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If anyone can still recall any word before we knew anything about digital products, it would surely be about the printed ads on magazines, newspapers, and flyers. Although we still find flyers and newspapers lying on some fast-food chains or cafe tables nowadays, business ads, news, and entertainment have found a new home online. Even famous brands see the potential in online marketing through engaging content that is published on the internet. From the traditional way of advertisement, many people have discovered different ways of content monetization. A smart and practical solution to work with brands while sharing their thoughts, experiences, and knowledge through original and creative content.

Believe it or not, there are so many ways on how to earn money by just expressing your thoughts and opinions, sharing your latest travel adventures, and unraveling daily-life hacks. Now, let’s get down to business and find out how to monetize content in seven ways. We have listed down several methods about monetizing your content online.

Did you know that we are an example of a content monetization platform that you can try right now? But, before you head on to our sign-up page, we love to equip you with the ideas you need on how to monetize content. Plus, watch out for exclusive deals we offer to talented individuals like you who want to make money, build a strong web presence, and produce quality content. While we no longer need to worry about the costs for printing and publishing our content, just like how contents were presented ages ago, we have practical methods on how you can share content online and make money out of it.

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How to Monetize Content?

We can’t deny the fact that many people are hooked on creating informative and entertaining content online. Writers, interior designers, artists, photographers, lifestyle bloggers, chefs, performers, and even ordinary people have discovered their own content monetization platform. It is the internet that fuels everything that runs in the online world. Anyone who has a good internet connection, a smartphone or laptop, and quality content can find good fortune online. How can this happen? Simple. Build a website that earns money. Content monetization is the answer if you’ve got what it takes to showcase your talent to the world and work with clients, companies, and brands. We’ve selected seven of the several ways on how to monetize content and you’ll be surprised.

If you’ve got what it takes to create content that will put awe on the faces of gazillions of online users nowadays, then be smart to make it your bread and butter. Who knows what fortune it could bring to your life, right?

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7 Ways to Monetize Content

1. Sell Exclusive Rights of Your Content

There are so many ways to call this kind of content monetization but freelancing or work-for-hire arrangement are very common on the list. A content writer, for instance, agrees to relinquish exclusive rights to his/her work. In selling exclusive rights, it could mean all rights to the work involving royalties and copyright. The client or the buyer of the content will tell you what to write about. A straightforward explanation of this process is that you are creating content in exchange for money.

2. Be an Affiliate

Your audience plays a big role in getting into this kind of partnership with products, brands, or businesses that can be featured on your content. You are basically spreading the word about a specific brand or product on your content and you get paid for it. You can work directly with the business brand or product and get a unique link where your visitors can click on your content. You’ll earn money based on the number of clicks on this unique link that is provided to you by the seller. Strikingly offers the affiliate program to its users. If you are an individual or an agency who wants to work with us, we can definitely help you earn money.

3. Membership and Subscription

Most content creators with their own website use this as an effective way to sell exclusive access to the site. Only members or visitors who have subscribed will gain access to the content. Tutorial videos, academic articles, online coachings, and recipes are examples of content that helps you earn money through subscription and membership. You are selling these content directly to your audience and it pays to have a list of their emails where you can keep them up to date by sending newsletters about the latest content you have published. This is ideal for authors, instructors, coaches, and talented individuals who want to earn money by sharing their personal experiences, knowledge, and skills with people who need it.

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4. Content For a Cause

If you are familiar with donation sites like Gofundme, then you probably get the idea that the easiest way to monetize content is by using it for a cause. This is the reason why there are international organizations and charities using content to present their advocacies and purposes. A well-written content about a social movement can attract people who share the same sentiment about an ongoing system or process in their society. This is how powerful and captivating contents are. If you are trying to do something and you need support, then try creating content for a cause. But don’t forget to add a section where your visitors can share fund to you through Paypal and a custom form with an engaging statement.

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5. Advertisements

Do you hate it when you see ads on the side or a short promotional video popping out on your screen while you’re reading or watching content? As a content creator, you must feel the other way around about these ads. Ads will help you earn money and can help monetize your content. Who can resist it, right?

You might want to try Google AdSense or other services to have ads on your blog site, in your tutorial video, or your personal website landing page. Work directly with advertisers and you can charge a fixed price over a period of time or charge a rate per thousand reactions or impressions based on how much your space is worth. If you are a publisher, vlogger, or let say an influencer, making money with ads is such an ideal tactic. However, if you are trying to gain trust from your audience, having so many ads on your content might drive your visitors away. Make sure to weigh the pros and cons properly on how you can earn money from your content and establish a strong online presence at the same time.

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6. Sponsored Content or Collaboration

Some might say, this is not the way to monetize your content but it could be. Working with others to show another quality content to your audience can be a good tactic to monetizing your own space. You can have a collaboration with another blogger to write a blog that both of you will benefit from. If you offer your space to others, make sure that they will comply with the tone and expression that your audience expects on your website. This is a very delicate yet effective way of content monetization that involves you and a partner that have aligned principles and ideas like you have.

7. Sell Your Own Content

Okay, let’s go straight to your own content. It could probably be a downloadable e-books, video tutorials, or digital products that you want to sell directly to your customers. When most people are relying on the most information they need online, it’s your time to shine. You can create quality content that would tackle certain issues that can help enlighten people who are interested about it. Can you imagine those successful Youtubers? It is important to put your audience in mind when you monetize your content. Does your ideas matter to your audience? Can you help them with your content? These are just the most important questions you need to ask yourself before you start monetizing online.

Set Up a Website That Earns Money

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