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If you want to make your presence known in the online world, you need to be on Instagram. Instagram is like a celebrity among the top social media sites, mainly due to its immense popularity. On the more technical side, it boasts a simple yet sleek design that you can use to introduce your brand to the world.

However, the more you use Instagram, the more Instagram ideas you need. At some point, you’ll have to exhaust all your creative power to think of what to post. You’ll eventually reach a phase where you'll start asking yourself, "What should I post on Instagram?".

If you find yourself in the middle of an Instagram crisis, there are plenty of Instagram ideas you can try.

For entrepreneurs, having clout on Instagram is a tremendous plus for their branding and customer connection. It's only natural to collect Instagram ideas now so they know what to post on Instagram in the future.

Importance of Curating Posts for Your Instagram Account

instagram post ideas

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  • Gives Your Brand a Boost: Instagram business ideas are often associated with introducing a brand. If you own a start-up business, Instagram is a fantastic way to get your name out there. Potential customers will easily recognize your brand in the future.
  • Allows Your Audience to Know You: Having an Instagram page is a lot like sharing your business' story to the world. Instagram ideas can be built on introducing your goals as a business, your vision and objectives. You can also use it as a channel to interact with your audience.
  • Enhances Customer Engagement: When thinking of Instagram business ideas, think about your customers and the content they want. Instagram bridges you to millions of people around the globe. Your Instagram business ideas must involve content that your audience loves to see.
  • Expands Your Marketing Reach: In today's digital age of inbound marketing techniques, it's better to jump with the trends to avoid lagging behind. Your Instagram post ideas can be generated from your existing marketing efforts and goals. Just tweak a few things here and there, and you're ready to upload Instagram posts.

Instagram Ideas to Post on Your Account

instagram business ideas

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Don’t know what to post on Instagram? To keep your business account alive, here are some Instagram ideas you can try:

1. Uploading Your Products and Services

Advertising your Instagram ideas with high-quality pictures of your brand is one way to promote your business and services. Posting high-quality pictures are the easiest to start your Instagram post ideas, sharing content that feature your product in order to boost your sales and demand.

If you decide to post pictures and videos, you have to make sure that they don’t come out as ads, rather, you want to make your audience feel connected with the products. You would also need interesting and inspirational captions featuring the benefits of the services you provide.

2. Sharing Highlight to Your Community

If you feel stuck when posting Instagram ideas, consider posting a community highlight. This will not only solve your problem of what to post on Instagram, but it can also build trust and affinity with your audience.

The great thing about sharing community highlights is that they can be about anything, from inspirational stories of success to another inspiring account. Things like mini-interviews, digital promotions, and quotes are examples of what you can post for a community highlight.

3. Behind The Scenes

Another example of Instagram ideas is “behind-the-scenes”. These kinds of posts create transparency between you and the audience, allowing them to get to know the “real” person behind the scene. This builds trust and a refreshing change in the numerous product posts before.

The best thing about posting behind-the-scenes is that they don’t need to be as polished as the other posts. For this reason, many businesses prefer to keep them exclusive for their Stories.

4. Stock Photography, Animations, and Videos

Getting back to the question “What should I post on Instagram?”, Stock photography may just be another answer for it. Although stock photography had had some bad reputations in the past, now they have become trending again. Stock photography, Animations, and videos are a creative and easy way to add more content to your Instagram post without the extra work.

Most stock photography websites come with a “free to use” right, but it is always safe to check the usage right in case of limitations. Alternatively, you can also try 3D photography. The most important part of posting is that they are in line with your brand identity and aesthetic.

5. Lifestyle Content

This type of Instagram ideas doesn’t fall into any kind of genre or category. Lifestyle content can range from food overlay or beautiful photos of the sunset. The most important thing when posting lifestyle content is that it matches your brand and what its stand is and the interest of your target customer.

For example, if you have a bathing suit company, it wouldn’t make sense to post pictures of landscapes and buildings. You should always match your lifestyle content with your brand, thus your post should be photos and videos of people on the beach or where they can use a bathing suit.


A lot of people often think that “Quotes” are only good for filter posts, but they can also be used for all kinds of marketing reasons. Quotes can build an affinity with the audience and driving sales to your business.

You can share quotes that educate your audience and build product awareness. Quotes that answer the most asked question of the customers are a creative and fun way to build awareness and connection with your buyers.

7. Posts That Conduct an AMA (Ask me anything)

These kinds of Instagram ideas allow you to directly engage with your audience and answer all the questions they have for you in the comment section. It can also be a way to share thoughts on any topic relating to your brand.

This kind of Instagram post is great if you’re an influencer or someone who is regarded as a leader in your industry. In turn, this helps generate income for your content.

8. Share Your Mistake

An easy way to humanize your brand. Humans aren’t perfect, and most of us make multiple mistakes even when doing something we’ve done for many years. You don’t have to explain every detail of what happened, instead, you can share a little mishap and your thoughts about it.

The little bits and pieces that showed your audience that the brand you are advertising can also make mistakes allow them to relate. The most important thing in this kind of posts is that you show your mistake and how you fixed it. Then you can build trust from your audience with your Instagram ideas that involve sharing your mistakes.

Adding Social Feed to Your Website

Want to see your Instagram ideas come to life? After adding them to your Instagram account, you can then link them to your business website. Fortunately, Strikingly has an amazing set of tools that allows you to connect your content to your website.

See the steps below to find out how you can add social feed to your website:

1. Add Social Media Links

social media links

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The most common thing to do to showcase your Instagram ideas is to dedicate an entire section for your social media services. You can use your editor to link various social media sites to your website, including Instagram.

You can also change the logo if you like and edit the names of each social media icon. You can add or delete these links depending on how you like them to display.

2. Add a Social Feed

social feed

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Your second option is to add a social feed to your business website. Having a social feed allows you to have dynamic content. Unlike the first step, your customers don’t have to jump to Instagram to see your content. They’ll see your Instagram business ideas straight on your site.

To add a social feed, click on “Add New Section”, then select “Social Feed”. The process is a simple as that. Just make sure to constantly update your Instagram account so your customers can see new posts each day.

3. Connect Your Instagram Account

 connecting social media accounts

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To have a social feed for your Instagram ideas, you must add accounts to your website. As you can see in the image above, you can also add Facebook and Twitter. Make sure that your posts are up-to-date so that your customers can see any special announcements. You can add more than one social media channel so your patrons can reach you anytime, anywhere.

Instagram feed

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Once you’ve connected your account, your Instagram posts will begin syncing to your business website. As mentioned, if you want dynamic content, you have to regularly upload content to your Instagram account. Remember to follow the Instagram ideas we listed so you won’t run out of concepts to post.

Now that you’ve learned plenty of Instagram ideas to try, you can now curate an impressive feed for your business account. To make sure that you’re leveraging every feature of Instagram, create a business website with Strikingly. If you’re interested, visit Strikingly today and create your account to unleash your Instagram ideas.