A wedding is arguably the most important and most memorable milestone in a couple’s life. People spend so much time and effort in preparing every detail to make this day perfect. This extends to the personal wedding web site. Wedding websites are no longer just a formality these days. They have become a vital part of wedding preparations, providing guests with valuable resource for everything that has to do with this special day.

For many couples, it’s important to create wedding website because their formal and printed invitations couldn’t possibly hold so much information that they want their guests to know. There are just a lot of details that cannot be explained clearly within the constraints of a few pieces of paper.

Here are a few guidelines on how to create a wedding website that your guests will love to visit and a few wedding websites samples powered by Strikingly to inspire your own project.

1. Stick to your theme

If you have already decided on a theme for your wedding by the time you start to make a wedding website, it would be good to incorporate the same style and color palette to the online space. Think of it as keeping consistent branding. The look and feel of wedding websites for couples should tie back to the event’s design.


Jordan and Kelly

Check out this sample wedding web site from an actual couple. Kelly and Jordan chose a very casual and fresh theme to coincide with their very laid-back wedding celebration. The site was created out of Strikingly’s website templates and is a good example that it’s possible to build a wedding website free of charge.

2. Start with the basic wedding details

One of the biggest challenges of creating a wedding website is getting started. If you’re feeling a little stuck on what sort of details should be up there, begin with the most basic information about your event. This is the same information that you would include in your printed wedding invitations with a few more details added to the mix:

  • Time, date and location
  • Dress code
  • Travel information
  • Hotel accommodations
  • Transport information
  • Local activities (for guests coming from out of town)
  • Access to the Wedding Registry

3. Add your story as a couple


Cressy-Barrow Wedding

The Cressy-Barrow wedding website started off with their couple story. This is one of the best wedding website welcome messages you can add to make your content more personalized. More than just an announcement of the upcoming event, your site can be your personal timeline of your milestones as a couple. Details like this help guests relate to you on a more personal level. People enjoy a good love story and something that ends in a happily ever after that they have been invited to celebrate is even better.

4. Add travel tips and information


Chris and Makenna

If you’re getting married out of town or you have guests coming in from other countries or cities, providing travel tips and information is a good way to get them to look forward to your event. Entice visitors with the local sights and sounds in your town. Add a suggested itinerary for those who may want to use your wedding weekend as an opportunity to explore your area. Chris and Makenna’s wedding website made sure to put aside several days for guests to explore their part of the French Riviera. Play the role of a gracious host by adding information on attractions that will suit various personalities. If you are expecting guests with children, for instance, you want to include family-friendly activities that they can participate in.