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The first impression creates a massive impact in the field of business and e-commerce. Everyone can be unique in their ways and make everyone drawn into them. For you to be remembered you must have the right tools you can use to keep everyone aware of your existence. With that, you will be needing to design a business card customized just for your business.

Business cards design skills to help you create the best one

If you are a first-timer in making business card layout, knowing the basic skills is a must. Strikingly listed down these top three things you should keep in mind when making your business card layout.

Be wise. Creating a business cards design for your business will require you to spend money. After making your design, you need to reproduce several copies which adds expenses to your business. In this lieu, you have to be mindful when creating your designs. Printing business cards costs more if there are more colors and designs. Try focusing on a business card design that will fit your budget. Why not use monochrome tones? They can still rock!

Be different. Your business cards design will tell a lot about you. Create a design that will make you stand out and different in a unique manner. Think out of the box. Avoid using mainstream themes that will only make you look ordinary. If you seek to be remembered, then make a reason for you to be worth-remembering.

Be You. Business cards design reflects your personality as a businessperson. Showcase your identity and gain the trust of people. Combine your business’s personality on your business cards design and make people fall in love with you. After all, nothing beats authenticity in this world of doppelgangers.

Graphic design choices
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Helpful tips on making business cards design

To achieve that perfect business cards design you seek for your business, you must know the basic ingredients to it first.

What should I put in my business cards design? What should I consider before creating my design? How to make a business card? Don’t worry because Strikingly got it all covered for you.

Brand logo. Business cards design requires that you add your company’s brand logo. Once people see your logo on it, they can immediately recognize that the card belongs to you and your business. Include your logo on your DIY business cards and be recognized in an instant.

Company/business’s basic information. Business cards design exists for your company. Having your card filled with the most important details about your company makes an effective and perfect business cards design. What details to include? Strikingly sorted it out for you.

Below is the most basic information one can usually spot in a business cards design.

  1. Name
  2. Contact number
  3. Company/business name
  4. Email
  5. Address
  6. Website address
  7. Social media sites
  8. QR Code, Slogan/ Company’s catchphrase, Additional Graphics. (You can include these three depending on your own preference but they are not mandatory.)

Contact Information sample
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Your chosen color scheme. Color schemes play an important role in giving the business cards layout the best look. Choose a color scheme that is not too extravagant, nor too simple. You can use the color scheme you used in your brand logo to make your card more connected and appropriate for your company. Always remember to balance the use of colors as much as possible to avoid making the texts written on it hard to read and understand.

Seeking the best collections of color schemes and templates? Visit Strikingly now and choose your template, and start designing however you want it to be.

Font. Fonts also play an important role in making your business cards design. Choose a font that is appropriate for the number of texts you are going to include within your business card. You should also take note of how your choice of font styles might be affected by your chosen business cards design.

Choose Font Style
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Choose your business cards design size. Choosing appropriate business cards design sizes is essential. You must take high considerations on the final size you would want your business card to be. Don’t make it too large for a card, nor too small to handle. Below are some of the basic business cards design sizes you should use:

  1. North American Standard Size: 3.5 × 2 in. (88.9 × 50.8 mm)
  2. European Standard Size: 3.346 × 2.165 in. (85 × 55 mm)
  3. Oceania Standard Size: 3.54 × 2.165 in. (90 × 55 mm)

Form/Shape. Business cards can come in a lot of shapes. There are tons of companies that started practicing using unique-shaped business cards. It can be in the shape of a bottle, a quadrilateral, an animal, a flower, or a toy. You can choose to create yours depending on how unique you want it to be. But, only choose the best ones and keep them still relevant to your business.

Choose an appropriate finish. Business cards design can be finished off with the use of various printing finishes. If you seek to have a business cards that truly stands out, consider your card having this one. It will not only add aesthetics to your card but most importantly, protect it from damage. There are four common types of business cards coating commonly used:

  1. Embossed
  2. Foil-stamped
  3. Letter-pressed
  4. Spot UV coating

Stay up-to-date. It may seem not to like it but keeping your business cards design updated is also essential. There would be circumstances where you will be changing your company’s phone number, email addresses, or even your company location. If this happens, you should also change it on your business card. It may cost you some money again, but this is important especially if you have several business partners or even loyal customers. Updating your business cards design information will make it easier for them to communicate with you despite having changes in your company.

Choose a business card maker. Your final business cards design will vary on your chosen business card maker. So to avoid problems and disappointments, choose the best one suited for you. You wouldn’t want to spend your money on the wrong choice right?

The Storyboard method

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Create business cards design with these online tools

If you are someone wanting to achieve that perfect business cards design look, yet is on a tight budget, you might want to try this online free business card maker.


Canva is among the most common online free editing tools one can find on the internet. And one that they offer is free business cards layout. Design a business card by choosing from their collection of suggested free business card layout.


PsPrint is a free business card maker which is highly customized in general. Though it takes a longer time in making your business cards design on this platform, it still has a lot of perks. You can add your choice of text, photos, objects, color shading, borders, and anything under the sun you would want to add.


Strikingly is one well-known platform which offers various website design options. And among them are business cards design. If you are looking for the best partner when it comes to making your business cards design, Strikingly can help you do it all, without breaking a sweat.

How to design business card websites through Strikingly

Strikingly can offer you a lot in designing your business cards website. Among them, are the following features you can enjoy by simply joining their website, all for free!

Embed Google Maps

One factor you should consider when creating your business cards website, is how your target customers can easily go to your place when it's time for them to get their orders. As a provider, you must ensure that they are able to reach you physically without having troubles in finding the right route. One way for you to do that, is by including a detailed map in your business cards website.

Strikingly Embed Google Maps feature enables you to include a google map image of your business’s store in your website. To do this, here is the detailed step Strikingly made for you.

Embed Google Map
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Providing a website page which contains creative “glimpses” of your business/service offered is also an essential in making your business cards website. Through this section, you have the chance to include a background which showcases your previous works.

With Strikingly, you can also include a landing page which contains greetings on your website, or redirect your website visitors to another page. Here, you can create your own landing page that is filled with your business cards layout offered to give an immediate impact towards your website visitors.

To know more about this feature, click here.

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Add Custom Form

Communication plays an important role in a perfect transaction. As a provider, you must not let your potential customers have a hard time in contacting you. Provide all the necessary information needed for them to reach out to you easily.

Strikingly Add Custom Form feature gives you the freedom of adding more flavor to your website. Through this, you can customize your own section like a contact or sign up form for your website. It has a lot of form fields you can choose from including, checkboxes, dropdown selects,or radio button types. Choose from these and start creating yours for your business cards website.

How does it work? Here’s everything you need to know.