Be Inspired Best Wedding Website Examples When Tying The Knot

After getting engaged, one of the first things a couple can do is to scout for wedding websites. Personalized wedding websites are the perfect place to share your proposal story, as well as important details like day of arrangements, your registry, hotel and travel arrangements, and more exciting details including wedding party bios or proposal pictures. Guests will search for your wedding page as soon as you declare your wedding because it is the primary source of details for your ceremony. You'll also want to make sure you give all the necessary details, as well as word it in a way that reflects your character and enthusiasm for the wedding day.

Wedding websites are the most convenient way to share information with your guests that are too long or complicated to fit on your invitations. Furthermore, as the big day approaches, wedding websites are an excellent way to keep all your guests up to date. Isn't it simple enough? When it comes time to actually build your wedding website, you can find yourself unsure of which information to include and which to leave out. It can be difficult to know where to begin, so we've done the legwork for you by compiling the best wedding websites examples, and we'll also be leading you through the process of creating your own wedding website.


Elements of a Wedding Website

So what are the elements you should include in making a wedding website? Just like a regular website, wedding websites also need content that can touch the hearts of your visitors. But what if writing is not part of the best skills in your backpack? It can be challenging to transform your own thoughts and emotions into actual words that flow well together while writing your RSVP details, ‘about us', and gift registry.

However, since wedding websites serve as a vital means of communication and contact with guests, it's critical to take the time to get it right. Before we head straight to our wedding website examples, let’s talk about the elements you need in your wedding website, and we’ll also give tips on how to effortlessly write each section.

1. Welcome page / Landing Page

When visitors visit your wedding website, the first part they can read is your landing page. It should be brief, straightforward, and to the point while also building anticipation for your special day. In wedding website examples, consider your welcoming message an invitation for visitors to learn more about your wedding website. In addition to wedding website examples, we also suggest concluding with a sincere thank you and a note to RSVP.

To get you started, here's a simple template to use:

Carly and Finn are about to tie the knot!

We've built this website to provide you with an easy and engaging way to learn about all the important information leading up to our wedding.

Marriage has a sweet ring to it, doesn't it? Don’t forget to RSVP!

Finally, we want to express our gratitude for your continued love and support.

We're excited to share our story with you.

2. Our Story / About Us

The ‘About Us' section is a chance for you and your partner to reminisce and give your guests some glimpse into your journey. Some guests may be unaware of where and how your relationship started if you've been together for a while.

We recommend that you keep your ‘About Us' section light and friendly. A little humor and laughter will also help you connect with your visitors. You can write your story together as a couple, or you can tell it in two different ways to reflect two different perspectives. The possibilities are infinite, but here's a starter example!

We met through a friend from Beth's college days. After graduation, we were both heading to Los Angeles (separately) from Pheonix, and Beth sat shotgun while Derek drove. We talked a lot on the road, but as soon as we arrived in the area, we parted ways.

We kept running into each other at random over the years, and gradually we started hanging out and became close friends.

It took many years and significant others for us to realize that we were meant to be together. Our love story did not begin with a spark, rather with a slow burn that has brought us to where we are now, and we couldn't have been happier.

3. Registries for Gifts

Wedding websites can be used to give your guests the rundown. If you've built an online registry, don't want any gifts, or will have a wishing well at the venue.

Couples face challenges with this segment because outlining financial and gift details may be awkward. The trick is to keep it straightforward and show your gratitude through your wedding website's wording. Consider these wedding website examples for the actual wording of your wedding registry section.

• Online Registry:

The only gift we need is the opportunity to celebrate with you on our special day. However, for your convenience, we've registered at (store name) for the details we'll need the most as we get ready to marry.

• Wishing Well:

We are now Mr. and Mrs.

There's no need for a wedding menu.

We're in desperate need of a vacation

It’ll be a lovely gift for us to enjoy

• No gifts:

We're fortunate in that we have everything we'll need for the next chapter of our lives! Please don't bring any gifts; your presence is enough for us on this special day.

