With almost everything turning digital, you can start your business in the comfort of your own home and just by yourself. By picking the best partner, you can easily set up an online platform to showcase your skills, sell your products and connect with a community that falls in the same niche. And how do you start with these? Simple, by learning how to become a solopreneur.


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What is a Solopreneur?

A solopreneur is a form of business owned by a sole owner. It is a moniker from the words “solo” and “entrepreneur.” The solopreneur definition and concept weren’t a thing before. It only emerged in 2010 due to the surfacing of online businesses and websites with the solopreneur concept.

One of the common misconceptions people have regarding what is a solopreneur is that it is only about a sole company. However, the solopreneur definition isn’t as broad as you think. You can become a solopreneur even if you are a blogger, an independent professional or freelancer, an eCommerce store owner, a make-up artist, or a plumber. Any business owned and managed by a single person can be referred to as a solopreneur.

Solopreneur vs. Entrepreneur

For some, understanding what is solopreneur and how it is different from an entrepreneur could be a little confusing. Well, these two are both essential in improving the world of business. Both have their strengths and weaknesses, which can help fulfill the needs and wants of the online market. However, to know which is best suited for you, it is essential to note what solopreneur vs. entrepreneur is all about—All solopreneurs are also entrepreneurs. In contrast, entrepreneurs cannot be all solopreneurs.


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A solopreneur works on a one-person-based business operation. Online businesses which solopreneurs own only cater to one specific niche. Another idea included in our solopreneur definition is that they are both the founder and the worker of the business with a singular business focus. A solopreneur vs. entrepreneur also differs in the service quantity offered to their online clients. Solopreneurs focus more on providing a single service they put their full attention into.

On the other hand, solopreneur vs. entrepreneur also revolves around the people they work with. Entrepreneurs running a business with multiple business workers can focus on numerous services. They can indulge themselves in various niches and even recruit teams to work with them in such areas.

Why Become a Solopreneur?

Individuals from all around the world have been growing curiosities in their minds about what is a solopreneur. Why are learning tips for solopreneur more appealing than entrepreneurship? Why is it considered one of the best options for starting an online business? If you are one of these people wondering all about solopreneur definition and is currently looking for tips on why become a solopreneur, we made an encouraging list for you below.


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1. Control

For some people, owning a business is more fulfilling if you have complete control over everything. You can easily apply any decision you want if you control your entire business. If you are more passionate about working alone, learning how to become a solopreneur is perfect for you. A solopreneur has the power to make the most crucial decision for a business without the worries of affecting anyone but him. He can finish everything in his style and make drastic changes without consulting anyone. By becoming a solopreneur, your imagination and creativity have no limit.

2. Flexibility

Having work that is both your passion and makes you feel freer is a dream come true. Once you become a solopreneur, you are automatically considered your boss. You can now have the freedom to work on your phase. Unlike working in a company, working as a solopreneur frees you from the compulsory 8-12 hour work hours. This is one reason why many people choose to start a solopreneur business. They wish to have more time for themselves than exhausting themselves by working nonstop.

3. Easy to Start

Starting a business requires you to start your operation fully all on your own. By mastering the solopreneur definition, you can save yourself from the stress of fulfilling all the required documents to run a business. Unlike most businesses, solopreneurship only needs minimum requirements, which you can finish in a short period. You can also choose to work from home or become digital nomads, giving you more freedom to work in your style. By acquiring everything you need to know about what is a solopreneur, you won’t be tied to a single office and become more accessible to exploring the world.

Excellent Tips for Solopreneur You Should Learn Now

Learning what a solopreneur is can be overwhelming if you have zero clue about where to start. Here at Strikingly, we always try our best to help our users and readers understand the awesomeness of eCommerce and website building. And that’s why we prepared an incredible segment for you in this article.


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After learning the best reason why become a solopreneur, it's time for you to get to the highlight of this awesome blog—gaining excellent tips for solopreneur.

1. Follow Your Heart

Becoming a solopreneur means doing everything independently. You will be the one making the most crucial decisions that can either push you up the pyramid or drop to the lowest rank. Many people who tried to become a solopreneur failed along their journey because they chose to do what others had been doing, ignoring what their hearts truly wanted. Before you decide on what type of business you’d like to get involved with, always remember to follow your passion. Know what your heart truly wants. Find out what keeps you going in mastering the art of solopreneurship. Do you get excited just by the thought of earning money? Or do you get butterflies just from the thought of you doing what you love? Make the best choices as much as you can. Being passionate about becoming a solopreneur can help you become more than a business owner. When you love what you do, you can easily attract audiences because you are more capable of giving them the type of service they want. Suppose you are passionate about your chosen solopreneur niche. In that case, you can easily create bonds with your investors and business partners because they can also feel your passion and professionalism in you.

2. Establish a Goal

Aside from passion, having a clear set of goals is also necessary to become a solopreneur. You can get out of track when things become too overwhelming for you in business. Competition would be very tight with many companies having the same niche as yours. Obstacles would be along the way, distracting you from performing well for your audience and yourself. To keep yourself focused, you must create a plan and have a firm grasp of your business goals. How much budget would I need to start a solopreneur business? What do you aspire to be in five years as a solopreneur? How much is the minimum revenue you want to gain in your first six months as a business? Do you have plans to expand your business? Ask yourself these questions and envision what you want to be. Once you are done with your list, try to come up with a business plan on how you can achieve these goals of yours. It is also best to equip your schedule with another set of backup procedures to give yourself many options once things go south.

3. Do it Slowly, But Surely.

Last but not the least, our tips for solopreneur is to do things slowly but surely. The world of eCommerce could be tricky and pressuring at the same time. One moment you have all the best customers in the world, and the next moment, you are losing online viewers. Everything is unpredictable, and you cannot always escape from it. As a solopreneur, you must always do your best to do what you need to do.

You don’t need to pressure yourself to get more sales just because your competitors are gaining more than you. It is essential to keep in mind that you are doing the things you are most passionate about. Keep yourself focused on providing your clients with the best service they can get from you. Do things that make you happy and avoid comparing yourself to others because we are all different in our unique ways. Remember, baby steps are still signs that you are making improvements.

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Starting your own business is a privilege. Now that our economy isn’t the same as before, securing yourself with a stable source of income is advantageous. When you have a business of your own, you can easily give yourself the freedom to earn money from doing things that interests you the most. Following a few steps, you can create a company where you are the “boss.” You can even equip yourself with an online store to make your business more functional.

If you want to learn more about the world of eCommerce and website building, chat with us today, and we’ll get you started.