Everybody can make a website these days. Technology has become so advanced that even if you haven’t learned how to read and write programming language or web design yet, it is possible to build a one page website for a school project. All you need is a good website builder and your great ideas on the content your site should have.

Site builders are also great practice grounds for those starting out in web design and digital marketing. Here at Strikingly, we have developed some of the best single page website templates that you can use to build your site project.


shermer one page website template

Shermer is a one page website template that features color schemes and typefaces suited for school projects. Make your website stand out by choosing a color scheme according to your school colors and customize the fonts depending on your personal style. The default sections provide sufficient real estate for any content you want to put up on your site - from text-rich descriptions of your project to image and video galleries.

Vector Painting

vector painting one page websites

If your one page websites content contains a lot of images and videos, you will find this web template perfect for your site. Vector Painting features a grid style layout that will look great for creating engaging student websites and online portfolios. It supports full-screen image and video backgrounds as well as gallery style visual presentations. Add text over your image backgrounds for a more modern look.

Digital Masters

digital masters free one page website template

Whether you’re creating a site for a school project or you’re building your online resume, Digital masters is a free one page website template that enables you to create a professional-looking online space. It is very minimalist with a layout that features a lot of white spaces. The template also supports parallax scrolling features to make your website more engaging. You also get a good variety of layout combinations for every section. You can do a split background or go full-screen to highlight your content. Build this up to a full-featured website by adding a Simple Blog section or try your hand at running an online store with the Simple Store platform.


maker free one page website template

Maker is a popular free one page website template that will be great for text-heavy project websites. The header section features a nice arrow detail at the bottom for a more modern vibe. Sans serif fonts and lots of white space add to the simple and minimalist look and feel. Convert this template into a unique site by choosing your own color scheme or pick out a full-screen color background to bring focus to the most important areas of your content. Add a compelling call to action and make this a website that visitors will want to visit repeatedly. You can also add social buttons at the bottom of the page to direct your visitors to your social media pages.


glow one page website template for school projects

Glow is one of the best one page website templates that would be great for an ecommerce project at school. It gives students an opportunity to try their hand at online selling with an integrated Simple Store section for showcasing your project products. The theme is also very minimalist to give you a lot of room to customize the sections and include full-screen image or color backgrounds. Make your site a reflection of your unique personality through a gallery section where you can upload images and videos of your best school projects. You can also add additional sections to the template depending on your content. For instance, show off your writing skills with the Simple Blog section. Use the integrated Strikingly app store to add your playlist from SoundCloud or a PDF copy of the latest ebook that you’ve been reading.