Inspiration for Wedding Website Examples

It's a thrilling experience to sit down with your partner and build your wedding website. For both you and your friends, the whole wedding experience begins to sound genuine, and you can finally begin counting down the days until the big day. Here are some of the best wedding websites examples for your reference:

1. Kelly & Jordan


This image is taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Kelly and Jordan's website is one of those wedding website examples that reflects the couple's carefree and friendly personality.

Given its simplistic nature, the wedding website provides all the information that guests need about their wedding, including wedding details and lodging information. They also have a section for song requests, which you can hear throughout the reception.

2. Pri & Shay


This image is taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Pri and Shay took a straightforward approach to celebrate their wedding day with their loved ones, as far as wedding website examples go. The website has a few pages with more information on the wedding, as well as pictures of the happy couple.

3. Maria & Paul


This image is taken from Strikingly User’s Website

The website of Paul and Maria is an excellent example of a site that uses a one-page template but has other characteristics that set it apart from the other wedding website examples.

This wedding website has a relaxed and welcoming appearance. The welcome page is monochromatic with easy-to-read block headlines, followed by the standard white, beige, and blue color scheme for the other sections of the website.

4. Shgyn & Santi


This image is taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Take a look at how Shgyn & Santi used a sidebar menu template to produce one of the best wedding websites examples.

The engagement story page is one of the best features of this wedding website. Including a segment dedicated to your relationship is a wonderful way to help visitors get to know you as a couple before the case.

5. Amrit & Amanda


This image is taken from Strikingly User’s Website

Unlike the other wedding website examples on this list, Amrit and Amanda's wedding website features natural elements that highlight their wedding location.

This website stands out due to its extensive detail. It includes a section on general information that includes all the guests may need to know, from things to do before and after the ceremony to hotel information.

Creating Your Own Wedding Website

Building your wedding website is one aspect of wedding planning that we don't want you to worry about. Good thing that strikingly is up to challenge in helping you build your dream wedding website. After learning from the wedding website examples, it’s now time to learn how easy it is to build wedding websites.

1. Choose Strikingly as Your Website Builder

When you choose Strikingly, you don't need to hire a web designer or learn how to code. There are many templates to choose from, and Strikingly gives you countless versatility when it comes to customizing your site to match your wedding theme. Strikingly also provides reliable customer service if you get stuck when trying to create and maintain your wedding website.

2. Select a Template

One of the great things about using a website builder is you don't have to start from scratch when creating a wedding website. Depending on your material, you can choose from numerous wedding website templates and begin designing your online space from there. Here are a few models that would be ideal for wedding websites:



This image is taken from Strikingly’s Product



This image is taken from Strikingly’s Product

3. Add Wedding Details

When making a wedding website, include the important details like your names, wedding date, time, and place prominently displayed on your wedding website to ensure that this important information is easily accessible. Do you have a wedding weekend planned, a rehearsal dinner, or a morning after brunch planned? Have a timeline of all the events taking place before and after the main event to help the guests prepare for these extra celebrations.

Who can your guests contact if they have any questions leading up to or on the day of your wedding? Although you might be the main point of contact during the wedding planning process, you'll certainly want someone else to take care of the calls while you're getting married.

4. Publish and Share Your Wedding Website

It's time to press 'Publish' until you're content with the design aesthetic of your wedding website. Additionally, if you want to change or update any information on your wedding page, you can do so without restriction. Simply go to the editor section and make some quick changes. Select the item or text you want to change and make the necessary changes. You can check out a preview of your website in a browser or on a mobile phone.

Wedding Websites Made Easy

Successful wedding websites strike a balance between form and function. It should integrate the wedding theme and colors, while also keeping in mind that people are visiting the website to perform a specific task, like RSVPing, accessing the registry, or simply searching for directions. With these wedding website examples, you’ll be able to build excitement for your guests and carry out important details of your wedding day. To create the fastest and most convenient wedding websites, view our stunning templates ready for editing. Got more questions in mind? Contact our 24/7 chat support now!