youtube marketing for business

If you are like the most successful businessmen globally, you will integrate social media platforms as part of your marketing strategy. Most probably, you would be active on Facebook and Twitter. We have also seen how LinkedIn is beneficial for business purposes. However, most companies do not consider the importance of YouTube marketing for business, which is a huge mistake to commit.

YouTube is an essential factor for the success of your marketing strategy. Apart from creating an eCommerce website, making a YouTube channel is ideal for building your online presence and creating awareness of your brand. If you open a YouTube channel for your business, it will improve your marketing efforts, engagement with the users, and attraction with the new audiences.

Strategies for Doing Marketing of YouTube

A quality YouTube strategy needs quality planning and research. Most of your marketing budget and planning can go down the drain if you have no idea about this platform. Therefore, you must know about video optimization and things to consider before publishing the videos on your YouTube channels. To help you further with your YouTube marketing, we have shared some quality tips below.

1. Competitor Research

Before creating and publishing videos on your YouTube channel, it is vital to do a competitor analysis. Competitors should be a huge part of your YouTube marketing for business. If you cannot look into their strategies, you will never be able to create a benchmark for your videos.

If you haven’t done any research on your competitors, make sure to consider the YouTube marketing guide. This guide will help you identify the direct and indirect competitors that are active on YouTube. You can do this by searching for those keywords that you would like to rank on your platform and considering the videos that appear first. Make sure to conduct this search multiple times so you can highlight the channels that come up often.

2. Optimization of Channel

If you want to become a Youtuber, you must do a lot of hard work to optimize your channel right from the off. Just like Google rankings, YouTube rankings also matter. Therefore, you must optimize your channel the same way to ensure an effective ranking for your platform. YouTube for businesses can only be beneficial if it has an attraction alongside it. A considerable interest will automatically allow you to generate an influential ranking of your platform.

optimization of channel

Image taken from Strikingly YouTube Channel

To conduct YouTube marketing for business, there are a few things that you need to consider for optimization. Firstly, you must create an effective channel description. It should be a detailed and well-written overview so that the audience knows what to expect from your platform. Make sure to include the keywords in this description and the links which your audience can navigate to. Secondly, you must add social links to your platform. You can integrate them into your channel descriptions. The social links will enable you to build your popularity across multiple platforms.

3. Featured Video

A featured video can be considered as the “front cover” of your YouTube channel. If a YouTube user opens your channel, it is more than likely that the first video that he watches of your channel is the featured video. For that reason, you must consider putting a featured video that develops brand equity. In YouTube marketing for business, this can be regarded as an essential step.

add featured video

Image taken from Strikingly YouTube Channel

When we say brand equity, we don’t mean that you must publish a video that gives a complete overview of your brand, but it should be a video that offers a small insight into your brand. If you want to know about YouTube for video marketing, you must understand that a featured video is vital to its success.

4. Improve Video Editing

No matter how many strategies you create for YouTube marketing for business, the content is your bread and butter at the end of the day. If the video isn’t good enough, it won’t attract any audience. You can look into some of the best video editing software to optimize your videos to their highest potential. Some of the things that you must consider in video editing are as follows:

  • Titles

Without considering any previews, users judge your videos by checking your video titles. You should include keywords in your title so that it becomes relevant to your targeted audience.

  • Thumbnails

add video thumbnails

Image taken from Strikingly YouTube Channel

Apart from the title, users also judge your videos by the thumbnails. To maintain consistency, you must create a custom thumbnail and show creativity with it. For example, if you are displaying a how-to video, make sure to put the end product in your thumbnail so that the users watch your video till the end.

  • Captions

As YouTube is global, the users can be English as well as non-English speakers. To ensure that non-English speakers watch your video, you must add translated captions for their understanding.

5. YouTube SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a practice required to improve search engine rankings. Alongside Google rankings, YouTube rankings are also crucial for a solid global reputation. To implement YouTube marketing for business, you shouldn’t miss out on your SEO practices on this platform either.

You must do effective keyword research. By searching videos per the keywords you type, you can consider the videos that pop up first. Once you have all the keywords in place, you can use them in your tags, video titles, and video descriptions. Speaking of tags, you must tag your videos properly so that YouTube understands the quality of your channel and recommends it to other users having the same interests.

6. Make Videos That Generate Clicks

Some people may say that optimization of videos is the most challenging aspect of YouTube marketing for business. However, trying to make videos that convert viewers hold the same weightage. The good thing for you is that both of these objectives go hand-in-hand. Usually, the optimization of your channel/videos is beneficial to your conversion rate. Some of the strategies that can help you in improving conversions are as follows:

  • Adding a Call To Action (CTA) button to your videos with actions, such as asking viewers to hit the notification button.
  • Adding reminders in your video script to subscribe to your channel.

youtube video elements

Image taken from Strikingly YouTube Channel

7. Organize YouTube Contest

YouTube contests or giveaways can prove great for your YouTube marketing for business. It will help you attain new subscribers, especially if you have just started your platform. When you run a YouTube contest, you can permit your customers to like your video, subscribe to your channel, and comment to ensure an entry. Moreover, you can make your users participate by uploading creative content themselves. This can be a brilliant strategy to generate effective leads.

8. Track Success

When you start a YouTube channel, the first thing that you consider is the audience. It is all good creating and publishing a solid YouTube video, but if you don’t have an audience watching it, all your hard work can go to waste. You can check the audience by going through the YouTube analytics. The YouTube Analytics Tab will share multiple metrics to give you an insight into your YouTube video marketing. However, you may have to continuously test and optimize your campaigns to highlight the likings and dislikings within your audience.

Some of the things that you must consider for tracking your YouTube video channel’s success include:

  • Source of Traffic/Views
  • Average Watch Time
  • Retention Rate
  • Websites that Share your YouTube Videos

It won’t get any better for your YouTube marketing for business if your videos are shared on some of the best websites in the world. Furthermore, you can rely on a well-established website builder, such as Strikingly, to promote your YouTube videos. Strikingly enables you to add your YouTube video in the “Big Media” section. If your videos are part of a top-quality website builder like us, you can consider it as a benchmark for the rest of your created videos. To publish the video in this section, make sure to go through the following procedures:

add videos Strikingly

Image taken from Strikingly

  • On the site editor, move over to “Add New Section”.
  • Click on the “Big Media” section, which will take you to an image containing an “Edit” option.
  • Click on that and then click on “Video”.
  • Paste the URL of your YouTube video. Then, click on “Save”.


Out of all the social media platforms available, most businessmen ignore the importance of a YouTube channel. Some people consider YouTube another social media network, whereas others consider it an online video-making platform.

Although both perspectives have truth behind it, you cannot ignore the importance of YouTube marketing for business. A healthy YouTube marketing strategy will always be beneficial in reaching out to new audiences.

YouTube ranks as the most prominent online platform within the United States’ adults, comprising more than two billion logged-in monthly users worldwide. Therefore, whatever your opinion is regarding this platform, it is more popular than the platforms you prioritize.

Once you create an effective YouTube strategy, make sure to take advantage of a well-recognized website-builder, like Strikingly, to promote your videos. We allow you to integrate your YouTube videos into your gallery section and your background section. Hence, do not miss out on either YouTube or Strikingly. Make sure to register on these platforms and continue to improve upon your respective businesses.