crucial strategies to improve website performance

It is no surprise that we are moving towards the digitized world very quickly. Gone are the days when businesses had to rely on just a physical store to attract a certain percentage of customers. They know that if they want long-term business growth, they must integrate a fully-functional business website into their working plans. However, it is not just about creating a website. It is also about ensuring you are finding ways to improve website performance. After all, there is no point in creating a website when no one pays attention to it.

If you don’t follow the concept of website optimization, your site will go nowhere in the online world. It will result in many irregularities, such as loading speed, search engine optimization (SEO) mistakes, hosting problems, etc. When you have all these issues, it will have a negative impact on your online conversion rate. You won’t be doing any favors to your customers if your website isn’t user-friendly.

Best Ways to Improve Web Performance

1) Improve Web Hosting Plans

Most website owners use a typical web hosting plan for their platform. These plans do not require a lot of investment, are easy to use, and are starter-friendly. For those who don’t know, website hosting is different from website building. Website hosting is more related to the security and preservation of your website data. If you are unwilling to update your website data consistently, a typical hosting plan can be ideal.

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However, if you publish website content regularly, you must identify strategies to improve website performance. For this reason, the best way is to upgrade your website hosting plan. You will boost your website’s SEO ranking by upgrading your web hosting plan. Make sure you go for selective web hosting to increase your website traffic without any problems.

2) Fix Broken Links

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If you are an SEO expert, you would know that your Google ranking is highly influenced by hyperlinks. Regardless of whether those links are internal or external, you must connect one page of your website with another. However, it is also essential to check the created hyperlinks. For example, you will not expect a positive response from your visitors if they click on a hyperlink and see a message of “404! Error not found” on their computer screen. Therefore, you must fix broken links to improve website performance.

3) Browser Caching

If you intend to improve your website performance, you must understand the concept of browser caching. Browser coaching reduces the load on your web server and ultimately increases website speed. When customers land on your website, their browser will load all the website content in the form of JS or CSS files. The exact process will happen if they move to another webpage. By enabling browser caching, your browser will only download unique content. The static files will be delivered directly from your browser. As a result, you can improve website performance by including browser caching in your working plans.

4) Update Data

When it comes to the digital world, you must understand that you cannot expect to have the same data for the next ten years and expect to derive similar results. There will come a time when the customers will become irritated by your stagnant data policies and will start running away from them. If you want to improve website performance of your business, you must update your data continuously.

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You can relate this case with a menu of a particular restaurant. If you deliver the same kind of menu in the next 10 years, people will become bored of it and look for other restaurants that offer a new menu. The same concept applies to your data, which must be updated consistently. If you bring new and relevant data, you will automatically see an increase in website traffic. You can check out your website traffic results through the Strikingly built-in analytics.

5) Mobile-Friendly Templates

The best way to optimize your website is by using mobile-friendly website templates. If you consider Strikingly as the platform for website development, you are guaranteed an abundance of mobile-friendly website templates. Most of your technical flaws in website development are already resolved by having these templates. Strikingly enables you to convert your website from desktop version to mobile version simultaneously. By having this approach, you can draw a comparison of your website in both versions and look for any deficiencies.

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Another factor of using mobile-friendly templates is increasing your website traffic. Nowadays, you would know that the number of mobile users has taken over the digital world and left desktop users behind. According to the updates from broadband research, mobile has taken 55% of the market shares, compared to 42% taken by desktops. Therefore, you must have a proactive approach and don’t let your customer base get affected by your website development. If you want to improve website performance of your business plans, you must prioritize the customization of mobile-friendly website templates.

6) Loading Speed

The prioritization of website loading speed is considered one of the most important tips for improving website performance. It is such an essential factor because it can take away all your hard work in website development in a blink of an eye. As a website developer, you must understand that no customer or visitor will stay on your website for too long when your website is loading. If your website takes more than three seconds to load, they will simply walk away and jump on another website of the same niche.

Just like that, all your hard work will be sent down the drain. There can be numerous reasons for the problems in your website loading speed. For example, your browser may not be updated. Moreover, you would include a lot of content on your website. If you own a single-page website but add content equivalent to a multiple-page website, the loading speed will get hampered. You can also reduce the image size on your website. JPEG format is recommended as it is 80% but has the same quality.

7) Online Community

When individuals come into the digital world, they are always taught that regardless of what type of website they make, they must always look at it as a customer. With this approach, they can assess their website clearly and navigate all the issues involved. Many entrepreneurs feel that the best critic of a website or a business can only be the person who owns it. However, this isn’t always the case because even the most unbiased entrepreneurs ignore things that all the other customers wouldn’t skip.

Therefore, you must improve website performance on the back of the feedback you receive from your customers. You can make an online forum on your website to gather an online community, where the customers can directly contact the website owners and discuss all the crucial elements of their platform. Strikingly provides its customers with a feature called ‘idea forum’, where visitors have a direct link with the users and give them a clear assessment of their website.

8) Build Website on Strikingly

The most basic way to improve website performance is to rely on a quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder where users can create fully-functional websites without investing too much time and money. Within just a few clicks, your desired website will be in front of your display screen. Once you publish your website, Strikingly won’t take more than 48 hours to get your site accessible to the audience.

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As stated above, we provide you with a collection of mobile-friendly website templates, which you can personalize as per your business plan and niche preferences. Once you finish with the registration procedure on our platform, you will come into our free plan members category. As a member of our free plan, you will be allowed to create a basic website with all the fundamental features. Moreover, we believe in implementing relevant marketing strategies to get your website high in the Google rankings. Strikingly provides innovative features to its users to create a user-friendly website for its customer base.


Every entrepreneur in the world dreams of having a fully-functional website as part of their business plans. A quality website isn’t just there to make up the numbers but also enables you to establish credentials for your brand. However, bringing transparency to your website is not a walk in the park. The best way to improve website performance is to create a checklist of all the potential deficiencies that can be part of your online platform. Once you have made the checklist, you can prioritize all the talking points individually.

To establish a fully functional website in 2022, you must rely on a high-quality website builder like Strikingly. To check the performance rating of a website, you must check its Google pagespeed insight score. If you look at the Google pagespeed insight score of all the established Strikingly websites, you will realize that the average rating is around 90. The reason for that is Strikingly takes responsibility for all the technical-related aspects of a website. If you have problems creating a credible website on Strikingly, you can interact with our Happiness Officers today. So, improve the performance of your website and give your customers plenty of reasons to cheer about.