The reality is that whether you’re managing a business website, a blog or an online store, you will find thousands of other sites that are quite like it. No matter what industry you are in, you are sure to face tough competition. The only way to get ahead is to stand out from the crowd. And to do this, you have to create a unique website and enhance your online visuals using the best free photo editor.


Let’s face it, many small businesses and startups may not have the budget for professional and bespoke photography services. They cannot invest all their marketing dollars into producing web images so royalty-free photos offer a more cost-effective solution. There’s really nothing wrong with using stock photos. Even some of the best websites here on Strikingly are known to use them. The problem comes up when you don’t take the time to at least run the image by a free photo editing software to adjust it and make it blend in with your overall web design. You end up with a generic looking website that is unable to make its message resonate well with its target audience.

It’s Really Easier (and Cheaper) than You Think

For some people the mere idea of using a free pc photo editor might seem like a complicated, not to mention, expensive task and for the most part, it can be. To be completely honest, editing a photo can be tough - it takes time, patience and a bit of technical knowledge. But a lot of online tools have simplified this process to allow beginners and inexperienced users to be able to implement a few tweaks to their images without breaking a sweat. The best free photo editor can help you adjust your web images in a flash.

If you’re a novice, there’s no need to spend a lot of money on paid subscriptions to editing and graphic design apps, especially if you have no idea how to use them. You can use photo editing software free of charge as an alternative to the more expensive and more popular apps such as Adobe Photoshop and you’ll find that they work just as well as the paid versions. Some of the best free photo editor for windows are very user-friendly so you don’t need significant technical and editing experience to use them.

Best Free Photo Editing Software

With a good photo editor, you can create logo or custom website icons as well as make adjustments to your current image library in minutes. These are design elements that will make your website stand out and look one of a kind. Make your own logo or custom graphics with some of the best free software options available:

  1. Adobe Photoshop Express - the free and mobile version of Adobe Photoshop that is just as good as its full-featured predecessor. It is aimed at beginners looking to implement quick edits on contrast, exposure and even spot removal.
  2. GIMP - this software is marketed towards more advanced users. It offers a wide range of editing tools from the simplest ones to the the more advanced settings such as content-aware, face swap and animated gifs.
  3. Paint.NET - ideal for those who have experienced using Microsoft Paint and have actually liked it. This software is even more intuitive with its hotkeys functions and straightforward interface. Users can even improve on this software by adding plugins for advanced features such as 3D rotate/zoom.
  4. Pixlr Editor - if you want an online editor that is just as great as Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr Editor is a good option. The online app allows you to edit from a device, a URL or even from Facebook. This is a great tool to use if you want to edit existing images and repurpose them for other pages or marketing materials.