different types of business ownership

A business plan cannot work to its maximum capacity if it doesn’t have an appropriate structure. If a company doesn’t have a sequential plan, it will not maintain the standards or get to the objectives that it wants. In today’s day and age, the business ownership structure is extremely fundamental in getting to your desired goals. In simple words, a business's ownership helps you determine the types of business structures. Every business type has specific attributes that will be appropriate for one company and inappropriate for another.

To start a business today, it is vital to attain an ownership structure. This is a concept that even established organizations cannot ignore. Even established companies sometimes have to change their ownership structure to improve their business plans. Regardless of the ownership status, the end goal is always to benefit the business. The objective must always be about backing your business plans to the hill.

Types of Business Ownership

1) Individual

In a world that has seemingly become the survival of the fittest, individual or sole proprietorship has become one of the most common types of business ownership. It is an ownership type in which the individual conducts the business operations and doesn’t register their company. In simple words, no external business party is involved in this ownership type. You won’t be able to distinguish between the business owner's professional and professional assets.

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Moreover, the business liabilities can be put in the same bracket as the other liabilities. It means that if something is wrong in terms of the financial condition, the owner will be liable to fulfill the requirements. A sole proprietorship has become increasingly common among business owners today. This is the plan for someone who wants to go for a low-risk plan and conduct a trial.

2) Partnership

Just like a sole proprietorship, the partnership is also one of the most common types of business ownership in the digital world today. As you can see by the name, two people are involved in this business module. There are also two kinds of partnerships involved in this procedure, i.e., limited and limited liability partnerships. These terms are entirely different from one another in the business world.

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A limited partnership involves an unlimited number of liabilities. In contrast, a limited liability partnership has a certain number of liabilities, as you can assume from its term. A partnership with limited liability also controls the operational plan of the business. Even though they are not involved in the major decisions taken during different phases, they also have less risk to their financial status. In a limited liability partnership, all the owners are classified on the same wavelength. In simple words, no owner has more power or risk factor involved.

3) Limited Liability Organization

This is a type of business ownership that people assume to be the same as a limited liability partnership. Still, the reality is that it is an entirely different ownership structure. It is the type of ownership that draws a line between a business owner's personal and professional assets. If the business runs out of fuel, the business owner must be able to achieve financial security by keeping their household, car, and other revenue safe. Just like is the case with most other types, a limited liability organization doesn’t involve external federal income taxation.

4) Corporation

There are three types of business ownerships involved in this category, i.e., C ownership, S ownership, and B ownership. C corporation can also be classified as a regular corporation, in which the business entity is separated from the business owners. In other words, this type of corporation offers the highest protection of business assets. This corporation is given the privilege of funding. They can own stocks and shares. When the shares get sold, the cash is transferred into the corporation.

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S corporations eliminate the concept of taxation. When a business model becomes an S corporation, the financial gains and losses are transferred to the shareholders. However, there are regulations in some countries in which you have to pay the taxes by a certain amount. If you want to start a business, you must understand that it is not a walk in the park for you. For example, if you have created a business in Canada and one of your members isn’t a Canadian, you will struggle to start your business. Finally, the aim of a B corporation is the same as a non-profit organization. However, they are also established to make money. In simple words, their goal is to benefit the community and earn profit in the process.

5) Non-Profit Organizations

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Non-profit organizations are established for a specific cause. Non-profit business ownership aims to bring benefits and ease to the people. They don’t pay taxes to the federal government from their respective income. All the earnings from the non-profit entity are invested back into the business. The business owner pays the employees as part of the expenses, but the stockholders will not have the authority to take the revenue out of business.

Strategies for Owning a Business

1) Buy a Domain

If you look at the examples of business ownership for small business owners, they don’t waste any time buying a domain for their business plans. There is a lot of in-depth analysis involved when it comes to buying a domain. Firstly, you have to look into the domain name. You must identify all the sets of possible domain names and check if another website owner uses the selected domain name or not. Furthermore, you must also prioritize the domain extension.

If you are connected with a non-profit organization, you must go to .org. However, you can also choose the domain depending upon the country that you live in. Undoubtedly, .com is the most familiar domain extension in the world. If the users forget the domain extension of the URL, they tend to enter .com at the end of the domain because of its popularity. You can look into the website domain plans offered by Strikingly. Once you complete the registration process, we can offer you a domain worth $24.95, which may alter depending upon the domain name and extension you have chosen.

2) Create a Website

Once you are done with the website domain plans, you can head over to the process of creating a professional website for your business. To attain a business ownership structure, you must create a professional website. To develop your website, you must rely on a top-quality website builder, such as Strikingly. Strikingly is a free website builder that allows you to develop websites without investing a lot of time and money.

If you look at the established websites on our platform, you will find many top-quality business websites. Once you become part of our free plan, you can create a basic business website with all the fundamental features involved. Strikingly also believes in implementing relevant marketing strategies so that your business websites get a high Google ranking. You must have search engine optimization (SEO) strategies at your disposal for this purpose.

Why Choose Strikingly?

Suppose you want to identify one similarity within all the different types of business ownerships mentioned above. In that case, all of them require a reasonable online presence to maintain their performance standards. Google doesn’t just include a website in the search engine to make up the numbers. It looks at the website from all different angles before deciding its fate. When customers learn about the company’s products or services, the first thing they do is search about it on the Internet. If they don’t find any information about it on the internet, they tend to ignore it.

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Some customers may also feel that if a business is not appearing on the Internet, it could be because it is not registered. Therefore, every entrepreneur must have plans to register their company before proceeding to the next step. By purchasing a domain and creating a fully-functional website, you will be able to preserve your ownership status. Strikingly is a website builder that ticks all the boxes in the business world. You can use our user-friendly site editor and mobile-friendly website templates to create a successful business website.


Every business owner has a dream about their own company. Not a day goes by when they don’t have the optimism of transforming their business plans into something substantial. However, even though they have those dreams, they tend to forget some of the most basic things to make their business successful. One of those things is they don’t attain a business ownership structure. This isn’t just recommended for an entrepreneur but shouldn’t also be ignored by the established companies today.

By relying on an effective website builder like Strikingly, you can save on your marketing budget. Moreover, we will also help you make your website look pleasant to the eye and easy to maintain. If you are having problems with website development, you must contact our Happiness Officers without hesitation. Regardless of your ownership type, make sure you don’t miss out on creating a fully-functional business website on Strikingly.