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Dancing can be anyone's passion. Aside from the fact that it is one mode of exercising, it is also easy and fun to learn. Anyone could learn how to match the beat may it be kids or even adults. Nowadays, dancing has received love and attention from everyone making dance masters and dance classes more in demand. If you are someone engaged in the field of dancing and want to share it with the world, creating and designing your own dance studio website is the right "dance step" for you.

Why create a dance studio website

Having this new normal, we are all living as of the moment, anything could now be done online. From schoolwork to home-based jobs, almost everything can be finished with just a simple click. Even dance classes can also now be done online.

Considering the amount of time, people spend online, having your own dance studio website for your customers/students is one significant advantage. Why? Strikingly has the best answers for you.

  • Easier mode of dance coaching/teaching. Teaching virtually has a lot of benefits. You can handle everything depending on your own pace. You can set the time when you will teach and even set the activities ahead. With this, you can finish more tasks at the right time. You can have a lot of time to spend on other things like doing chores or even planning a trip. Having your own dance studio website will make you set your goals and achieve it slowly but surely.
  • Reach a wider audience. Reaching a wider audience is more possible if you have your dance studio website. People can easily see what you are up to through your posts and blogs shared. Potential dance students can contact you easily. With just one click, you can link your dance studio website to one of your personal accounts/other websites and make everyone aware of your page. If you are wondering how Strikingly has one way of showing you how. Curious? Visit here and start creating yours now!
  • Opens more opportunities. Having a website gives you more opportunities to develop as a service provider. You can have all the chance to showcase your talent and be recognized by the whole world. People who are not interested in dancing might start developing an interest in your passion and start joining you. Being equipped with a dance studio website doesn't just give you customers, most importantly, it gives you the feeling of contentment as a dance enthusiast.

How to design your dance studio website

Before you start designing your dance studio website, important factors are needed to accomplish first.

  • Specify specialization. Dance comes in a lot of styles and forms. Before you start creating your dance studio website design, know what you would offer first. Evaluate what specific type of dances you would want to offer to your future clients first. What do you want them to learn from you? Focus on this question more before you proceed with your web designing process. Through this step, it will be easier for you to know your target market and gather information that will help you in dealing with them.
  • List your offers. After knowing your market and collecting the information you will be needing, it is now the time for you to create your programs and list of dance classes. What type of online dance classes would you offer?

Dance websites for dancers usually have a lot of classes being offered to their customers. Whether it is a dance class for kids, online dance classes for adults, or even dance classes for adults beginners, they can all be present on your offers on your dance company websites.

  • Choose the website theme. Now that you are done with the dance classes you will be offering, it is now time for the most exciting part—creating your dance studio website template. Choosing the theme for your dance studio website may sound easy at first, but as soon as you start, you will find yourself having a hard time, especially without guidance from the right mentor. With that, Strikingly will come to the rescue.

Equipped with the best collection of website templates and features, Strikingly indeed has a lot to offer you. Sounds exciting, right? Here’s how it works.

What to put on your dance studio website

A dance studio website wouldn’t be complete without important elements. If you really want to succeed in achieving that groovy and hip dance studio website, add these Strikingly crucial points on your page, and everything will definitely be perfect.

  • Your dance routines. You cannot completely call it a dance studio website without the dance videos and routines, right? They are obviously needed. Post your dance videos and routines to make your page more dynamic and lively. You can record them, and be sure to include them with the funkiest music to make your students love your page even more. You can add some personal tutorials as well to make it more exciting!
  • Dance blogs. It may seem not like it, but there are a lot of customers and website visitors who enjoy reading blogs. Add a blog section on your dance studio website to make it more interesting. You can add trivia, facts, dance history, or any dance-related story you could ever think about. With the presence of this section on your dance studio website, dance class students and even potential customers will develop a deeper connection to you and your website. It is like they didn’t just come to your site to learn how to dance but also be equipped with new learnings from the blog articles you are posting.
  • Audience corner. An audience’s thoughts play an important role in your growth as an individual and a service provider. Putting a section on your dance studio website intended for your students/customers is one way of showing openness and good relationships. You can add this section to let them express how they feel about your dance studio website and even hear their comments and suggestions. By simply knowing their feedback, you have the chance to know where you are good at and what areas to improve. Higher chances of them being loyal to you are more possible because you are letting them share their own thoughts and ideas through an audience section.
  • Contact and Pricing section. These two elements also play important roles in building stronger connections towards your target market. Through a contact section, your potential customers can get direct information on where to start in their journey with you. You can include a contact number and email and start your transaction.

A section meant for all the pricing details of the classes you offer is also a must. This will give them the basic information on what to get depending on what they can afford and what dance classes would fit within their schedule. Strikingly can help you in that aspect without breaking a lot of sweat. Want to know more?

Dance Website Contact Section

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  • All about you. Having a dance studio website is also like having your personal website. Make your dance students and potential customers know you by adding basic information about you, the dance instructor. You can add your previous achievements and even activities done to give them ideas about you. Putting previous dance teaching you’ve made can also be included to make them trust you more in learning this field. It is not just all about teaching but also influencing them to pursue what their hearts want—dancing.

Personal Profile on Websites

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Dance company websites who rocks

Are you now convinced to start your dance studio website? If not, then take a look at these two dance studio website designs created with Strikingly and be inspired. Who knows, you might change your mind in an instant once you hear them.

  1. Sensui Tamaki Japanese Dance Class

This Japanese-themed dance studio website offers Japanese dance classes for kindergartens, students, and even adults. Their bright and colorful website features different Japanese designs, which are uniquely made and very distinct. A website that showcases their love and passion towards nature and their own culture—a website made with Strikingly.

If you seek to achieve this dance studio website design, visit Strikingly and start creating yours now!

Japanese Dance Studio Website

Image taken from Sensui Tamaki Japanese Dance Class

  1. NBD Bali Studio

This New Taipei City-based dance studio website is another masterpiece made with Strikingly. They primarily offer amateur dance to their dance students. Amateur, sounds scary? There’s nothing to be worried about this genre, for they have the best set of dance instructors who are all equipped with the skills and passion.

NBD Bali Dance Website

Image taken from NBD Bali Studio

Groove it with Strikingly!

If you seek to achieve a dance studio website design like NBD Bali Studio and Sensui Tamaki Japanese Dance Class, Strikingly has a lot to offer you. From the different dance studio website template up to features like creating your own product and pricing list, Strikingly can help you in just one click. So what are you waiting for, visit Strikingly and start creating yours now!

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