arranging a wedding, you'll almost certainly be short on both.

A wedding website, on the other hand, is a wise investment. Unlike an invitation, it can serve as a means of continual communication with your guests, providing them with information such as the timeframe for your wedding day, venue specifics, and gift registry. Wedding websites are typically simpler and to-the-point than most other sites—and there aren't as many barriers to making one these days, and there are options for any budget.

How to Create a Wedding Website?

wedding website

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The big day is approaching, and there's still so much to be done! You'll probably want to spend any spare time relaxing with your feet up rather than, say, developing a website, between choosing color schemes, sampling pastries, and reading through guest lists. Of all, if you've never built a website before, even a basic one can be intimidating. Keeping this in mind, we'll walk you through every step of creating your wedding website, allowing you to save your bridezilla energy for the big day.

1. Choosing a Wedding Website Template

Choose one among the wedding website template to start creating your wedding website. Consider one that reflects your bond with your loved ones as you look through them. Whether you choose a traditional, romantic, or natural style, an aesthetic that reflects your shared hobbies or interests, or a layout complements your wedding's theme or location, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever path you take, Strikingly has many beautiful website templates to select from, all of which are entirely free. They all provide the essential elements that every couple requires, such as an RSVP option and a contact form to let you communicate with your guests.

2. Make the Design Your Own

You may quickly personalize the template you selected with a few clicks to make your event website genuinely your own, aligning it to your own style, wedding theme, and other requirements. You may use this logo maker to create a personalized logo with your names or initials when you construct a website with Strikingly. Begin by personalizing the text by providing all of the event details, as well as the narrative of how you met and other interesting facts. To complement the general look of your event, you can alter the typefaces or upload new ones from your computer. Remember to include images and graphics of the two of you, whether from an engagement shoot or from any of your trips.

3. Inform Your Visitors About Important Details
wedding website

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If you're not sure what kind of material your wedding website needs, here are some suggestions:

  • Your names and wedding date:

Include this vital information on your wedding website in a prominent location. You can put it up on your website when your save-the-dates are finished and then add more data as the wedding plans continue.

  • Location and travel information:

Include the venue's address and name and a Google Maps widget to help visitors find it. In addition, include transport and lodging information for visitors from out of town. Consider anything you can think of that they could find beneficial, from the nearby airport to your top local suggestions.

  • Dress code:

Specify if your event is casual, dressy, black tie, or themed to help guests dress appropriately. If you have other activities scheduled around your wedding day, make sure to include the dress code for each one.

  • Complete timeline:

Include the precise time of your wedding and any other events that will occur before or after it. Mention transportation timetables and meeting spots if you've set up designated shuttles.

  • Gift register or contributions:

A gift registry can be added to your wedding website. Simply include a button that directs guests to your registries so they can complete their purchases online. You can write a few lines detailing what these monies will be used for and add a PayPal button or set up Strikingly Payments if you're looking for contributions for your honeymoon fund or any other purpose.

  • Wedding hashtag:

Let your guests know ahead of time that they will be able to use a certain hashtag throughout your wedding. As a result, all attendees' images will be accessible online using the same hashtag. To keep your visitors up to date, include this hashtag in the header or footer of your website.

  • Contact information:

Include contact information and a contact form so that guests can contact you with any questions.

4. Send Out Invitations and Keep Track of RSVPs

One of the most exciting aspects of developing a wedding website is seeing the RSVPs start to pour in. That's when you realize what's going on: it's actually occurring. You'll need to keep track of who's coming, who can't, and who's bringing whom, regardless of how extensive your guest list is.

Suppose you're planning several wedding events, such as a bridal shower, wedding rehearsal, or family toast. In that case, there are many tools available that make it simple to schedule and coordinate them all in one spot. In a nutshell, it's like having your own personal wedding planner, but it's free, and you don't have to make any phone calls.

5. Make Your Website a One-of-a-kind Experience

Would you want your wedding to be ruined by unwelcome guests? The same may be said of your website. Set up privacy barriers to ensure that your website is only accessible to those on the guest list. Disabling search engines from finding your website is one option. The link will not appear in Google or other search engines. Another option is to use a password to secure the site. In your save-the-date cards or invites, make sure to include the password you pick.

6. Incorporate Extra Embellishments

wedding website

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Are you all set to publish your wedding website and publicize the information about your big day? Here are a few last-minute extras to think about if you want to go all out.

  • Share your love story:

Give your visitors a personal touch by recounting the narrative of your relationship. You can submit a short text on how you met for the first time. You can add a photo gallery highlighting great moments from various stages of your relationship if you prefer pictures to words. You can even reveal some personal details about your wedding guests.

  • Make them feel at ease:

If you expect out-of-town guests, include helpful and intriguing information about your wedding's location, such as accommodation recommendations, fascinating trivia tidbits, cool first-time visitor tips, and the greatest meals to sample at your favorite restaurants, among other things.

  • Include a section with frequently asked questions:

On a FAQ page, provide answers to frequently asked questions. The following are some popular questions: Will the event be held indoors or outdoors? Is parking available at the venue? Are children permitted? Is it acceptable to bring a guest? The list goes on.

7. Keep Your Memories Safe

wedding website

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Finally, the long-awaited day has arrived. Following the celebrations, your website will effectively function as a sharing scrapbook with films and photographs that may be seen for years to come. Here are some suggestions for where you could put this content while creating your wedding website:

  • Create a digital photo album:

After your wedding photographer has sent you the photos, create a photo album on your website to share with guests and loved ones who could not attend.

Display wedding photographs and videos from your social media accounts on your websites, such as Facebook, Instagram, and others. You can do this by syncing your website with your social media feeds utilizing a social media stream app.

  • Live stream your ceremony:

If you're doing your ceremony remotely and want to include loved ones who can't attend, you can live to stream it from your website. People will be able to watch your ceremony in real-time, and the video will be saved on your website so they may watch it whenever they want. You may sit back and relax now that you know all the tips in creating a wedding website. After all, you should be concentrating on the big day. Combine your efforts with a fantastic wedding website designer

Your wedding website, unlike an invitation, is a location for your guests to gather up-to-date information and photos—the party before the party. While it does not have to be the most intricate or expensive aspect of your wedding plans, it should not be substandard compared to the rest of your wedding assets. It should be a lovely page that informs and celebrates you and your companion.


Strikingly is an excellent place to start if you want to make a free wedding website. You can construct a free wedding website in no time, thanks to the user-friendly interface, feature-rich editor, and choice of adaptable templates. You have to create a free account on the platform and select a website template from our library. Our templates cover a wide range of design styles, from current contemporary to rustic and vintage themes, so you're sure to find something to your liking. The templates are entirely mobile responsive, ensuring that the look of your site is constant across all screen sizes. Before making a decision, you can preview the template to get a sense of how your website might look with this design. The actual effort begins when you've made your decision. Working with a talented designer is the greatest way to ensure that you obtain a wedding website that makes you swoon.