sweet wedding photo ideas to consider

Wedding photos are one of the most important aspects of your wedding. Every bride wants to have the best cameramen and the best wedding photography on their big day. When you realize that someone in your family is having a wedding soon, you know they want only to have the best wedding photo ideas, and you don’t want to miss out on that.

Your wedding photos give you memories of your big day that you can relive again. You can look back on this photo album in a couple of years and cherish these memories. Obviously, this requires that you maintain only the highest standards for every photograph you take on your wedding day.

Before you jump into wedding photo ideas, you must hire a professional photographer. If you hire someone who knows what he’s doing, you will minimize all the risks regarding wedding photography.

In this post, we will give you some fantastic wedding photo ideas. We recommend you create a wedding photo list, so you don’t miss out on any of these ideas on your wedding day.

Best Wedding Photo Ideas to Consider

1) Invitation Suite

Some people use their wedding websites in the form of invitation cards. They use an invitation suite as part of their wedding photography plan. Some individuals prefer to do it in the studio. You can talk to your photographer and tell him what you want at that particular moment. For example, you can add some decoration to the background.

an invitation template

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If you shoot this wedding photo separately in the studio, you might have to create a background and prioritize the surrounding items so that you can show your photos properly. All the decorations part of your wedding photo will make your wedding day theme as these photos will become part of your album.

2) Getting Ready

The pre-wedding moments are always exceptional. The nerves in these moments are always there, and that is normal. These are the moments where you reveal your wedding dress. You have to take shots from different angles and see how you look in your dress. If the wedding photos are good enough, one of them can even become your website cover photo.

getting ready photos

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For this type of wedding photography, a good schedule is essential. When the couple has scheduled their wedding parties, you should choose a photographer who either comes with a second shooter or make sure that they have enough time to visit both parties in the morning. If you also want images of your make-up, you must inform your photographer about your timings. For example, if you want photographs of your makeup done, your photographer must know when your makeup artist arrives.

3) The Groom

Your wedding photos shouldn’t just be about your bride. The groom should also have some significance in your photo album. Even a big occasion like this gives you a chance to be a model. You can tell the groom how attractive he looks before coming in front of the camera.

4) Group Shots

When there is a wedding day, there are always group photos. Depending on the photographer you have chosen, you may feel that the group photos are too staged. People choose photographers based on their style, which gives them an insight into how they tackle group photos.

a group photo

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On your wedding day, you would need wedding photos with specific sets of people together. No matter if it is your aunts, people from the neighborhood, your university friends, or your childhood friends, all of them have to be part of your wedding album. You must have an idea of how you want to take these photos, and most importantly, you must be aware of the people who must be present in those photos.

5) The Accessories

If you look at a sample of brides worldwide, almost all of them would be handpicking their wedding day accessories. You have to make sure that everything you select or use is special and looks perfect. These accessories should be part of your wedding photo album.

Regardless of whether you are wearing something new, old, or even borrowed, it must be part of your wedding photos. Apart from having a photo shoot with all the chosen accessories, you may also want to take photos of all the accessories on your dressing table.

6) The Portraits

Portraits are probably the best wedding photos that you pose for. Sometimes, they are taken after the wedding function is over. It is when you sneak away with your photographer and snap pictures of the newly married couple. This is probably the best slot in the overall compilation of wedding photos. If there is a wedding photo that you would like to frame and put on your wall, the portrait photo can be one of those.

7) The Venue Shot

When you think about a wedding, it shouldn’t just be about how a couple looks, but it is also about how your venue looks. Tables, place settings, and florals should all be part of your wedding photo album.

The best thing is when your photographer sneaks into the venue before the wedding starts. He/she can capture the shots of the entire setup before the guests arrive. If these details are important to you, make sure that you have communicated with your photographer before the wedding day.

8) The First Dance

As the wedding days are special occasions, it is important to capture your first dance. For most people, doing the first dance is extremely stressful let alone getting it photographed. However, we can assure you that all of this stress would be worth it once you get into your wedding ceremony. You would be so happy and overwhelmed that you would dance your heart out the entire night. To make it even better, your first dance involves your guests too. It isn’t just about the two of you showing some moves on the dance floor.

9) The Candid Moments

Wedding candids are probably the best photos to capture. It is when you come out of your natural poses and become yourself as your photographer continues to take shots. The photographer must be alert to capture all of these photos because the perfect candid moments happen once in a blue moon. Wouldn’t it be lovely if the photographer takes a photo of a bride reading a love note?

Publish Your Wedding Photos Online

strikingly wedding website

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As you have the best wedding photos available at your disposal, it is now time to share them with the world.You don’t need to spend a lot of time creating a physical wedding photo album. You could only show that album to the people who are with you in person. In the current period, you can create a fully-functional wedding website and publish your wedding photos online.

upload wedding photos

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Strikingly is a website builder that allows you to build your wedding website with and publish your wedding photos in hardly a few minutes. Some people prefer to build their websites as wedding day invitations, while some build their websites just to publish and display their wedding photos for their audience. Once you have built your wedding website, you can share the website URL with your friends and family members. They can go through the entire compilation of your wedding photos from the comfort of their homes.

Creating a photo website is not as difficult as you think. Once you have registered for a free account on Strikingly, you will see a collection of mobile-friendly website templates. You can easily select your preferred layout. You can use the Strikingly website editor to publish your wedding photos through the drag-and-drop feature. You can even create a gallery section for your wedding pictures. Choose the best wedding photo and put it as your website’s cover photo.

Many users have built personal websites on Strikingly to publish their wedding photos or photos of other big occasions, like graduation ceremonies. When you realize that you can check out your published wedding photos at any time, it is a satisfying feeling.

As the wedding photos will be the centerpiece of your wedding websites, make sure that you don’t just add all of your wedding photos without looking at all of them individually. If you find some photos that are either blurred or have a poor background, you must remove them from your photo album immediately.


If you take the opinions of most brides worldwide, they would say that wedding photos are one of the most important parts of their dream wedding. Therefore, you must come up with creative wedding photo ideas in your wedding planning priorities.

These are the memories that you will like to look back on time and time again. You have to make sure that the photographers nail every single photograph from the time bridges get ready till the time the wedding function is finished.

You can hire a professional photographer and trust him/her to take quality wedding photos. Apart from taking exquisite photos, they would also have an idea about the must-have wedding photos. Even more so, it is important if you understand wedding photography skills as well. Your knowledge will allow you to guide your photographer properly and share your ideas with him.