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In today’s online business world, there are many important factors involved to get it to work smoothly. Today's business world is entirely different from a decade ago when you had to rely on a quality physical store to get your online sales going. In today’s period, it is almost as if no online business can work at its maximum capacity without a professional website. If you don’t have a business website as part of your business plans, your idea won't be recognized by the target market.

When it comes to a professional website, it is not just about the content you integrate. It is also about how you promote it. To create a quality online presence for your website, you must get to know all the fundamental website marketing tips of today. These tips will ensure that your business stands out from the rest of your competitors and improve your online sales. Otherwise, you will just be in an ocean of business websites that aren’t getting recognized by Google soon.

What is Website Marketing?

Before we talk about the definition, we must clarify that website marketing is not the same as digital marketing. When it comes to digital marketing, your main aim is to promote your products and services. Even though a website is an essential asset to your digital marketing strategies, it is not the only one. On the other hand, web marketing, as you can read from the term, is how you market your own website. Unlike digital marketing, web marketing focuses on increasing website traffic.

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The more website traffic you attract, the higher chance you will attract new customers to your platform. Once you have marketed your website properly and optimized it for your customers and search engines, you are destined for success. Having said that, it is not easy to identify the best digital marketing tools for your business. It requires in-depth research regarding your business.

Strategies for Website Marketing

1) Website Analytics

Regarding your website marketing strategies, there is nothing more important than your website analytics. As a website owner, it is important to know your platform's strong and weak points. It is very easy to get overwhelmed by the good things about your website, which may even make you neglect all the deficiencies surrounding it. If you want to analyze your website, you must always think like a customer.

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Strikingly provides its users with an astounding built-in analytics tool, which allows them to check the status of their website traffic. Through this analytics tool, you will not just get to know about the number of customers on your website but also about the pages they regularly visit and the location where they come from. With all this information, you will be better equipped to optimize your marketing strategies and provide better customer service. You will decide on what is right and wrong related to your website. Moreover, you can look into the areas within your website that need more attention.

2) Affiliate Program

If we talk about website marketing strategies, there is no doubt that affiliate marketing should also be a part of your working plans. If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is, it is a program in which you mobilize people to promote your website in exchange for a reward or a commission. Usually, the affiliates are classified as your customers that influence their feedback for the promotion of your products and services.

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This is a crucial marketing tip because your customers usually turn out to be your best salesmen. Even though they don’t have a role to play in expanding your target audience, they have a friendly attitude, and their voice gets believed by the common public as they are in the status quo. You can relate affiliate marketing to the concept of hitting two birds with one stone. You don’t just promote your website. You also make savings on your marketing budget as it is a cost-effective approach.

3) SEO

There is no doubt that search engine optimization (SEO) strategies are the heartbeat of all the website marketing tips that you prioritize. If you don’t implement the relevant SEO strategies, your website will not get identified by the Google bots. The Google bot doesn’t just finalize your search engine ranking based on the kind of content you add but also on how you promote the website overall. Regarding the promotional strategies, you must have quality SEO plans.

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Otherwise, there is no point in creating a quality website when you don’t have anybody recognizing the time and the effort you have invested. Strikingly provides you with innovative features to implement your SEO strategies appropriately. We provide you with an SEO checklist, which helps you optimize your website from Google’s perspective. Meta-description, title tags, image tags, and headings are some of the SEO factors highlighted by this feature.

4) Live Chat Support

Regardless of how fantastic your business is, eventually, you will find customers who would want to talk to you about their queries. However, if you just leave a contact number and expect them to make calls to you, there is a chance that their turn may never come because of the number of calls you are receiving. Therefore, the best way to improve your customer service is to provide multiple contact options, and having live chat support could be that vital option.

When it comes to website marketing for businesses, you must value the opinion given to you by your customer regardless of whether it is positive or negative. By having live chat support, you will provide a chance for your customers to speak with you directly. When you create a website on Strikingly, we help you in the integration of live chat support so that your customers can collaborate with you directly. Apart from your website, the customers can also ask questions about your niche or industry in general.

5) Scattered Website Links

Although there are multiple social media platforms to consider today, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you should publish too much of your website content across all of them. However, you must ensure that you use these tools to share your website link across the entire industry. Nowadays, social media platforms have a specific field in which you can add your website link easily.

This is one of the best website marketing tips because it also adds to your social media presence. As a marketing person, you must always identify the easiest ways to market your website, and this certainly is one. If you are active across all these online platforms, it would only help you get to your marketing objectives.

6) Social Media Marketing

No matter what business idea you have prioritized, you simply cannot ignore the influence of social media on your working plans. As we have discussed in the previous point, social media platforms can be a vital asset to your website marketing strategies. Gone are the days when you had to use posters and banners at different departmental stores as part of your advertisement strategy. Now, you can market your website through social media.

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The best way to market your website is through Facebook advertising. Facebook provides the most cost-effective advertisement approach that sends your marketing message to the entire target audience. You must create a quality design that instantly catches your customers' attention. If you want to update the audience about your social media activity, you can integrate your social media account as part of your Strikingly website. With this approach, your website can act as a bridge between itself and the specific social media platform.

7) Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has gained much popularity in the past few years. Recently, marketers have integrated it as part of their website marketing strategies. It has become popular in the marketing world today because it is accustomed to many common people like us. The influencers are not famous people like Justin Bieber or Serena Williams, but they have a massive fan following thanks to the content they produce on social media.

You can relate the importance of influencers with the initial revenue you generate through your business. If you have earned $100 for the first time, the first $10 will be the hardest to reach, and the last $10 will be the easiest. The same applies to the impact of influencers as they would help you get the initial fan following you were having difficulty getting because of no online presence. Once you have a good customer base, you can start building on it and attracting more traffic.


Many marketing people lose their enthusiasm after building a professional website. They feel that once they have created a fully functional website, their objectives are being met. However, they couldn’t be more wrong as website maintenance is as essential as website development. If you don’t follow the website marketing tips we have provided above, everyone will leave you behind in the competitive race of this digital world.

To create your presence in the digital world and leapfrog everyone, you must build a professional website on Strikingly. We provide you with all the fundamental features in your website development and take responsibility for all the technical flaws in your platform. If you are experiencing problems in making your site, you can talk to our Happiness Officers. Create and market your website effectively today, and make it a source of attraction for your customers.