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Today, many companies and businesses have been known in their respective industries from their humble beginnings to their current status as leading food companies, clothing lines, and tech leaders.

If you look into their identity, there is something that separates them from the majority, something that makes their company and business unique from their competitors. Through a series of studies and modifications, these businesses and companies have finally got the right formula. As a result, they have come to conquer the industries where they want to excel. But then we ask, what could be their secret? There is one common answer: corporate branding.

More Than Just a Logo

What is corporate branding? Is it the business logo? Is it the business name? Talking about corporate branding, people tend to refer to it as the logo of a company or a business. But in reality, a corporate brand is a wide-ranging concept that allows potential customers and partners to know who you are, what you do, why you do it, and who you do it for.

In essence, corporate branding is your unwritten promise to customers that include what is expected from you to deliver. It is your intangible manifesto of the qualities that will manifest when customers opt to work with you.

To define it further, corporate branding is the act of choosing a brand name for the company and using it in all the advertising campaigns, efforts, and communications to its stakeholders. A Corporate brand is what identifies your company from others; it is the intangible spirit that comes along with the services your company has to offer.

When customers distinguish the identity of your company in the industry, then it means that your corporate branding is effective. A corporate brand provides companies many advantages like establishing a strong corporate identity and brand name in the market. Aside from that, corporate branding plays a huge part in facilitating new product launches that will sustain the company’s strong corporate legacy moving forward.

In terms of entering new markets and locations on both domestic and international levels, a corporate brand gives a sense of corporate entity that truly goes with the overall corporate branding efforts of the company. When there is an existing connection in mind between the customers and your company, a sense of brand loyalty arises.

This is what makes corporate branding advantageous for you. Familiarity among your customers will be possible if your service offerings have identifiable logos, mascots, color, shades, tagline, typography, and other brand elements representative of the company.

Corporate Branding on Your Website

If you have visited your favorite clothing shops, food companies, and tech shops, then you have probably visited something that made you say “Wow, this is amazing!”

The reason you have said it is because of the strong identity and welcoming vibe of the website which were made possible by its effective corporate branding. As mentioned earlier, corporate branding is more than just the logo or the aesthetics; same goes with your website. Your website has to practice all the fundamentals of an effective and powerful corporate brand.

In website development, it is important to take corporate branding into consideration because it establishes the personality of the company. It provides its voice and other unique attributes that set your website apart from other competitors. More than the look and feel of the website, you need to effectively convey the message to your customers as to who you are and why they need to work with you.

Let us look at some websites powered by a free website builder, Strikingly, that have a powerful and effective corporate brand!

1. Chillout Hostel Zagreb

corporate brand

Image taken from Chillout Hostel Zagreb

This website offers an immediate “Book Now” option which directly caters to customers who heard about this bar slash restaurant slash meeting room from their friends or colleagues from work. If the potential customer is not very familiar with the website, they will still get the idea about the website nonetheless because of its sections.

The corporate branding of this website carefully worked on the images, color palette, logos, text, and the overallvibe of the page. It has also provided easily navigated buttons to make the customers stay on the page, and later on books from Chillout Hostel Zagreb.

2. Wooddy

wooddy website

Image taken from Wooddy

Wooddy’s corporate brand relies on a powerful logo, consistent color palette, and an organized identity posed by its minimalist vibe. Aside from these, the website also provided easy-to-access buttons to better cater to its customer, which is also a great marketing technique.

For their overall, corporate branding, the choice of colors for Wooddy is an excellent move since they are representative of what wood looks like. The use of brown that is eye-catching creates senses of durability and eco-friendliness, which serve as a green light for potential customers. They also included the top qualities that they can offer when customers opt to work with them; it is like giving the customers are a preview of what it would be like to work with them - comfortable and universal.

3. SMUK Interior Design

SMUK corporate brand

Image taken from SMUK Interior Design

Who would not want to stay in a clean and modern-looking website like SMUK Interior Design? Apparent in its overall vibe, SMUK Interior Design really maximized its efforts in its corporate branding not only to create a website that has the aesthetic factors but also its message that the website wants to convey to its audience.

The website boasts its clean and professional photograph, which is reflective of how they work as interior designers. Since the website uses Japanese as the medium of instruction, they also translated the website into English to cater to a wider audience. From this, we see how SMUK Interior Design made the most out of corporate branding not only with their website design but also with how they want the audience to understand and connect to them.

4. Campo

Campo website

Image taken from Campo

The visuals of this website alone can make you ask about the services that they offer. Since it is a camp shop, its corporate branding worked on the logo of the website, the photographs, and its overall feel. It also provides a gallery of activities they have done with their previous customers. This adds up to the reliability of their camping business and activities.

The corporate branding of Campo is also symbolic and poetic in nature because it provides metaphorical connotations for the name of their website. They also made use of additional graphics to create a “let’s travel” vibe for the audience.

5. Runaway

runway prints

Image taken from Runway Prints

Runway Prints is selling high-quality art prints, so they made sure that their corporate branding for their website speaks volumes about who they are and what they do. On its home page, they have provided moving pictures to give the audience a walkthrough to let them see the quality and beauty of their works.

Navigation wise, Runway Print’s website gives the same feeling when you are looking into artworks exhibited in the museum, which further sets their corporate brand above the rest. And this time, all the pieces that you can see have prices if you may want to buy something that you like from the selection. The process of purchasing was also made easy because you can see the cart icon where you can place your orders.

How to Apply Corporate Branding to Your Website?

Now that you are fully aware of why corporate branding matters and how you can incorporate the power of corporate branding with your website design through the sample websites presented, you can create your own website by just simply picking a website template from a variety of choices provided by Strikingly.

After picking a template, you can now start editing your website but, of course, taking into consideration the fundamentals of corporate branding. This is to guarantee that you are maximizing the benefits of corporate branding in your website development. Here’s how you can change the style of your site:

Start by editing your homepage. From your site editor, head on to the left panel, where you can see four square options. Pick the styles button. This is where you can edit and play with the website’s font, color scheme, header and navigation, sections, and animations.

Make sure that the font that you are choosing is truly representative of your corporate brand. The color scheme is also needed to be consistent to develop a sense of oneness of the whole website. The site editor also gives you multiple options just so you can really see what works best for your website.


Image taken from Strikingly product

Strikingly gives you the opportunity to incorporate your own style and the basics of your corporate brand as a company or business to the website. It allows you to play with a variety of inclusions and features while making sure that everything is aligned with your corporate branding.

You are finally geared up with the right knowledge about corporate branding, and it’s your time to apply it to your website today! Head on to the Strikingly website and create your free account now!