Are you engaged and spending most of your days planning your website? Or is your wedding date close, and you do not know how to go about planning? A wedding planner website might also be the solution for all the problems you are facing nowadays.

However, first, you need to gather information on wedding website examples and wedding planning websites. This way, you will go into building a wedding planner website prepared and without any limits regarding what you can do to make it one of the best wedding planning websites.

What is a Wedding Planner Website?

A wedding planner website is a website specially designed to aid an engaged couple to plan out their wedding. It is a personal website used to communicate between the soon-to-be bride and groom. A wedding planner website acts as a buffer between any potential disagreements on how to go about the wedding because it uses special wedding planning tools that help ease the process.

Furthermore, a wedding planner website also helps to put the details of the wedding to the guests invited to the event as they can be granted access to the website. Hence, wedding planning websites make it easier and more convenient for the bride and groom to let their guests know how they will be going about the event of their wedding. And they need not tell everyone individually.

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3 Benefits of Having a Wedding Planner Website

Read below to find listed and explained the three main benefits of utilizing wedding planning tools to create one of the best wedding planning websites.

1. It is Cost-Effective

Everyone knows how expensive it can get to have a wedding. `People save up their entire lives to spend on their wedding and end up using all of their life’s savings most of the time. So, do yourself a favor and reduce the expenses without compromising the quality and grandeur of your wedding. Instead of making and printing an individual itinerary for each guest, you can just provide them all with the link to your wedding planner website! Convenient and cheap, yet also a classy and modern way to utilize wedding planning tools.

2. Easier to Keep Track of Things

When you are about to get married, there is already too much you have to remember and keep in mind; too much you have to do and make sure it gets done. If you have a wedding planner website, it will considerably reduce the number of things you constantly need to keep track of. For example, guests can simply RSVP using the wedding planning tools online, and you will not receive a plethora of RSVPs separately to keep track of. Furthermore, you will not have to remember which guest you gave what information - as long as they have received the link to your wedding website, you do not need to worry about much else.

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3. Ease of Accessibility

If you have a wedding planner website, you and your guests alike will not have to worry about losing your physical invitation cards or searching chats for long-lost messages containing important information. Whenever you need to recheck or confirm some information about the wedding, you can simply access the website URL. Not only will it save everyone’s time but also a lot of energy that goes into ensuring that the card is always with you in case you need it to check a phone number or an address.

Essential Elements to Add on a Wedding Planner Website

1. Event Timeline

The entire point of a wedding planner website is to ensure that you are organized and effectively communicate details of the event to your guests. This is, of course, not possible without having a clear-cut timeline for the expected way the event will go on the day of the wedding. That is why it is an essential element that you need to add to your website if you want it to fulfill the purpose that you make it for.

2. Introduction

Everyone knows that a wedding is all about the bride and groom. So, obviously, a wedding planner website will be pretty much useless without an introduction of the bride and groom. This introduction is supposed to get the guests excited and invested in attending the wedding and everything else to do with it. Who were the bride and groom individually, and before they met each other? What are they doing now? How did they meet each other? How did we come to this day of them falling in love and planning a wedding together? All these questions and more need to be answered if you want yours to be amongst the best wedding planning websites. Some subelements to add under this topic may be:

  • When you met
  • When you decided to get together
  • Why you decided to get together
  • How did the proposal come about

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3. Countdown

Both, for dramatic effect and to create a sense of anticipation, along with reminding everyone constantly when the wedding is coming up, a countdown on the wedding planner website is necessary. It not only creates a sense of excitement but also drives purpose and direction regarding what needs to be done in the days leading up to the actual event of the wedding.

4. Details of the Registry

One of the most important things you need to plan and communicate to the guests of your wedding is the registry. It is also one of those things that tends to seem like too much unnecessary work and challenging to keep up with. In fact, it is difficult to keep up with the bride and groom and also the guests. That is why if you just include the registry details on your wedding planner website, neither party will have to worry about it then.

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5. Social Media Details

Social media is very heavily used to cover any wedding event in today’s day and age. Weddings often have their own hashtags and their own way of posting on social media. Some like to post during the vent, some after, and some even post leading up to the event. Whatever you wish to do and wish for your guests to do, you should include it on your wedding planner website so that the guests are informed beforehand regarding how to go about it.

Build a Wedding Planner Website on Strikingly

Strikingly is a platform that allows you to build a complete and professional, code-free website for various purposes. Whether you want to showcase your services, sell your products online, create a blog, or build a wedding planner website, you can find a suitable template to use on our platform.

After you sign up on Strikingly and select your template, you can add content through the Strikingly editor. Our user-friendly editor makes it convenient for you to add all the essential components described above. In the end, you will have a beautiful website with minimum effort on your part.

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  • You can set up a free countdown timer on your wedding planner website via Eventbrite.
  • Add a new section, select ‘App Store & HTML’, and paste the Eventbrite countdown embed code in the HTML field. Click ‘Save’.
  • To write an introduction about your wedding, simply click on the area where you want to add the text and start typing. The template you select will allocate the most suitable areas on your web page to add text. This saves a lot of your time as you don’t have to figure out your web page layout from scratch.
  • To allow your site visitors to register as guests, you can add a subscription form. This will not require any programming on your part. Simply click ‘Add New Section’ from the editor’s left panel, select ‘Contact & Forms’, and then select ‘Sign-Up Form’. When anyone signs up, their details will be saved in your website audience list, which you can access from within the editor.
  • To link your social media profiles and pages with your wedding planner website, you can either add the respective social media icons to your site’s footer or embed Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter feed partially on your web page. This can be done using our social feed feature, which allows your visitors to get a glimpse of your social media content without coming out of your domain.

We have quite a few users who have successfully created and promoted a wedding planner website on Strikingly. You can look at several good wedding website examples by visiting our template selection page. These will give you a rough idea of what your wedding website will look like when it’s ready. You can also see how responsive these websites are. That is, they can be viewed and browsed through smoothly from different kinds of devices. You would definitely want your wedding invitation website to be easy to navigate, even from mobile phones, so that more and more of your guests can view it conveniently and attend your wedding.