Middle-schoolers are usually asked to make their website. It should describe you, your family, friends, and hobbies.

It can seem like a walk in the park. I mean, how hard could it be to make one?

It can be overwhelming to use HTML to create our website from scratch.

Nowadays, however, making your website is a piece of cake!

Thanks to website builders like Strikingly, you can create your very own website and with zero to minimal assistance.

That’s because learning how to read and write a programming language to make a website is not a requirement.

And making your website will be as easy as editing your slides in your PowerPoint presentation.

I’m not even kidding.

You’ll see!

Anyway, one of the most popular types of websites currently being used is one page website.

What is a one page website? A one page website is a website where all of your content is present on one page.

You need not go to another page to go to a certain part of the site. All you have to do is just scroll down to see the other parts.

Amazing, isn’t it?

What makes a simple one page website a crowd-pleaser?

  1. Simple

Presentation-wise, a one page site is fairly simple.

All the information or content you intend your readers to see is presented in different sections of one long page.

With this, your audience will just have to scroll down to explore the whole page.



Although this kind of website consumes only one webpage, you’ll be surprised as to how organized your website looks!

That’s because each web page is divided into different sections.

You can then use each section for a specific purpose.

For example, you can have an “About Us” section, “Services & Products” section, and a “Contact Us” section.

You can even add more sections if you like.

A word of caution, though:

Don’t get too excited about adding more sections to your one page website.

You don’t want your audience to scroll down forever, do you?

3. Functional

While a one page website may seem limited in its use, it is actually, quite functional.

You can still have links or tabs which will lead your audience to the specific section of your website.

You can still post blogs and other content just like websites with multiple pages.

And, you know, people can be impatient sometimes.

So, another plus to this simple one page site, is that loading time is shorter.

You don’t have to wait for the next page to appear to get the information you need.

You can just scroll down or click on a link that leads you to the same page but a different area of the website.

Fast and efficient!

All in all, this one page website can showcase what you and your content are about.

Similar concepts, same functions, made simpler.

How do you build one page website?

To build one page website, you’ll need a good one page website builder and your wonderful ideas for content, of course!

Why look for a one page website builder?

Because these one page website builders will make things very easy for you.

They will provide you with the necessary elements to create one page website, like a domain and hosting.

They will also provide you with a range of one page website template.

These templates are already configured as to how your one page site will look without the edits yet.

Giving you an overview of how your one page site CAN look once it’s done.

So, you’ll see in the template where your website name is going to be placed, where your links or buttons for the different sections are located.

Also, if you choose to, you can see and decide which part of your one page website your blogs can be posted.

Now, speaking of one page website builder Strikingly is one of the highly recommended.

That’s because it’s very easy for you to use and it provides you with functional and interesting templates.

Here are some of the one page website template that they have developed for you to use.

  1. Shermer


Shermer is a one page website template that features color schemes and typefaces suited for school projects.

Make your website stand out by choosing a color scheme according to your school colors and customize the fonts depending on your style.

The default sections provide sufficient space for any content you want to put up on your site which could be any from text-rich descriptions of your project to image and video galleries.

  1. Vector Painting


If you want your one page website content to contain a lot of images and videos, you will find this web template perfect for your site.

Vector Painting features a grid-style layout that will look great for creating engaging student websites and online portfolios.

It supports a full-screen image and video background and as well as gallery style visual presentations.

You can add text over your image backgrounds for a more modern look.

  1. Digital Masters


This is a one page website template that enables you to create a professional-looking online space.

It is very minimalist with a layout that features a lot of white spaces.

The template also supports a parallax scrolling feature to make your website more engaging.

You also get a good variety of layout combinations for every section.

You can do a split background or go full-screen to highlight your content.

Build this up to a full-featured website by adding a Simple Blog section or try running an online store with the Simple Store platform.

  1. Maker


This is a popular free one page website template that will be great for text-heavy project websites.

The header section features a nice arrow detail at the bottom for a more modern vibe.

Sans serif fonts and lots of white space add to the simple and minimalist look and feel.

Convert this template into a unique site by choosing your color scheme or pick out a full-screen color background to bring focus to the most important areas of your content.

Add a compelling call to action and make this a website that visitors will want to visit repeatedly.

You can also add social buttons at the bottom of the page to direct your visitors to your social media pages.

  1. Glow


This is one of the best one page website templates that would be great for an eCommerce project.

It allows you to try your hand at online selling with an integrated Simple Store section for showcasing your products.

The theme is also very minimalist to give you a lot of room to customize the sections and include full-screen images or color backgrounds.

Make your site a reflection of your unique personality through a gallery section where you can upload images and videos of your products.

You can also add additional sections to the template depending on your content like your playlist from SoundCloud or a PDF copy of the latest ebook that you’ve been reading.


Like I said, making your own one page website will be as easy as editing the slide in your powerpoint presentation or even just a word document.

Let me explain.

After viewing the samples of one page website templates in Strikingly, you’ve chosen one which perfectly fits with your content, appeals to you aesthetically, and can showcase all the components you want to have in your website.

So, you then open the template, and there you see the default overall look of the web page.

Of course, it’s not exactly the way you want your website to look.

You want to edit it to make it look exactly as how you envisioned your one page website to be.

Here’s how you’re going to do it.

There are only three words you need to remember.

Hover. Highlight. Edit

Want to edit the tagline on your website?

You can edit texts by hovering your cursor over it, highlight it, and type to replace the existing text.

Want to edit a button?

Try hovering your cursor over the button or image, click edit and change it to whatever you want.

How about the background and images?

By hovering your cursor over the background tab or the existing image, clicking the edit button, and uploading your video or image, you will be able to change the background and the images on your website.

Don’t want to use your photos or videos?

Don’t worry.

Strikingly has a huge library of images and videos that are all licensed for your use!

Alright, when you’re done editing, save the changes you made.

Click on “preview” to see how your one page website looks.

When everything’s perfect and up to your liking, you can hit “publish” and you’re done!

Your website is live and available for the public to see and explore!

Now, wasn’t that easy?

Especially with the pre-fabricated layouts or templates?

You could do it with your eyes closed!

Well, not really. But you know what I mean.

It’s S-I-M-P-L-E.

So don’t fret when your teacher tells you to make a website.

Go over to Strikingly and build yourself a fantastic one page website.

Who knows, your one page website might not just be for a school project.