Creating a home decor website

Nothing says home better than an attractive interior design. Home decor captures the energy and personality of the homeowners from the textured surface of exquisite wallpapers down to the tiniest decorative trinkets.

If you're in the business of selling home decor and other decorative pieces, your first experience is rooted in the interior of your own house. For a significant period of time, you saw a great improvement of your skills, starting off from the tiniest space of your home up to the largest one - and now you're in the business of home decor.

Whether you're offering interior design services or selling home decorative products, you need something that could help boost your sales and improve your market visibility - a home decor website.

Websites for home decor products require knowledge in both interior design and web development. But how can you create your own home decor website if you don't have technical knowledge in coding?

Fortunately, Strikingly has all the tools and functions you need to make your own home decor website. This website builder allows you to turn your web design ideas into reality without breaking the bank.

Sounds easy, right? But you need to put in some effort too. To be successful in your home decor website design, you need to follow some principles in developing a sensational website.

Presentation is Key

The focal point of any home decor website design is the visuals. For a website that runs on visual stimulation, a home decor website needs to take advantage of elements that appeal to the eyes.

At best, the presentation of home decor products should simulate an actual home. This practice gives the visitors an idea of what the products would look like when displayed.

Visual consistency is also associated with the ambiance and atmosphere of the presentation. In most interior design layouts, it's common to mix and match products in a set (usually a part of the house like the living room) and photograph it as if it's naturally there.

To help you visualize this principle, here are home decor website examples that were created using Strikingly.

Pretty Olive Interiors

Image taken from Strikingly users website

From Modern Country Courtyard Home to French Country Dining Room, Pretty Olive Interiors has it all. Using a wise combination of traditional to more modern minimalist design, this website captured various design choices tailored to different tastes.

As you can see in the image above, Pretty Olives used a gallery view to showcase stand-out pieces and gorgeous furniture organization. All the visitors have to do is click through the photos and explore interior home options that suit their preferences.

A home decor website should also describe the style, type of materials, and items/furniture used to create an entire look.

When showcasing products and interior design, you must use your best shots at the highest quality possible. High-quality images reinforce the idea of trustworthiness and respectability.

Just try to find the right angles and make sure interesting details like texture and shapes are captured. You can apply the necessary photography techniques to make sure that potential customers are hooked.

If you're still unsure about these, don't worry! Strikingly has all the necessary tools you need to showcase your designs and home decor products properly.

Strikingly has many home decor website templates that you can choose from. Some templates are clean and minimalist, while other templates are more filled with colors and abstract styles. Make sure to select the one that best represents you.

Pitch Your Services With a Unique Twist

It's all fun and games when creating a home decor website until you realize how tough the competition is. Home decor and interior design is a heavy industry, and with people mostly staying at home these days, everyone's looking to make their living spaces more exciting.

To promote your products and/or service to your target market, find your unique selling point. Your unique selling point should be a highlight of your greatest edge against competitors or emphasis on your most vital assets.

Pretty Olive packages

Image taken from Strikingly users website

As you can see on the Pretty Olives Website, one of their unique selling points is that they offer a complete makeover for bedrooms, living rooms, and other indoor spaces. They also highlight convenience in their home decor website by displaying three easy steps when acquiring their services.

Adding distinctions between your services and products gives your home decor website a more organized look. It also makes it much easier for the users to navigate the site and consider various options before purchasing a product.

Strikingly, an interior design website template by Strikingly can help you pitch your products and services with a unique twist. You have different choices in terms of display, description, and pricing.

Interior design templates from Strikingly also have built-in menus and functions that you can easily edit to fit your concept.

Build a Blog that Personalizes the User Experience

Another great principle when creating a home decor website is to add blogs that tell a unique story. Writing blogs can help your customers feel as if the service is made precisely for them.

Your blogs are a great way to bridge communication between you and your customers, making transactions more intimate. And it's often transactions like that turn one-time buyers into loyal customers.

Creating a separate blog section for your home decor website gives your pages more structure. Interior design should be about just cool photos alone. They should tell a story.

You could also cover several topics in your blogs like interior design tips or reviews on current interior design trends. It's a great way to increase user engagement in the long run.

Strikingly's home design templates free for users are often packed with features that allow you to display engaging blog posts. As long as you keep your blog section well-updated, you can make great use of Strikingly's best features.

Tell Potential Customers What Past Clients Said About You

In short, add a section in your home decor website that features reviews and insights from your clients. You can add them at the bottom of each product or service you're selling, or you can create a separate page for them.

Reviews from clients establish a reputation and signal to potential buyers that you are a legitimate interior designer. It also helps buyers decide on which products to buy.

A review section can be tweaked to allow reviews only from the people that have bought from you. You can also limit reviews to a specific word count or enable clients to add images of their own.

Strikingly's robust set of tools allow you to make all these happen. In just a couple of minutes, you can create a beautiful home decor website for your business.

If you want to know how to properly apply these principles to your home decor website using Strikingly, just follow the steps below:

  1. Choose your template

After creating your Strikingly account, you can now start creating. After selecting "Create New Site,” you can choose from Strikingly's wide array of home decor website templates.

Home decor website template

Image taken from Strikingly product

Websites for home decor are usually aiming for a much neater look. This keeps the focus on the services and products you offer. We recommend that you choose a template with a white background and a clean interface.

After selecting the template for your home decor website, you can edit the design, background, and layout of each page based on how you like it. You can also add new sections or add new pages from the left-side menu, whatever is necessary.

  1. Add Products and Services

Strikingly allows you to add products and services to your site. To do this, just click on "Products" from the left-side menu, then choose from the product types.

Make sure to add an eye-catching image and a unique product name for your products and services. Remember that it's important to pitch your products with a unique twist.

Services website template

Image taken from Strikingly product

Add all the necessary details regarding each product and service. Don't leave out important information such as types of materials used and dimensions. If you're offering interior design services, describe the overall look and feel of each interior design.

Once you're satisfied with all the changes you've made to your home decor website, double-check if you applied each principle well. And once it's all set, just hit "Publish," and you're done!

A cozy home decor website should represent the feeling of comfort in one's own home. They should also speak to customers at an outstanding level of connection and energy. Create a Strikingly account today to experience the power of creating a website even without knowledge in web development. With Strikingly, you can create a home decor website without much effort and help you establish a name in the interior design industry.